Simple Reasons Your Fan Remote Don’t Work


Ceiling fan remotes are a convenience you don’t think about until they stop working. Fan remotes may not be as used through out each day as compared to TV remotes, but for fans in hard to reach areas, it can be a unwelcome bother for someone if they have to take out their ladder in order to operate the fan.

Before replacing the remote try the troubleshooting below.

Fan Remote Issuesuniversal-remote-control-7342681

If replacing the batteries don’t work, give this a try first:  turn off the power to the fan for 30 minutes.

  • What this does is reset the receiver to its default setting.

The fan motor or light does not work or turn off, but other functions work.

  • Solution: Replace the receiver

The fan motor will not reverse or the motor will stop if reversed.

  • Solution: Replace receiver and reset codes.

The fan is dead. No functions work, but they did work at one time.

  • Solution A: Check for power.
  • Solution B: Check for locked receiver. Turn the power off, then back on, and then reset receiver.
  • Solution C: Replace receiver.

If a light bulb burned out and the fan stopped working, then the receiver may be damaged. Replace it.

The lights flicker and then turn off.

  • Solution: Make sure you are using the appropriate bulbs. You can not use non dimming compact fluorescent bulbs with dim-able remote controls.

The light will NOT come on, all other functions work.

  • Solution A: Check the transmitter.
  • Solution B: Replace the receiver and set the codes.
  • Solution C: Make sure the fan’s blue wire (sometime a black wire with a white stripe) is not connected to a power wire from the house. If using an in-wall remote control, the blue wire is no longer used and is replaced by the function of the light control button on the in-wall controller.

The transmitter will not turn off the light.

If a light bulb burned out and the fan stopped working, then the receiver may be damaged. Replace receiver. The transmitter will NOT turn the motor on or it will only work in one direction only. If the light on the fan works, the reverse module is bad. Check internal module if your model has built in reversing. Refer to qualified service person.

If the light does not work:

  • Solution A: Check that transmitter codes are set to match the receiver.
  • Solution B: Check for power at the receiver. If power is present, replace the receiver.

The transmitter range is very weak during use.

The average range of a transmitter is between 22 and 25 feet.

  • Solution A: Check the battery.
  • Solution B: Check that the red indicator light comes on during use (if applicable).
  • Solution C: Check that the antenna is connected or placed well inside receiver.

If none of the above solves the problem, replace the transmitter and receiver.

Need A New Universal Remote?

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