Top 10 Best Modern Desk Lamps

Lamps are the dynamic cornerstone of every room! Without help we want to our rooms to be well-lit to be pleased. With all the technology and competition between manufacturers it can be really bothersome to be able to decide between what’s a commodity and what’s a realized product! Any good desk lamp serves one prime purpose, to serve us with light when we need it to complete our work, to see the keys on our keyboard for our games, or maybe to see draft lines when creating artwork, and lastly to see through the dark! Finding the right lamp to serve your needs without taking up the entire desk, while making space saving imperative. Obtaining all the features bundled as conveniently as possible is critical in today’s busy lifestyles. Here we will share what we believe to be the Top 10 Desk Lamps to experience, you’ll see a fine selection of style, modern features, and exemplary quality of desk lamps. As a bonus these lamps will save space, and energy. Let’s start with our favorites and the community approved recommendations.

TaoTronics DL-22 LED Desk Lamp

The TaoTronics brand has been creating some really inspiring and interesting products, of which is their desk lamp series, one of the most notable ones is the DL-22! TaoTronics uses hightech LEDs to power their lamps. Giving you powerful and reliable light, at 30,000 hours! Three color modes to create the atmosphere you need! You will be able to focus on the task at hand or relax when reading.

Using innovate features the first is a USB Port for charging.  While not as impressive as a USB Port, this does utilize a touch-controlled dimming system, which is amazingly responsive, and smooth. Producing a crist 3000-5700K Color temperate and a impressive dimmable 550 lumens the DL-22 Is a great desk lamp that offers the space saving and powerful light for any computer or study desk.

The Ivy Desk Lamp

Ivy Desk Lamp

  • Built-in USB outlet port phone & Perfect device charging for charging iPhone &…
  • 3 level dimmer dimming from task to ambient light; Nichia high efficiency LED,…
  • Great for home, office, college dorm, school, hotel; Basic style for men, women,…


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The Ivy uses a more Simple, modern design. Including special features to make this lamp unique is the 3-way touch switch offer responsive and fast dimming of the impressive LED light.The Ivy Is very similar to the DL-16, offering a reliable USB charge port for convenience, offering great lighting capabilities with three levels of dimming, Reducing eye-straing and fatigue when reading. Including a focus mode to see the details of your room and desk.

With the great LED Technology it reduces blue-light projected off screens that can cause eye-irritation or headaches. A quality build you can feel. The Ivy Desk Lamp is nothing to overlook and promises to serve your needs. This lamp comes highly recommended for any room, especially a child’s room due to its light-weight durability. Great when needing extra light for doing make-up.

INNOKA Desk Lamp

INNOKA Desk Lamp

  • MULTI-FUNCTION: Clear multi-functional LCD display shows you Clock, Temperature,…
  • CHOOSE YOUR MOOD: WHETHER you are working, reading or relaxing, the 3 light…
  • ADJUST YOUR ANGLE: Flexible and adaptable LED lamp which fully meets the varied…


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This is something that everyone needs, today, or yesterday, just no later than now. The INNOKA Desk Lamp is beyond amazing, its jam packed with features, there’s absolutely no better alternative to the INNOKA Desk Lamp.  This offers everything, everything I didn’t know a lamp could have!

As always important being equipped with eye-protective technology to reduce fatigue and strain! INNOKA is Sporting the ever so futuristic touch control system, USB charging capability, and the notoriously new standard of 3 color temperatures to maximize relaxation and comfort, combined with 5 brightness levels INNOKA is a big contender.

What I believe to really set the INNOKA apart from your average lamp, is the impressively well designed, incredibly attractive LCD, cyberistic display. With a Thermometer Display, Clock, which also doubles as an alarm clock and an active calendar! This is phenomenal, I never knew what temperature it is in my room, now I can! I’m not very good at actively checking the time, and this would make for a great habit to help me get to sleep on time. Truly a stunning attractive lamp.

XinBi Desk Lamp

XinBi Desk Lamp

  • DIMENSIONS: 20-1/4″ high overall. Round base is 7″ wide. Fabric Shade is 8-1/2″…
  • MEDIUM BASE SOCKET: Suggest to takes one maximum 60 watt Medium base bulbs…
  • FEATURE: Advanced Desk Lamps with On-off switch and 1pc 5V DC 2A-USB charging…


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The XinBi is an amazing lamp with an interestingly unique design that’s captivating to the eye! This lamp is wonderfully fashionable, something I’ll keep as a centerpiece on my desk.  This lamp has a unique shape, that allowed me to place it on-to my already cluttered desk without moving too much items around.

XinBi gives off a perfect amount of light! and with the shade I rarely feel like my eyes become irritated or see dots. Not only is it stylish, with an extraordinary design, it maintains its modern design with a USB port, and a nickel finish that echo’s style from across the room. The only way to have this lamp dim, is by using a dimming switch, and a dimming bulb which are not included with this product, that aside.

Nothing can really turn you away from this lamp, with its perfect size, uniquely versatile shape, pleasant size for any desk, super simple assembly, I must say its masterfully crafted.

Stone & Bean’s Modern Crystal Desk Lamp

Amazon Brand – Stone & Beam Modern Crystal Glass Rectangle Table Desk Lamp With Bulb And White…

  • This stately lamp combines a narrow base of white marble and clear crystal glass…
  • Contemporary style with classic materials
  • Marble and crystal glass base, polished nickel hardware, white fabric shade

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Stone & Bean has surprised us with its extremely well-made lamp, that is sticking to its guns with its exquisite design, and remarkable simplicity! Maintaining that classic look we are all use too. Stone & Bean has made this lamp appropriate for any modern home.

The Stone & Bean lamp blends with home décor marvelously, making it a bit easier to find a place to include in your lifestyle! Without looking out-of-place due to some unclassy design, or a uninteresting look. This simplistic crystal and glass lamp feels, and looks, so elegant you will be left impressed! The heavy sturdy base, creates a lasting feel!

The shade is amazing quality, offering condensed style, and making it a must to protect from harmful light reaching our eyes. Precisely balanced, not only does it look perfect, it feels perfect, and is a perfect addition to any home. This lamp does come highly recommended.

AFROG Multi-functional Desk Lamp


AFROG Multi-functional Desk Lamp

  • Multifunctional LED Desk Lamp Office Lamp with 5V2A Adapter to wall,…
  • 25 brightess choices:5 lighting modes × 5 level brightness , Sensitive Touch…
  • Powerfull charging:owning both USB Charging Port and Fast Wireless…


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Now this lamp might actually offer it all, I mean it doesn’t have a calendar eliminating my excuses to forget dates. The AFROG Desk Lamp offers a fast USB Charge Port for all your compatible devices, with an added feature, wireless charging! It’s equipped with the always cautious eye-protection technology, while reducing annoying flickering light.

With the LED Technology, this is going to last you years, you won’t be able to replace the bulb, with an estimated life-span of 30,000 hours you won’t need to! This device design is seamless, and modern fitting into any decorative setting. Complete with a compact small design, you won’t have any issue finding a place on your desk for it. You’ll be getting 5 brightness levels, with 5 light intensity modes.

NAPATEK S61 Smart Desk Lamp

A needed addition for anyone creating the smart connected lifestyle! The NAPATEK S61 desk lamp supports 2.4GHZ Wi-Fi! This allows for connection to compatible connected devices. Take advantage of services like the notorious Amazon Alexa, Smart Life, or Google Assistant. The S61 lamp honestly does it all.

It’s well equipped with ground-breaking features. It has heavy duty LED bulbs, a smart phone app conveniently allowing you to seamlessly change the brightness levels or color modes! There is a total of 6 brightness levels. The NAPATEK S61 has the ability to rotate 180-degress easily and is stable enough to stay in place. Equipped with an innovative 10-Watt Fast-Charging Wireless Charger and a USB Port for fast charging!

This lamp has an ultra slim, attractive design. Showing an elegant gold trim, it’s made out of high-quality aluminum and durable plastics.  NAPATEK’s S61 is Highly rated, and a must have for anyone who wants to stay stylish into the future, the illuminance of the LED is calming, bright, and gentle on all eyes.

SHINE HAI Touch Desk Lamp

SHINE HAI Touch Desk Lamp

  • 5V/2.1A USB Ports & AC Plug: We specially added 2 durable usb ports and 1…
  • 3-Way Dimmable & Touch Control: The table lamp has 3-level brightness (low,…
  • Stylish Lamp to Decor Your Home: Its sleek silver metal base and classic linen…


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When the need to convenient power accessibility is too great to sacrifice. SHINE HAI has got you covered with its impressive, unobtrusive, gorgeous lamp. Whenever you feel that you may have to have beauty, elegance, and all the convenience of the modern years. Then you must get the SHINE HAI lamp!

The the SHINE HAI lamp has an unbelievable fast charging dual-USB Port, an additional AC plug just in case you need to plug a lamp into a lamp, or something more practical like a gaming console or a television. This lamp allows you to keep the more traditional style bulb, offering you an impressive choice between saving money, saving energy, and increasing the lifespan of your lamp.

Its compact elegant design will fit anywhere and provide the optimal lighting for your situation. As with all desk lamps today you can expect this one also comes with a touch control that allows for 3-way dimming, with an extra 3 brightness levels on top of that. This lamp pairs beautifully in a nursery, a den, or kitchen dining table. While still being perfect for a desk. This is a lamp you will surely fall in love with!

LMS Modern Desk Lamp

Table Lamp LMS-007


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This is my favorite, I can’t help but be intrigued by the saucer shape; it’s truly beautiful and simple. I couldn’t find a single issue with how it blends with all the décor in most homes.

The LMS Is surprisingly durable and feels good in your hands. LMS chose a brass shade, and it is a remarkable idea of innovation! Reflecting and directing the light so calmly and naturally. The shade on the LMS is remarkable about blocking harmful light from the eyes, it has an eye-caring system built in; the remarkable LED bulb is estimated to last 60,000 hours!

You’ll love this lamp. Its design is unrivaled in kitchens, the quality is highly praised! The LMS Modern Desk Lamp is a recommended lamp of today with the one of the highest of ratings using the best materials.  Don’t miss your chance to get this superb LMS lamp while it’s around. I couldn’t ask for a better lamp.

Ravenna Home Classic Desk Lamp


Ravenna Home Classic Desk Lamp

  • 9.75″W x 10.25″D x 16″H
  • Metal banker’s lamp with a brushed-nickel finish; adjustable frosted white glass…
  • Sturdy metal construction with an adjustable glass shade for a traditional yet…


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Take a step back and keep it classy! This remarkable lamp is classic, sleek, and beautiful. It’s a lamp that will never go out of style!

The Ravenna Classic Desk Lamp compliments any desk. This lamp truly highlights a simplistic lifestyle, without sacrificing the style. Ravenna strives to increase the style of your home. It has a traditional metal design; the finish is made to not leave smudges behind when handling. It’s easy to operate with a pull switch, it’s sturdy and doesn’t move when turning on or off.

The light that it produces is crisp, soft, and perfectly bright. You cannot go wrong with the work of art the Ravenna creates. It’s super compact and will fit anywhere, even behind a computer screen – while still lighting your workspace beautifully. The glass shade is adjustable making this lamp adaptable to suit anyone’s needs. While the sturdy high-quality lamp is great, it’s even better with its super simple assembly taking no time at all.

The Ravenna Home Desk Lamp is perfect for anyone who doesn’t need any fancy features, but takes pride in beauty, durability, and an ability to blend with multiple styles of living.

Out of all these desk lamps, the most recommended one is:

When you compare all the amazing technology and innovation applied into our daily appliances even the simpler ones like our desk lamps. It’s hard to really answer “Which one is the best one?”

I will do my best to recommend the one lamp, everyone needs. I believe any modern individual looking to purchase a brand-new lamp to suit their taste, you need to have additional USB Charge ports, not just for you, but for when your irresponsible friends or family come over and are at 5% on their phone. I’m sure you want to be able to adjust and dim your lamp for whatever the occasion requires, especially if you want to make date night feel more romantic.

Most importantly we cannot always be trusted to plug our main alarm clock in, if you are like me anyways, that would be your smart device. This is the main deciding factor in why I have to recommend the INNOKA Desk Lamp. No other lamp offers a lifeline like an alarm clock.  While providing every feature needed in today’s busy life. With that in mind the NAPATEK S61 Smart Desk Lamp comes in second with its insane amount of innovation.

INNOKA Desk Lamp

  • MULTI-FUNCTION: Clear multi-functional LCD display shows you Clock, Temperature,…
  • CHOOSE YOUR MOOD: WHETHER you are working, reading or relaxing, the 3 light…
  • ADJUST YOUR ANGLE: Flexible and adaptable LED lamp which fully meets the varied…


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How to Choose the Perfect Desk Lamp

Suit The Task

The type of lamp used will usually be determined by the task performed. A free standing desk lamp, much like a small table lamp, will work well if there is enough room on the desk; and the type of work performed doesn’t require use of the entire desk top.

An attached or clamp on lamp is useful where space is at a premium and the entire work surface may be needed for the task. This is especially true for architects and artists whose desks are typically slanted.

To Swing Or Not

A very useful feature of many desk lamps, both free standing and attached, is a swing arm. These allow for a lot of flexibility in adjusting the direction and amount of light as needed. Or simply swing out of the way when not in use. Because the arm on this type of desk lamp is constantly being moved, the mechanism can receive a lot of wear and tear and weaken in very short time. Quality is an important consideration in a swing arm desk lamp. Look for stability and make sure the arm will stay where you put it and not drop down.

A desk lamp is an essential feature to any home or office work environment and even with adequate natural or overhead lighting. A desk lamp performs the special task of shedding light downward on the work surface, exactly where it is needed.

Proper lighting is crucial to avoid eye strain as well as the overall long term health of the eyes. Several types of bulbs are used in desk lamps; halogen, full spectrum fluorescent and incandescent, and of the three the halogen provides the brightest, and flicker free white light.

Keeping Up Appearances

If you have a large antique desk an old fashioned banker’s lamp or other antique style lamp might be a nice addition. These lamps may be more for appearance than function compared to some of the other styles, but if your desk is more decorative than being used as a work horse they look great with antiques and are a warm addition to any room.

A good desk lamp above all must perform as a task light with style being the secondary consideration, but with today’s wide selection of stylish lamps you don’t have to sacrifice appearance with nondescript utility lighting and there is a desk lamp for any taste, function or environment.

Our Final Thoughts

I know you’ll enjoy any of these lamps as they are our top 10, but any purchase can be difficult with all the styles and technology around, so before you make an investment especially if you choose to find something other than listed.

Always make sure to search Smart Lamps if you need capabilities to use your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Stay away from any product that doesn’t openly share its brand name, these are usually copy-cat products and will offer no quality.

Be mindful of the power requirements and usage, you definitely don’t want a power hog that’s also going to produce a lot of heat, that would only increase your energy usage for air conditioning.

It’s highly recommended to use LED Lamps over traditional ones not only do they have a long lifespan but they offer a far better quality and spectrum of light, as you’ll see almost all manufacturers choosing it as their standard bulb.