The Best Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps are increasingly becoming popular in the holistic community. The current trend has not gone unnoticed, and that has raised many questions among a majority of the population that does not know what these are. If you are part of that group, then you may have found your solution. This article will help to keep you in the know-how.

Himalayan salt lamps are hygroscopic crystals of salt that are activated when heat from a light bulb is directed towards them. In the activation process, these crystals initially absorb water molecules, dust, smoke, and any other negative ion particles from the air in your space. That means that they act as air purifiers. When the lamp is turned on, the bulb radiates heat that evaporates the molecules of water and other contamination-causing particles that are trapped in the salt crystal. When the Himalayan salt crystal is heated, it emits ions that reduce substances that are mildly radioactive and electromagnetic from the air. The result brings with it a plethora of benefits from reduced respiratory complications to the peaceful atmosphere, among others.

Himalayan salt lamps are therefore considered natural air purifiers that bring a soothing effect to your rooms. Below are some of these useful pieces of light products that you can purchase from Amazon and other leading retailers. Take a look!

Himalayan Salt Lamp 10-12″ (11-15 lb) with Dimmer Switch

Himalayan-10-12 11-15-Dimmer Switch

  • 100% Pure & Natural: Expertly hand-carved from authentic Himalayan Salt found…
  • Adjustable Brightness: The integrated dimmer switch allows you to fully adjust…
  • Good Vibes: Pink Himalayan salt is known for its therapeutic and relaxing…


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This beautifully hand-carved Himalayan salt lamp is made by Body Source from 100% pure and natural salt mined from the foot of the Himalayan Mountains. The product is assembled and packed in an exquisite box that comes with an adjustable dimmer switch. This salt lamp is about 12-inches tall and weighs between 11 and 15 pounds. The size makes it suitable for any size of room, and its ionization efficiency is unbeatable. If you want purified air and a touch of elegance, then you should opt for this Himalayan salt lamp.

d’aplomb 100% Authentic Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp


d’aplomb 100% Authentic Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

  • AUTHENTIC SALT LAMP: Made from 250 million year old salt from the Himalayan…
  • CRAFTED WOOD BASE AND DIMMER SWITCH: Includes two 15 watt bulbs and UL-Listed…
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We provide a no-hassle 90 day warranty if there is…


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It is essential to note that your home is your permanent habitat. This hand-carved rose flower-shaped salt lamp brings the health and comfort aspects that you require to live peacefully. The light is made from authentic rock salt from the Himalayan’s Khewra salt mines. The product boasts of the most natural pink Himalayan salt that comes with lots of health benefits. Its design is also uniquely enchanting as it takes the shape of a rose flower. The beautiful artistry showcased in this Himalayan salt lamp is perfect for adding a different dimension to your interior and decors. The light weighs approximately 8 lbs and is 7.5 inches tall. The size may not be the largest but is just enough to add sparkle and excellent living standards to your life. If you have a bigger room, you can consider getting many of these lamps to fully utilize the magical power of Himalayan rock salt.

100% Authentic Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp; Hand-Carved Modern Rectangle in Pink Crystal Rock Salt from the Himalayan Mountains


Authentic Himalayan Hand-Carved Rectangle Mountains

  • AUTHENTIC SALT LAMP: Made from 250 million year old salt from the Himalayan…
  • CRAFTED WOOD BASE AND DIMMER SWITCH: Includes two 15 watt bulbs and UL-Listed…
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We provide a no-hassle 90 day warranty if there is…


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This Himalayan salt lamp has a retro touch that makes it uniquely efficient. The light is made from authentic, pure crystal rock salt from the Himalayans, dating back to 250 million years. Every piece of the rock salt used in the product comes with a different feature. The pieces vary in shape, size, color, and variation and weigh approximately 11.5 lbs. The base of the lamp is made from finely crafted wood that has a dimmer switch that is UL recognized. The recommended light bulb for this lamp should not exceed 15 watts. The dimmer switch can be used to regulate the brightness of the lamp as you deem fit, making it suitable for use in any place

What is more exciting about this product is that the manufacturer offers a 90-day warranty on new purchases in case you run into any problem with it. That should be enough to cut any additional costs involved with maintenance. This product will guarantee you a lease of pure and cleaner air in your rooms.

VERY RARE, Large (8-13lbs) Grey Gray Black White Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamp Lights


VERY RARE, Large (8-13lbs) Grey Gray Black White Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamp Lights

  • SAFER PATENT DESIGN TOUCH DIMMER SWITCH (US 110-120v only): It comes with…
  • ALL NATURAL LIGHTING: Himalayan salt lamps provide a pure and natural source of…


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The durability of this salt lamp is something you should envy. Its base is made of platinum, for long-lasting service for you. And what is more astonishing is that it comes with one of the rarest grey shades of Himalayan salt crystal. If you love darker light intonation, then this grey salt lamp should be your perfect choice. The package comes with the Himalayan salt lamp, night lights, candle holders, and bath salt. All the mentioned accessories are made from natural Himalayan salt crystals.

The design of this lamp and the texture of the salt crystal brings a smooth and calming effect that will illuminate your space with a warm, pleasant, and ambient glow. The light also has a patent-design touch dimmer switch that regulates the amount of light it radiates into your space. That means you have control over the brightness of the lamp and can adjust it according to your preferred ambience. The all-natural lighting and air purification property of the light make it suitable for use at home, in the office, and in other places of relaxation. Its authenticity is approved by the ETL and FCC. This lamp is one of those that you can use for multiple purposes.

IndusClassic Giant Natural Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp 80-90 lbs

IndusClassic Giant Natural Himalayan Crystal

  • Ions effective area 390 – 400 Square Feet ( Estimated )
  • Perfect for TV lounge or big living area, Spa, Hotel, and Restaurant Lobby
  • It is not only provide health benefits, it is also a piece of art and scripture


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The IndusClassic IC-Lg-03 Natural Salt Lamp is a pure component of the natural Himalayan salt crystals and is made by the Himalayan mountain. This product acts both as an air purifier and a decorative light that exudes lots of health benefits. Its characteristic as a light therapy commodity is enhanced by the ability of the Himalayan rock salt to emit negative ions that neutralizes the dust particles and other pollutants to give your home a serene atmosphere. The balance of ions created when you use this lamp leads to fresher and cleaner air. You can use one of these lamps for meditation or on your bedside table to induce peaceful sleep at night. The size of this lamp can create an ambient atmosphere and an ion effective area of up to 400 square feet. 60 watt light bulb and 5-feet electrical cord are included in the package if you buy the 6-inch lamp.

IndusClassic LN-09 Natural Himalayan Crystal Rock Sea Salt Lamp Air Purifier 19-25 lbs

IndusClassic Himalayan Purifier Hymilain Packaging

  • SALT LAMP – Each Salt Lamp Comes With 25-watt Bulb And 6-feet UL Listed Electric…
  • DIMMABLE DIMMER SWITCH FOR LIVING ROOM : IndsClassic Himalayan Salt Lamp is…
  • HEALTH BENEFITS & FRESH AIR : IndusClassic Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp enhances the…


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This salt lamp comes with 25 watts light bulb and a 6-feet electric cord that is both listed and approved by UL. A dimmer switch is integrated at the base of the lamp to help adjust the brightness of the light it emits to the surrounding. All features of this lamp point to a useful and convenient device that will help uplift the mood in your room and help you fight stress and fatigue quickly. It has an estimated ion active area of up to 155 square feet, which makes it perfect for a medium-size living room, bedroom, or office. For better performance, you can try spreading out many of these Himalayan salt lamps in your space.

The salt lamp is efficient in protecting you against radiations through the emission of electromagnetic waves. This lamp is a natural air purifier that you should have at your disposal.

VC.Formark USB Himalayan Salt Lamp

V-C-Formark Himalayan Release Negative Changing

  • UPGRADE DESIGN — Round crystal rock hand carved 1.5lbs + Genuine wood base+…
  • NATURE & HEALTH — Originated from Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan, the salt…
  • COLOR CHANGING SALT LAMP — Once lit the natural himalaya salt lamp,LED light…


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This lamp is one of the most versatile in the market. They are mainly used for romantic dinner lights, yoga meditation rooms, and at home. Many users have reviewed the lamp as improving the quality of sleep when used in bedrooms.

Additionally, it can be the perfect gift for the one you love. The lamp operates when you plug the USB cable that comes along with the box into the socket. This Himalayan salt lamp will show one line mark if the color is gradual and two line marks if the warm color light is switched on.

You are advised to avoid getting the salt crystal damp when using this product.

LEVOIT Viéra Himalayan salt-lamps, 9.9lbs

LEVOIT Viéra Himalayan salt-lamps

  • BEST VALENTINE’S GIFT: with the elegant gift package and super quality aluminum…
  • SUPREME QUALITY ALUMINUM BASIN: equipped with high borosilicate glass housing &…
  • SAFER TOUCH DIMMER SWITCH (US 120V only): the top-notch and beautifully made…


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The Levoit Viera salt lamp combines the elements of beauty, functionality, and practicality in one package. This piece of art is an attention grabber and mood booster due to its stunning visual displays. High-quality components are also integrated into the design of this lamp to give it the durability you crave in your decorative lighting products.

The salt lamp is made of hand-selected salt crystals of varying shapes, sizes, and color clarity to give you a soothing ambient glow on the lit mode. Unlike other salt lamps, this one has an intuitive touch-controlled dimmer switch that regulates the amount of light released into your rooms. Additionally, it has a beautifully designed glass vase that holds the salt crystals. A glass frame supports the case.

Large Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp Pink Crystal Natural Authentic Hand Carved Decor Lighting Dimmable


Large Dimmable Himalayan Salt Lamp

  • ✔ CREATES A WARM AMBER GLOW – Our Salt Lamps can be used as a gentle…
  • ✔ HAND CARVED in Pakistan – Each of our Salt Lamps have a Unique Style….


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You can efficiently purify your indoor air with nature’s best negative ionizer if you get your hands on this Himalayan salt lamp. The rock salt that is used to make this lamp is mined deep in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. The salt is one of the purest in the world. The light is designed by talented craftsmen and artists to give it an appealing shape that ensures it grabs the attention of anyone coming into the room. This salt lamp is a unique work of art that blends artistry, health benefits, and ambient lighting to your space. The style, color, design, size, and shape of the lamp are all given a minimal but delicate touch.

The base of the light is made from a combination of hardwood and onyx, and you get to choose the one you like. In terms of durability, the robust base offers more life span to the lamp. The blend of natural beauty and artistic designs makes this lamp a perfect accent to your living space. The 15 watts light bulb ensures that the lamp consumes minimal energy to reduce your electricity bill. At the base of the lamp is a socket that has a 6-feet electrical cord that is used to connect it to a power source.

This Himalayan salt lamp also comes with a dimmer switch that you can use to regulate the intonation and brightness of the light-emitting from the lamp. The therapeutic glow of this light infuses the calmness of nature that will gradually bring your mind a sense of serenity. This lamp will bring harmony and the feel of relaxation in your living space to give you the peace of mind you deserve. You should get this one for your home.

Salacia Himalayan Sphere-Shaped Salt Lamp Light with Dimmer, Pink

Salacia Himalayan Sphere Shaped Light Dimmer

  • HAND-EXTRACTED: from Khewra Salt Mine in outer range of the Himalayan Mountains….
  • DIMMER CONTROL: Includes 15-watt incandescent bulb that creates a soft…
  • WOOD BASE: allows for placement on any flat surface


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The Salacia Himalayan salt lamp comes in a unique spherical shape that is designed to bring tranquility and relaxation to your interior space. The light has a dimmer switch integrated into its design to adjust the level of light to meet your preference. You only need to twist the knob of the dimmer switch and witness your room receive an ambient sparkle that also brings health benefits to you and your family. The lamp base is made of pure wood that helps to promote the stability of the lamp when placed anywhere in your décor.

Himalayan CrystalLitez Himalayan Salt Lamp With UL Listed Dimmer Cord

Himalayan CrystalLitez Crystals Handcrafted Aromatherapy

  • ORGANIC,AROMATIC AND BENEFICIAL :Himalayan CrtsyalLitez is the new generation…
  • DOZENS OF WONDERFUL DESIGN OPTIONS: for everyone and every place.Truly handmade…
  • 100% AUTHENTIC AND HAND MINED SALT CRYSTALS :from The Salt Mines of Himalaya…


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The Himalayan CrystalLitez salt lamp brings a combination of benefits and style in the product. The product is specifically designed to reduce the effects of allergens in the air in your room. It is also scented to give your house a natural, warm, and inviting fragrance that will leave your guests dazed. The lamp is easy to maintain, is anti-microbial, and comes with ultra-safety features to add to its convenience.

The Himalayan CrystalLitez salt lamp comes with two 15 watts bulbs and a spare rock salt weighing 2 lbs. Its minimal design includes a glass bowl and pieces of rock salts of different sizes. The lamp cannot overheat even when left on for extended periods. If you are looking for a natural oil diffuser, then this lamp will be a perfect fit for you. And more conveniently, the salt lamp will last for ages without getting broken or requiring any replacements.

UMAID Natural Himalayan Rock Sea Salt Lamp Bowl

UMAID Natural Himalayan Rock Sea Salt Lamp Bowl

  • Gorgeous Home Décor Lamp: When lit with the included bulb, the lamp radiates a…
  • Health benefits & Fresh air: Himalayan Rock Salt Firebowl Lamp enhances the…
  • Best & Perfect gift for the Holidays: Hand selected from the Himalayan…


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This Himalayan salt lamp comes in the form of a fire bowl to give your room an iconic balance of fresh air and natural oceanic fragrance. When the lap is heated, it emits negative ions that tackle electromagnetic radiation and pollutants to purify the air that surrounds you. The effect created provides a soothing environment that can help you sleep better. The lamp has a fixed light bulb that radiates ambient and colorful light and also heats the salt crystal to produce the negative ions that neutralize substances in the air.

This lamp creates a warm amber glow from its 25 watts light bulb. The astonishing glow it radiates makes it ideal for use in yoga spaces, at home, or in the office to bring serenity. The Himalayan salt is hand-mined and crafted into a bowl shape and chunks of salt placed inside to make it a beautiful piece of art that will soothe you to sleep comfortably. The base of the lamp is made of premium non-toxic wood that makes it sit stably on top of any flat surface. The base is also durable and will ensure that your light serves you for years.

Salt Lamp, Digital Alarm Clock with Wake-Up Light, Night Light, Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Lamp

Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Lamp

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The last Himalayan salt in this list is also the most unique and versatile of them all. In many cases, we love minimal designs to reduce the complexity look of your interior. But some products capture this aspect by integrating a multi-function or all-in-one functionality to a single commodity. That is precisely what you will get from this salt lamp. If you want a simple clock with a few buttons and an alarm function, then you will love this product. And that is not all; it is a Himalayan salt lamp.

The ingenuity in the design of this lamp is hard to beat. You will have an air purifier that can also act as a clock and alarm. As a salt lamp, the product warms up to attract humidity to dampen the surface of the salt crystal. Once this is achieved, negative ions are released to neutralize all the positive ions in the air. The lamp’s body is made of wood and is designed to house a digital clock with an alarm function. Its minimalistic but multi-purpose feature makes it suitable for use in many places, including the bedroom and office. If you decide to buy this lamp, you are advised to pat the rock salt when the light color changes.

How to Choose the Best Himalayan Salt Lamp

Sometimes it requires a lot of brainstorming when it comes down to choosing the best Himalayan salt lamp from the vast range that is available in the market. Many factors need to be considered and evaluating the little things that make the difference. To break it down for you, here are the things you should consider before you make the leap to buy.

  • The color

Salt crystal color runs deep in the veins of the Himalayas. The most common colors are pink, white, orange, and red. The color of a Himalayan salt crystal will depend on the location it was mined. The color of the salt is, however, never guaranteed because it is a natural product. White color is the rarest to find, and people tend to like them because of this unique attribute. Lamps with color emit maximum light and are very bright compared to other colors. They may lack the mild ambience that comes with darker shades of light, though.

Pink colored salt lamps are the most common in the market, and buyers tend to like them. Orange stained salt lamps are the most popular and loved in the market. These lamps emit the warmest glow and are neither too bright nor too dim. That quality gives them the perfect balance of hue. Red-colored salt lamps are also attractive but lose their appeal because they have the darkest shade of light. If you prefer it more mysterious, then you will love the red lamps.

  • The size of the lamp

When it comes to the size of the light, you need to factor in the size of your room. The weight of the salt lamp makes the differentiating aspect. For instance, a heavier lamp is bigger and has the broadest ionization property. That means that if you have a larger room, you will require a more significant light to efficiently purify the air around you. Alternatively, the number of the Himalayan salt lamp can also help in determining the ionization efficiency. That’s to say, if you have multiple lamps spread out in a large room, you will not require bigger lamps. This alternative is the one with the most positive effect. The size of the Himalayan salt lamp determines the flow of ions and the balance between contaminants in the air and the ability of the lamp to clean them out. With that said, you should opt for multiple small-sized lamps rather than larger lights because you can spread them throughout the room.

  • The shape of the lamp

This characteristic can be divided into two categories. The first one is the natural-shaped Himalayan salt lamp. These are the most popular in the market. The lights are liked by many because they possess natural shape and form. The second type is the crafted Himalayan salt lamp. These lamps are ones that are handcrafted to give them a preferred configuration. For instance, you may find a bowl of fire shape or any other shape that suits your preference. The distinctive shapes add a dimension to the character of the lamp even though they may lack the natural look.

  • The quality of the lamp

Checking the quality of a Himalayan salt lamp may be a bit tricky. But here are the features that should guide your selection. First, look at how the salt crystal is attached to the base of the lamp. If there are gaps between the lump of salt and the wooden base, then you might have to skip to the next product. Another aspect is the cord and socket of the lamp. The best quality Himalayan salt lamps will have either a spring cord or butterfly cord that is attached to the sides. The length of the cable is also something you should consider, especially if there is a need to adjust the height of the light bulb. If the cord is short, you may have a hard time trying to fix it. Additionally, how the socket is attached to the lamp should tell you if it is safe to buy or not.

Himalayan salt lamps have vast benefits in your room. The most obvious advantage is that it greatly improves your health through meditation. Additionally, it purifies the air around you and therefore reduces significant risks of respiratory complications like asthma.

In a nutshell, when you buy a Himalayan salt lamp, here is what to expect.

  • Better air purification

You can be assured of breathing fresher and cleaner air if you have a Himalayan salt lamp in your room. As mentioned above, the lump of salt emits negative ions upon heating. The ions remove all the dust particles in the air by neutralizing the positively charged substances. All pollutants and contaminants have a positive charge. When they come in contact with the negative ions that are emitted from the salt crystal, they are neutralized.

Additionally, the lump of salt crystal absorbs moisture in the air, leaving you with the best atmosphere to breathe. You can, therefore, beat many respiratory issues with this device in your home

  • A better scent in the room

Himalayan salt lamps add a sea-like scent to your room. The sensation is further enriched if you have a light in every place in your home. That arrangement will create a fresh scent in your home while it is also an assurance that each of your rooms has purified air to breathe.

  • Elevated mood

The Himalayan salt lamp will make you happier by improving the overall mood in your home. The earnest ambient sparkle that radiates from the light creates a serene, tranquil, and calm atmosphere that allows you to unwind and relax better. When this feeling is achieved, you will become cheerier.


Any living space requires a magical touch of decorative lighting products. The current market offers a wide range of devices that can bring the eccentric glow of beauty to your room. However, when the need to have more than just a decorative light arises, people tend to get confused on what to look for. In comes the Himalayan salt lamp. This beautiful piece of light does more than light your room with an inviting and ambient glow. The lamp has a plethora of benefits and is a proven natural air purifier. The lamp is made from pure natural crystals of the Himalayan rock salt that is mined at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. The different intonations and color of the rock salt give it a natural edge over the other decorative lamps.

A Himalayan salt lamp is such an excellent addition to your room that choosing to purchase a Himalayan salt lamp is the best lighting choice you can possibly make. The light has an abundance of health benefits, among other amazing features that add a sparkle to your space. Aesthetically, the salt lamp will give your room beautiful ambient lighting that brings a serene, soothing, and cozier atmosphere around you. The light can also be a great way of setting the mood for meditation and self-reflection as a way of unwinding. So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself one of these serene products and create a better atmosphere in your home.