Why You Need Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans

energy efficient fan

Ceiling fans are the most used cooling appliances in a household for the warmer months, which run almost 24×7 (also true, if you live in a warm climate) and can consume a reasonable amount of electricity in a domestic household. An energy saving component when added to these ceiling fans only adds to the lower costs when compare to using the AC. Fans can make a room feel up to 7 degrees cooler by creating a “wind chill” effect. You can set your thermostat higher and save up to 40% on air conditioning bills or up to 10% in heating costs.

Efficient ceiling fans can be used for additional lowering of electricity costs and power savings. The power saving is achieved by using an aerodynamic design which causes less air resistance and optimal performance along with high conducting rotor coils. The use of CFL, LED or other low energy consumption bulbs are what really saves you money. These fans are appliances of high mechanical and electrical feats.


  • Quality fans consists of an electrical rotor and magnetic unit connected to a shaft that rotates by the magnetic effect caused by the flow of electricity in the stator coils. The stator coils are made of high conducting material like heavy grade copper, this increases the flow of electricity at a lower resistance, causing energy saving.
  • The aerodynamic design offers low air resistance increasing the power and consuming less electricity. Also makes them a decorative interior component.
  • These ceiling fans are available in various shapes, sizes and colors making them suitable for all interiors and decors. You can mix and match them to give a uniform or contrasting look to your interiors.
  • The energy rating standard of these adds an advantage to the standard of these appliances. These energy efficient fans are capable of saving approximately 20-25% of the total electricity consumption in a normal scenario.

The combination of great electrical and design engineering only adds to the beauty of saving money each month. Tip: Peak energy savings can be achieved by placing ceiling fan blades 10-12 inches below the ceiling and 7 to 9 feet above the floor.