Ceiling Fan Accessories And Parts: What You Need To Know

Update That Ceiling Fan: Keep your ceiling fan current with today’s styles without spending a fortune. Ceiling fan accessories add decorative flare and function by customizing the look, mounting style and speed of your fan. Such accessories include:

Light Kits, Downrod Couplers, Downrods, Fan Replacement Blades, Mount Adapters, Pull Chain Ornaments, Pull Chains, Remote Controls and Wall Controls.

Ceiling Fan Accessories

Ceiling Fan DownrodThe correct installation of a ceiling fan is critical for safety and optimal performance. Downrods are sometimes necessary to achieve the correct distance of the fan blades to the ceiling. This makes a big difference in the efficiency and amount of air it is capable of producing.

Downrod CouplersIf your ceiling is higher than 14 feet tall, chances are you will need to join two pieces of downrods together. A downrod coupler accomplishes this. Most Ceiling fan manufactures only produce 6 foot long downrods as their max length and the couplers only fit their downrods.

Replacement Ceiling Fan BladesAn inexpensive way to update your current ceiling fan is to replace the blades. There are many styles and colors to choose from. Make sure you buy the replacement ceiling fan blades as the same manufacture as the fan, so they attach correctly.

Mount AdaptersThere are different mount adapters to install a ceiling fan onto the ceiling. Whether the ceiling is sloped or angled, flat or between a stud or on one, there is an adapter for the job.

Pull Chain and SwitchesBroken pull switch on a ceiling fan can be repaired. Simply, choose the manufacture for the correct fit. There are all sorts of pull chain colors and materials to match your ceiling fan.

Pull Chain OrnamentsSwop out that cheap plastic end of the pull chain with a custom ornament. A variety of themes, shapes, materials, and colors to choose from. Pick your favorite team or one of many fairies for your daughter. If the ceiling fan is in a kitchen or dining room add a elegant crystal ornament.

Remote ControlsKeep your ceiling fan under control with a remote. Depending on the remote and receiver, you can control the fan speed setting, lights on/off and dimmable, or the more expensive remotes has other features such as: a thermostat that allows you to set the temperature and will automatically adjust the fan speed to reach that temperature, a reversible button to change the fan direction and independent timers for fan and light from 1/2 hr to 24 hrs with a room exit feature (light delay) turns lights off in 3 minutes.

Wall ControlsNever loose the ceiling fan remote again with a built in wall control for the ceiling fan. As in hand held remote controls, wall units can be simple or as many features and settings to get the job done.

Breakdown of Key Ceiling Fan Parts

src=”https://beloblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Ceiling-Fan-Parts-Diagram-5098042-1.png” alt=”ceiling-fan-parts-diagram-5098042″ />Although ceiling fans are produced in many styles and designs, they all have the basic key functioning parts. Typically, a ceiling fan consists of:

    • fan motor
    • blades
    • blade holders
    • switches
    • light kits
    • and fan control, among others.

Motors are extremely important for the longevity of fans. Look for Heavy duty motors that are sized correctly for the job. Undersized fans are less efficient and may emit a humming or clicking sound. Heavy duty motors will also have a warranty backing them up.

Body housings are either die cast or stamped steel. Stamped steel are less expensive and are more likely to wobble and make noise. Die cast offers a long lifespan due to the lower operating temperatures. They run quietly and smoothly with less vibration and adds to the stability of the fan.

Blades are just as important for other reasons. The pitch (angle) of fan blades determine the amount of breeze will be made from the ceiling fan. Along with the construction, they will provide longer life if well made. For reasons of replacing blades and more info. Read this article.

Buying Tips For Ceiling Fan Replacement Parts

We get what we pay for. This holds true in practically everything in life, including buying ceiling fans and replacement parts for the appliance. The price of a ceiling fan varies depending on the quality of parts, aesthetics and functional features. Of course, a unit that scores high in any or all of these aspects may cost more.

    • Investing in a good quality ceiling fan will help ensure long term use. However, even the best and most durable models will occasionally break down and may need replacement parts.
    • The good thing is that it is easier to find parts for high quality fans. The most common parts that may need replacement are the pull-chain switches, light holders, blades, and blade holders.

Buying Tips

Here are some tips when buying replacement parts for your ceiling fan to make the entire process simple and convenient for you.

Identifying your ceiling fan’s model number – Replacement parts, especially for high quality units, are not universal. So the first thing you need to do before looking for the specific part you need is to identify your ceiling fan’s model number. Your fan may look very similar to another model, but their parts are not entirely the same. In most cases, hole patterns vary from one manufacturer to another. Likewise, down rods may be manufacturer and model-specific. To be on the safe side, refer to a ceiling fan expert to discuss your particular requirements.

Replacing your ceiling fan’s light kit – Finding a replacement for your fan’s light kit may a little tricky. As previously mentioned, ceiling fan parts are not universal and this is none more evident than the light kit. Hence, you need to find the exact match for your particular ceiling fan model. If your unit came bundled with a light kit, chances are you cannot fit those that were manufactured for other brands or models. There are sources where you can find the parts you need, however.

You can ask your fan brand’s manufacturer or a ceiling fan expert for more information. It is therefore advisable to buy appliances only from a reputable vendor who carries a wide variety of ceiling fan models with lighting and lighting kit replacements as this will ensure that you can easily get a replacement if and when you need one.

Replacing your blade or blade holder – If you are looking to buy a blade or blade holder, you may need to purchase a multi-pack even if you only need one as these parts are typically sold in sets. There will be no problem if you need to replace both, but if you only need one or the other, you may be forced to have a spare. This is where buying a high quality unit comes into the fore. Also, a fan expert may be able to point you in the right direction.

Finding a replacement pull chain switch for speed control – If the chain breaks, you may have to bring it for repair to a ceiling fan expert. This is because you cannot tell the internal workings of the switch just by looking at the numbers printed outside where the switch is. Likewise, similar-looking switches are not necessarily the same inside. Only a specialist can determine exactly how the switch operates, and identify the correct replacement parts needed by opening the ceiling fan.

Additional Tips

Just like any other home appliance, investing in a high quality ceiling fan will reap dividends in the long run, and make the comparatively high initial cost worth it. For one, you will save money in the future that you will otherwise spend for repairs and replacement parts.

If you buy a low quality ceiling fan, you will likely spend more in the future as parts for these types of fans are harder to find and may cost more; not to mention that cheaper models are usually made of low quality parts that easily break. You can find a lot of these models in big box stores that offer them for a limited time only; and once all the units are sold out, the models will no longer be available, and it would then be difficult to find replacement parts for them.

The best way to avoid the hassle of buying hard-to-find replacement parts in the future is to buy your ceiling fan only from a reputable online or offline dealer. Likewise, make sure that you get a unit that is of good quality and sold at a reasonable price.

Finally, before buying, whether a new ceiling fan or replacement parts, consult with a ceiling fan specialist to make sure that you will get only the particular model or part that will suit your particular budget, and functional and aesthetic needs.