The Best Lava Lamps

Your living space requires distinctive elements of decoration that uniquely enhance its appeal and attractiveness. Staring at the same sets of furniture and fixtures in the house may get a bit boring at times. Many people believe that the right shade of colors and the right choice of light can significantly transform a room from a bland space into an invigoratingly vibrant and energizing place. If that is your thought, then you need to try out some of these groovy lights. Lava lamps are not only an excellent source of colorful light but also an inseparable part of interior décor. They are known to add a little touch of relish and soft passé to your home.

Lava lamps were hugely popular in the 60s and 70s. As an icon of tradition and fashionable home décor, these light products come with an intrigue that will fascinate and entertain you at the same time. The new generation of lava lamps may be a bit twisted in design to accommodate the modern lifestyles, but the uniqueness of the old school ones cannot be ignored. Most designers find joy in making lamps with a combination of color-phasing vortex designs, authentic and peculiar color mix, and puzzling wax or liquid schemes that satisfies the cravings of lava lamp enthusiasts and lovers. If you are a fan of creating an ambient atmosphere within your space using lights, relaxing scents, and color, then lava lamps will perfectly suit your taste. You should also try out one of the reed diffusers or oil diffuser found in the market.

Lava the Original 27-Inch Silver Base Grande Lamp with Yellow Wax in Blue Liquid

If you are looking to buy a lava lamp that complements and accentuates the appearance of your décor, then you should first consider its size. This lava light has an impressive 27-inch height and a large glass globe full of wax bubbles in a film of clear liquid. The presence of a 100 watt bulb in the Lava perfectly suits its size to light up a spacious room. This lamp will go a long way in enhancing the interior of your space and also lighting up the room on some of those cold winter nights. The multi-color theme in this lamp will raise the mood and give you a feeling of relaxation while the captivating plays of shimmering lights of all colors of the rainbow grace your room.

Additionally, the product comes in different options. You may want to try the handmade magical salt lamps that are uniquely made of a solid brick of rock crystal salt. This light will add elegance to your décor and purify the air of the room at the same time. This feature allows them to improve the quality of air in the room. The magic is done by eliminating negative ions and neutralizing electromagnetic radiation in the air of your living room.

Lava the Original 27-Inch Silver Base Grande Lamp with Pink Wax in Purple Liquid


Lava Original 27-Inch Silver Grande

  • Lava. Illuminate your Mood. Add just the right lighting touch to any room with…
  • Embellish any living space with this timeless icon of retro style and grace, sit…
  • Hypnotize yourself and go with the flow as the molten wax moves, splits and…


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This Lava the Original 27-Inch Silver Base Grande Lamp with Pink Wax in Purple Liquid is an exhibition of drama in motion and aestheticism of smooth multi-color light to brighten up your space. Watching the pink bubbles suspended in a purple liquid brings a flow of relaxation as the wax split and move up and down the glass vessel. The base and cap of this lava lamp are made of aluminum and hand-carved to give it a unique touch. This massive Lava Original lamp is sure to help you make a statement with its captivating colorful motions in a large globe.

The manufacturer of this product, Lava, is reputable and known for ingenuity in designing unconventional light products. The history that spans over fifty years is enough to assure you that this product is the real deal. Furthermore, the lava lamp is fashioned to replicate modern lifestyle with cutting-edge technology. This one will intrigue you and everyone that walks into the room and set the mood.

14.5″ Metallic Purple Wax Lava Lamp with Matching Aluminum Base

14-5 Metallic Purple Matching Aluminum


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This one is best for small rooms. If you are looking for a refined self-effacing ornamental element to light up a small room, then this is the lava lamp for you. This lava lamp has a stylish design that can complement small places like your study or office. It can also be a perfect addition to the bedside table to give you a beautiful nightlight effect. Despite the small size of the lamp, its color scheme equals that of a giant lamp. The base is carved from aluminum and has a symmetric matching top to complement the appearance. This lava lamp also features a glittering silver color that gives the entire unit a sturdy foundation. The glass vessel is made of shockproof and heat-resistant tempered glass. Inside the globe is heated wax that flows peculiarly in a blue liquid.

The drawback of this lava lamp is that it is a classic design that requires patience. You may have to wait for up to six hours for it to fully heat up, especially for the first time in use. As the lamp starts to heat up, the wax melts slowly to form a pillar that looks like an eccentric spike. When it sufficiently heats the wax, bubbles are formed and gradually move to collide as they ooze in enthralling patterns up and down the globe. If you are looking for not only a decorative gizmo but also one with warming effect during the cold winter evenings, then getting yourself an oil heater is a convenient option.

Jellyfish Lamp LED Fantasy Lava Lamp 20 Color Changing Light

Jellyfish Changing Clownfish Electric Decoration

Jellyfish Changing Clownfish Electric Decoration

  • SLEEK DESIGN TO SUIT ANY DECOR! Sleek, minimalistic and modern design with an…
  • UPLIFT YOUR MOOD WITH LIFELIKE FISH! Our Jelly fish light tank includes two…


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The manufacturer Flybold is known for its exceptional design, excellent light product quality, and affordability. All these aspects and more are captured in this lava lamp. It will give you a relaxing and soothing effect of jellyfish moving inside a light globe. The complete package comes with colorful LEDs and twenty different light options. A remote, USB adapter and two clownfish are also included in the kit to add a more calming, serene, and mesmerizing effect to help you unwind. The design of this lamp is so sleek and minimalistic. Its sophisticated shape will fit any décor without any trouble. The minimalistic design is meant to avoid distraction from the soothing motion of the jellyfish in the glass globe full of water. And you have all the controls at your fingertips as you can switch light effects using a remote controller.

With 16 different light colors and four-light effects, this lava lamp offers the perfect captivating mood that will capture your fantasies and bring you the charm of an aquarium at home. The light will set the mood and create a live captivating experience for your space. And the two extra clownfish can also give your kids artificial pets without the headache of maintenance.

Lava the Original 27-Inch Silver Base Grande Lamp with Yellow Wax in Purple Liquid


Lava Original 16-3 Inch Silver Yellow

  • Yellow Wax in purple liquid
  • Provides relaxing, soft light
  • Silver aluminum base and cap


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This large lava lamp is a perfect fit for any room, but specifically larger rooms. The glow radiates as yellow wax moves in a dramatic sequence in the purple liquid creating an ambient feel in a place, irrespective of its size. If your space is feeling a bit empty and lonely, then you can change the atmosphere with this lava lamp. The suspension of yellow bubbles in the purple liquid brings a colliding, soft-splitting radiance as the wax moves in the glass globe. The soft colored light is beautiful to watch. The Lava Original lamp has a silver aluminum hand-carved base and cap that adds to its unique design. The manufacturer is also a trusted dealer, and you will be assured of a quality product.

Retro Rocket Ship Ferrofluid Lava Lamp with Magnetic Black Wax and Clear Liquid, 18″

Retro Rocket Ferrofluid Magnetic Liquid

  • Black magnetic wax in clear liquid
  • Provides relaxing, soft light
  • Silver aluminum base and cap

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This lava lamp has the actual nanotechnology integration from NASA. The liquid inside the globe is made of ferrofluid. The blobs inside the globe will fall and rise automatically, like in ordinary lava lamps, when you turn on the light at the bottom of the globe. And unlike regular lava lamps, the liquid in this lamp can be controlled with a magnet. You can either push or pull the liquid inside the glass globe and play with it as you wish. That feature makes it a perfect lava lamp for kids’ rooms. When the liquid comes in contact with a magnetic field, it creates glowing spike patterns. The globe that holds the liquid is designed with a rocket shape covering 18 inches. Inside the rocket is ferrofluid and wax that flows elegantly to fill the spaces left in a dramatic and soft motion with color effects.

This rocket design lava lamp comes with a 15 watt energy-efficient bulb that helps you save on your energy costs. The light has the edge over other classic lava lamps as it heats up faster. You will not have to wait for six hours to start experiencing the spectacle. The lava lamp takes less than an hour to start flowing. The manufacturer of this lamp boasts of quality and offers the assurance of replacements if the lamp delivered is compromised. The outlay of this product takes into account the latest fashion trends and stylish designs that will leave you captivated. If you want to add something that will grab the attention of your kids and enhance their knowledge in aerospace science, then this is the right lamp for you.

IMAGE Design Lava Lamp, Purple

IMAGE Design Lava Lamp Purple

  • Liquid lamp
  • Lava lamp light
  • Novelty light

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Lava lamps are mostly used for decorative purposes. It is, therefore, essential to go for one that complements and adds an elegant touch to what you already have in your interior. In that sense, this Lava Lite 2124 Classic Lava Lamp model would be a perfect fit for you. The size of this lamp is relatively smaller than most lamps in the market, but it offers enthralling superfluity of colorful light solutions. The lava lamp combines the delicately designed housing, liquid, and wax suspension. The variety of color options will give any avid lava lamp enthusiast a suitable lamp that fits their expectations, desires, and preferences while complementing unique interior designs. The authentic creative blue and green light design will surely give you a captivating scene whenever you decide to use it.

Another option that comes with this product is the magical wind chimes. This option brings an element of decoration and adds exceptional charm to the interior decor. The lamp fills your living space with delicate chiming sounds of nature, good for diffusing negative energy and setting the mood.

SoundLogic Lava Lamp Bluetooth Speaker

SoundLogic Lava Lamp Bluetooth Speaker

  • Soothing light and motion, High definition sound, Speakerphone function, Stream…
  • Indoor use only
  • CETL US Listed

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This delicate combination of a lava lamp and Bluetooth speaker is the portable version of a groovy color emitting subwoofer. This product brings the hypnotic motion of wax inside a liquid and creates an astonishing and smooth visual effect. Additionally, it integrates Bluetooth technology to the inbuilt speakers that allow you to stream your favorite jams from any Bluetooth-enabled device without any wire connection. For convenience, the speakerphone enables you to take your calls hands-free through the lamp. This light is a classic example of a contemporary lava lamp that employs both the old-school and modern techniques of developing a lava lamp. The device is compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, and almost every Bluetooth-enabled device.

14.5″ Red Liquid with Black Wax Lava Lamp, 20 oz Metallic Red Base & Cap Motion Light

Liquid Black Lava Metallic Motion

Liquid Black Lava Metallic Motion

  • H” x L” x D”: 14.5″ x 3.5″ x 3.5″
  • Includes: Base, Globe, Cap, Instructions and 25W Bulb
  • Material: Glass, Plastic, Metal


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This lava lamp is suitable for adding a touch of fun to bedroom décor. The 14.5 inches large lava lamp comes with black Lava, red liquid inside the globe, and a red base. The base is made of metallic structure that gives it the durability that would last for years. The content and combination of colors used in making this lamp will provide you with a dark sinister feeling and add an ambient atmosphere in your space.

Made with a schylling design, the light is an attention grabber and would give your décor another dimension during cold nights. The entire lamp is modeled to replicate a volcanic eruption with the movement of paraffin in the liquid resembling the Lava of a volcano. The product also comes in various bright designs that give you more options to choose from. The lamp is powered by plugging it in a 120-volts outlet. Additionally, it comes with a 25W light bulb. Its modest size does not take a lot of space and can, therefore, sit well on your bedside table or office desk. It is recommended that you keep this lamp out of direct sunlight to enhance its efficiency and performance.

With its modest design and size, this lava lamp can be used in both large and small rooms and is suitable for all ages.

14.5-Inch Beatles Yellow Submarine Lava Lamp, Silver Star Glitter/Clear Liquid

This 14.5-Inch Beatles Yellow Submarine Lava Lamp has a unique feature of drama in motion coupled with soothing colored lights that bring the feel of nature into your space. The lava lamp has glittering silver stars that float in clear liquid. You will watch the stars collide, flow, freely, and sparkle as they move up and down the glass globe. The base and cap of the lamp are made of hand-carved aluminum to bring a robust and unique texture.

The classic nature of the lamp makes it take longer to heat up, and that may be the biggest drawback. But you cannot let that fool you. This is a vintage lava lamp that combines the goods of both modern and old-school worlds. Once the wax starts moving inside the globe, you will enjoy a colorful display of light that is coupled with the relaxing effect of moving stars. If you enjoy watching the stars at night as your way of unwinding and relaxing, this should be a perfect choice for a lava lamp.

LIFESPAN BRANDS LLC Handpainted Rainbow Lava Lamp w/Aluminum Base & Cap Multi-Color Glass Globe


Handpainted Rainbow Color Lava Lamp

  • The ultimate rainbow lamp–aluminum base and cap and glass globe are all painted…
  • Gives you a full range of rainbow colors.
  • The white wax appears to change color as it flows up and down the multicolored…


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If you are looking for the perfect lamp for your kids’ rooms that can brighten the space with ambient lights and still create a cozy and captivating atmosphere, then this rainbow-colored lava lamp is for you. The first thing is that your kids will be left mesmerized by the beautiful display of colors from the lamp. The delicate design of the lamp is also a center of attraction for kids who take delight in exploring shapes and colors. Inside a glass globe is scarlet red Lava that bubbles in a peculiar fascinating pattern that will amuse the eyes of your kids. The appearance of this lamp in the dark is so enchanting that it can soothe your toddlers to sleep.

The lamp is also a safety hub as it has gone through all safety tests and regulations with approval from Underwriters Laboratories. That should take your worries away if you decide to install it in your kids’ room. All you need to do is plug into a power source using its electrical cord then set it up on a flat surface, at kids’ eye level if possible. It is also worth noting that its design does not limit its use to kids’ room alone. You can also have it set up in other places regardless of the age of users.

FESTNIGHT AC110V 25W Incandescent Tungsten Desk Lamp Jellyfish Light E14 Base Socket Holder

FESTNIGHT Incandescent Atmosphere Restaurant Decoration

  • Attractive streamline design with metallic and bottom design makes it be the…
  • Fluid and cute f-loating wax spheres produced by heating offers you a gorgeous…
  • Superb incandescent light bulb flicker-free and anti-glare light without strobes…

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The beautiful streamlined design of the lamp, coupled up with a metallic base and cap, makes it a fantastic piece of home decoration that will make you the best trend chaser. The globe houses wax that floats cutely in liquid to offer a beautiful and enjoyable visual display. This lamp comes with a 25W incandescent light bulb that lights up the content of the globe. The bulb is also flicker-free and offers an anti-glare effect to remove the elements of straining your eyes. No radiation is emitted; hence the light is eco-friendly and energy-efficient. The lamp comes in a wide range of sizes to choose from.

Lightahead LED Volcano Lamp Red Lava Erupting Mini Led Lit Water Volcano Lamp

Lightahead Volcano Lamp Erupting Water

  • Recreates a real volcano using red “lava” beads WORKS WITH AC ADAPTOR!…
  • Can be used as a mood light Looks good in the dark with its red LED
  • A great addition to any kids bedroom or workspace

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This classy lava lamp brings the volcano effect of earth, water, and fire aspects all in one globe of a “volcano.” The red beads inside the globe act as the Lava and can be seen to erupt from the volcano creating an amazing visual display. The “eruption” is further enhanced by the hypnotic and soothing lights providing an ambient atmosphere in the process. This setup is one of the best ways of bringing the volcano experience closer to your kids. All you need to do is add some water to the globe and watch the eruption begin as the red beads flow endlessly down the volcano with LED light effects amplifying the spectacle.

Mermaid Tail Glitter Lava Lamp with Mint Green Base and Pink Glitter 13″

Mermaid Tail Glitter Lava Green

  • Mermaid Tail Glitter Lava Lamp 13″ Mint Green Tail Base and Pink Glitter
  • Mermaid Lamp
  • Mermaid Glitter

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This shimmery lava lamp with a mermaid tail is the perfect light for your desk or bedside table. You can utilize its authentic design by giving it out as a gift to your mermaid lover and add some romance to your blossoming relationship. The lamp is designed with glittering wax flowing inside a liquid chamber. The content is lit by switch at the base. Its metallic body is durable enough to grant you a long-lasting solution for decorating your décor and interior. Every piece comes in a colorfully printed casing that gives a calming shimmering light effect. The product comes with a guaranteed customer care service should you want any assistance or replacements.

Ebros Steampunk Electric Plasma Laser Static Storm Ball Blaster Gun Decorative Steampunk Gun Accent Lamp Figurine 8.25″ L

Ebros Steampunk Electric Decorative Figurine

  • This Cool Accent Plasma Electric Lamp Steampunk Gun Blaster figurine is made of…
  • This Cool Accent Plasma Electric Lamp Steampunk Gun Blaster figurine is 7.25″…
  • Lamp can be operated using either AA battery or AC power cord. Voltage: 5V. For…


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This lava lamp is made of quality polyresin and glass casing. The body is hand-painted and polished to give it a meticulous appearance. The light also boasts of varied color intonation and a wide range of options for customers to choose from. The cool accent plasma electric feature and a gun blaster figurine are integrated to achieve a more sophisticated design. The lamp is 7.25 inches tall and 8.25 inches long. Operating the lamp is quite easy, and you can choose to either use a battery or AC power cord of 5V rating. The AC cord is the most effective and provides the optimum functionality out of the lamp. The gun ornament is added as a decoration to an already beautiful lamp. This lamp is the perfect party prop and is also suitable for lighting up bedrooms and kids’ rooms.

How to choose the best lava lamp

Traditionally, lava lamps were found to be overwhelming and flabbergasting. People could not define the simple mechanics of their operations. In other words, they defied description. In the modern era, that problem is solved by the ingenuity of manufacturers and designers. You are now able to know the elements that make a lava lamp the perfect fit for your home.

There are two types of lava lamps: classic and glitter. Glitter lava lamps heat up faster than classic ones. On the other hand, conventional lava lamps are designed to integrate two elements (liquid and wax) that are sealed in a container. The glass containers are usually resistant to heat and shock. An incandescent bulb is placed at the bottom of the lamp to heat and melt the wax. Once the wax becomes less dense than water, it rises and cools at the top of the container to become denser than water and sink below. The process goes on to produce a smooth flow of waxy bubbles that collide and ooze in the liquid. Such a spectacle is perfect for meditation and contemplation and gives your room an extra retro touch.

There is so little information to understand about lava lamps. That is why it would be essential to look at the factors that you should consider before buying any.

  • Choose the type of lava lamp you want

Before you buy any lava lamp, it is essential to know the kind that you would like to have. The distinctive features between glitter and classic lava lamps are not vast, but it is crucial to understand each one of them. For instance, glitter lamps are fast to heat up compared to the traditional ones.

  • Go for a reputable manufacturer

Lava lamps are not very popular in the world of ambiance and lighting products. You do not want to find yourself in a situation where you cannot get replacements for your lamp should there be any damage. The bulbs, lava parts, and the foot may need repairs, and that means getting back to your dealer to provide the exact attachments you want. It may be a challenge if you buy from some people you cannot trace.

  • The size

Like any other lighting product, lava lamps come in different sizes and designs. The traditional elements may be retained in some, but constant modifications make them more appealing without losing the retro aspect. The size of the lamp you want will depend on how and where you intend to use the light. It is also worth noting that larger lava lamps are costly, and you should be ready to spend more on them.

  • Color choice

Your choice of color should match what you have in mind and the existing blend of colors in your room. Lava lamps come in a wide range of colors and light designs. Whatever you decide to get should give your space ambient and relaxing feeling without clashing with the color theme of the room.

  • The price

Budgeting is essential in every purchase you decide to make. Lava lamps may not be as costly as other decorative light products in the market, but you still should consider the cost. You should not buy an expensive lamp if other affordable options offer the same light effect you want. Still, on the other hand, you should avoid opting for products that are too cheap to be good. Quality and durability is something you should have an eye for, and the two come at a considerable cost.

  • The design

Lava lamps come in different shapes and designs. Some are given the old school look while some manufacturers delight in twisting the shapes to match things that people love. For instance, you can find custom lava lamps that take the design of your favorite sporting item, like a baseball bat, while some can have your picture and name engraved on them. Customization can be appealing to some people and not to others.

  • Light and color intensity

The intensity of light and color oozing from your lava lamp should be enough to give your room a different appearance. If the lamp is too dim or the color to cold, you may not notice any effect they bring to your space. The combination of light and color should be significantly attractive to draw attention to the lava lamp.

  • Maintenance

The best lava lamp should be durable enough to reduce the cost of maintenance. Additionally, the light should have easy to replace parts and instructions on use and support should any problem arise.


The use of indoor lighting products is fast growing from normal illumination to a combination of light and beauty. When it comes to decorative lighting, lava lamps fit the bill well in all measures. These retro gizmos are designed with the modern technology of lighting effects and other features that make them beat other decorative lights. And that is not all! They are also cost-effective and convenient. But the advent of various technology and design makes lava lamps lose the retro appeal it once had. Some manufacturers have gone too deep into altering the old-school features and giving these lamps a whole new contemporary look.

When it comes to choosing the best lava lamp, you will likely be at crossroads due to the wide variety that is available in the market. This article has explored some excellent choices and listed the must-consider factors that will help take you in the right direction.