Top 8 Best Bright Light Therapy Lamps

Top 8 Best Bright Light Therapy LampsTop 8 Best Bright Light Therapy Lamps

After hundreds of hours of research, we’ve come up with the top 8 bright light therapy lamps you can order today. Each review is summarized below, but you can read our full reviews on each lamp in the links provided below. Check out the number one rated lamp on our list now.

Light therapy is an effective way to reverse seasonal affective disorder, depression, lethargy, and other health issues. Compared to pharmaceuticals, it’s a much healthier and affordable approach. A single purchase of a light therapy lamp will save you hundreds of dollars over time.

Recommended by doctors, light therapy works by playing on the brains natural reaction to sunlight. Our eyes absorb it then serotonin is produced among other processes being activated. While a light therapy lamp is commonly used to revitalize mood or sharpen focus, it also aids in better quality sleep.

But if you’ve searched for light therapy lamps, you know one thing — there are tons of options. From compact to industrial sized and different colours of light, it can be difficult to narrow a single one down. So, we’re going to make it easy for you. We’ve reviewed many different light therapy lamps and ahead is a compilation of the top 8 light therapy lamps.

So turn your lamp on, sit back, and relax while you catch some rays in the comfort of your home.

#1. Aura Day Light Therapy Lamp

Aura Day Light Therapy Lamp

Aura Day Light Therapy Lamp

  • CLINICAL STRENGTH- 10,000 Lux of Bright Light to help beat the Winter Blues,…
  • PATENTED TECHNOLOGY- The Aura Daylight Therapy Lamp features a patented lux…
  • TIMER FEATURE- The built-in timer feature adds additional flexibility! The timer…


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The Aura Day light therapy lamp arrives in a sleek package that includes a carrying handle if you ever want to travel with it. It’s powered by 10,000 lux lighting and has a dial to go all the way down to 3,500. Not many therapy lamps offer a lower lux level, which is ideal for promoting better sleep. If you suffer from insomnia or irregular sleep schedules, this is the ideal lamp for you.

High quality light bulbs and a dimming feature make the light quality on this lamp very high. It won’t hurt your eyes or give you any side effects if used with care. Even just 10 minutes every day will give you a jump in mood and focus.

Certified by the ETL and FCC, this is one of the most accredited therapy lamps on the market. It’s also 100% ultraviolet free and only weighs 2.2 lbs. The wall mount makes hanging up the lamp convenient if you don’t have room on your desk.

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#2. Verilux HappyLight

Verilux HappyLight

  • Improve Mood, Energy, Focus & Productivity.
  • HappyLight by Verilux. The best-selling Light Therapy brand: more than 1,000,000…
  • 7,500 LUX at 8″ – well within recommended output level for effective therapeutic…

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Verilux makes light therapy easy. The package to the HappyLight lamp contains the lamp itself, a power cord, and a user manual. You can open it up and start enjoying light therapy right away. A 36 watt full spectrum light bulb powers the 10,000 lux lighting, which also is free of ultraviolet rays.

The HappyLight is tall and long, but only weighs 2 lbs. If you don’t have much space where you’d like to put it, this is a great pick. It features a sleek and modern appearance, so it won’t clash with anything in your home.

Verilux began studying full spectrum lighting and its effects back in the 1990’s. This is what lead to the development of their light therapy lamps. You can take pride in knowing that you’re buying a lamp from a veteran in the lighting solution industry.

Regarding price, it falls in the mid range. We’ve found many other light therapy lamps that are much more that offer the exact same specifications. You won’t be let down if you buy the HappyLight, guaranteed.

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#3. Northern Light 10,000 Lux Bright Light Therapy Desk Lamp

Northern Light 10,000 Lux Bright Light Therapy Desk Lamp

  • Offers 10,000 lux at a comfortable distance of up to 18 inches, UV blocked
  • Fully adjust the height and angle at which the light shines for a truly…
  • Electronically powered ballast assures reliable performance with no flicker and…


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This lamp is unique among our list of top therapy lamps because it’s made specifically for desk use. If you find yourself at a desk for long periods or in a cubicle, you’ll regret not getting your hands on this. It uses 10,000 lux intensity and only requires 20 minutes per day to reap the benefits. Feeling energized and more concentrated is just a short time away.

Each tube in the Northern Light is 36 watts and has a lifespan of 20,000 hours. North Light also sells their own special replacement tubes so you don’t have to buy another brand, only to figure out it isn’t as efficient.

It weighs 8 lbs, making it one of the heaviest therapy lamps we’ve reviewed. If you don’t mind the extra weight when carrying it around or travelling with it, then it’s no big deal. It’s harder to knock over or damage because it’s much more robust, though.

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#4. Circadian Optics Lampu Light

Circadian Optics Lampu Light

  • Stylish And UV-Free: These mood light sun lamps are not only good for us but…
  • Light Is Essential: Sunlight regulates the cycles of our bodies and our moods….
  • Effective: This therapy light provides the recommended 10,000 LUX of brightness…


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Another impressive therapy lamp from Circadian Optics is their Lampu model. It also uses 10,000 lux power and has multiple brightness settings. It features a stunning white design with a round shape, giving it a very modern appearance.

The LED lights used in the Lampu last upwards to 50,000 hours. That’s the equivalent to 6 years. If you get this therapy lamp, you won’t be replacing the bulbs any time soon even with constant use.

Just like the Lumine, this model filters out 99.99% of ultraviolet rays. It uses full spectrum lighting which takes advantage of the entire wavelength range. At slightly over 2.3 lbs, it’s very easy to carry, transport, and travel with. It’s made out of ABS plastic and uses no chemicals during its production. The Circadian Optics Lumine is one of the best eco-friendly choices.

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#5. Verilux HappyLight Lucent


Verilux HappyLight Lucent

  • UV-FREE, LED, FULL SPECTRUM LIGHT – Light therapy lamp that delivers up to…
  • EVENLY DISTRIBUTED LED LIGHT – Enjoy your daily dose of healthy, bright light…
  • IMPROVE SLEEP, MOOD, FOCUS, ENERGY – Bright light therapy improves sleep, boosts…


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Verilux is one of the most respected companies making light therapy lamps and is one of the original companies to do so. They only use high quality LED lights in their lamps and the lifespan of a bulb is approximately 10,000 hours.

It’s ½ inch thin and has the appearance of a tablet. With the weight of a single pound, it’s easily one of the lightest and thinnest therapy lamps. It features a sleek silver design with dark grey edges.

The Lucent uses full spectrum lighting which gives you the most benefits. Ultraviolet rays are filtered out and it’s their second cheapest model, making it a great bang for your buck.

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#6. NatureBright SunTouch Plus

NatureBright SunTouch Plus

  • SOOTHING LIGHT THERAPY LAMP: The Nature Bright Sun Touch 2-in-1 Light Therapy…
  • PERFECT MOOD ENHANCER: Our Sun Touch Plus sun lamp is ideal for brightening your…
  • CUSTOMIZED MOOD LIGHT: Since 2001, we’ve been helping people through hard…


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Not only is the SunTouch Plus a 10,000 lux light therapy lamp, but it includes NatureBright’s special SkyEffect technology. This mixes the power of both blue and white light for the best possible light therapy session. White light has been proven to mimic the effects of the sun better than any other. But, blue has shown to stimulate the brain in other ways — so together they create a powerful combination.

One feature that is seen on very few therapy lamps that the SunTouch Plus has is the negative ion release. 17,000 Kelvins clean the air around your home, prevent allergies, and helps lower stress. Imagine enjoying the 10,000 lux on your skin and having the ions, too. You get double the effects at the same time.

The SunTouch Plus also is at a great price point for what it packs. The timer allows you to choose a 15, 30, 45, or 60 minute interval to enjoy. Add a NatureBright aroma capsule to top off the experience with a relaxing fragrance.

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#7. Circadian Optics Lumine

Circadian Optics Lumine

  • Stylish And UV-Free: These mood light sun lamps are not only good for us but…
  • Light Is Essential: Sunlight regulates the cycles of our bodies and our moods….
  • Effective: This therapy light provides the recommended 10,000 LUX of brightness…


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Standing at 7 inches tall, this light therapy lamp is powered by 10,000 lux of intensity. This is considered clinical strength and will get you all of the results you want in 30 minutes or less. Circadian Optics uses LED lights which last longer, are more energy efficient, and are eco-friendly.

The Lumine is different in terms of looks compared to others on the list because it is the only black model. It has sharp edges, a clean power button, and a built-in stand. There are multiple brightness settings so you can fine tune your therapy session just how you like.

99.99% of ultraviolet rays are filtered out. You don’t have to worry about any of the dangers of being exposed to intense light like you would with natural sunlight. That means all of the benefits without any of the downsides.

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#8. Verilux HappyLight Liberty

Verilux HappyLight Liberty

  • Improve Mood, Energy, Focus & Productivity.
  • HappyLight by Verilux. The best-selling Light Therapy brand: more than 1,000,000…
  • 7,500 LUX at 8″ – well within recommended output level for effective therapeutic…

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The Verilux HappyLight Liberty releases 7,500 lux of light intensity. This is a bit lower than the other therapy lamps on this list, but it still provides many health benefits. There is a low and high setting adjustment which makes switching between modes easy. Want to get a good night’s rest? Turn on the low setting. If you want a boost in focus and serotonin, switch on the high power setting.

The LED bulbs it uses have a better lifespan when compared to fluorescent or incandescent options. If you don’t have to replace them as often, that means you save money. LED bulbs tend to be a bit more expensive but it turns into an investment.

With 80% to 90% efficiency, that amount of electricity is converted to light and the rest releases as heat. LED stays cooler which makes this lamp safer and you get a brighter therapy session.

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That sums up our list of the top 8 light therapy lamps. If you’ve been thinking of getting into light therapy, don’t wait any longer. You’re a small investment away from saying goodbye to seasonal depression, skin conditions, and other ailments. Light therapy lamps are low maintenance and only take a small amount of your time every day. You can get back to living life again, being yourself, and achieving more.