Top 10 Best Modern Desk Lamps for Artists

Top 10 Best Desk Lamps for Artists

Looking to invest in a lamp to keep you at your best? In any skillset you need something that can be as determined as you. That won’t be an easy task if you have to use an archaic lamp, with no ability to reduce eye fatigue or strain.

Using subpar lighting means your work not resemble what will actually be presented in person. Without a quality light you may just not perform as well when it comes to your art.

Here we will list the Top 10 Best Desk Lamps for any artist.

Lite Source Halotech – LED Version

Lite Source Halotech – LED Version
  • Space-saving desk lamp provides effective task light for at home or at the…
  • 4-inch metal shade tilts for directing light as needed; contemporary style
  • Black-matte finish; counterbalance for adjusting the arm; weighted base

Lite Source could be your new perfect light source. Lite Source is known for its astonishing quality and simple tradition appeal with a modern spin.

The 4-Inch bowl shade is adjustable so you can direct light exactly where you want it. When drafting or drawing you need something that maximizes your space and allow for more ease of operation, with the counterbalance providing easy adjustments for the lamp angle.

The weighed base makes for a stationary lamp. The low heat production from the LED bulb offers the best energy savings. Included is a 300K 8-Watt LED Bulb, which offers superior lighting and eye protection by emitting no UV rays.

The LED Bulb is amazing. You can expect you won’t have drooping over time. The Lite Source desk lamp from the Halotech Collection is unbeatable, and delivers durable quality for active skilled artist.

Sturdy and masculine, produces great safe light, and blends with any style. Lite Source comes highly recommended with good reason.

Neatfi XL

Neatfi XL
  • 2,200 LUMENS BRIGHT & 20” WIDE SHADE – An excellent light source with 24…
  • DIMMABLE & LONG LASTING – Simply press the power button to adjust the…
  • STYLISH CLAMP ON LAMP – This LED lamp with clamp has a cool stylish design,…

Neatfi XL is really neat.

This lamp is unrivaled, potentially one of the greatest lamps for an artist. With 2,200 lumens you will see every detail and get the most accurate representation on what your audience would see when presented to. This lamp excels for all types of artist, architects, or those who specialize in hand crafted works.

The 24-Watt super bright LED lamp head, gives excellent bright white light. This allows you to maintain all the accuracy and skill you want to be projected into your work. This lamp head is satisfying with its reliable 20-inch-wide lens. Illuminating any work area magnificently. The lamp doesn’t skimp on the number of bright LEDs leaving no dark spots at 117 LED bulbs in the head.

The eye-caring technology will leave you seeing clear without feeling blinded or fatigue by long hours under the light. Neatfi is extremely stylish and a very attractive clamp task lamp.

PHIVE – Task Lamp

PHIVE – Task Lamp
  • Ultra Wide: 31.5-inch super wide LED light bar, delivers 200% wider and larger…
  • Built for Multitask: Integrated 20W high quality LED, exclusively built for…
  • Durable Gooseneck: Universal gooseneck brings flexible height adjustment and…

PHIVE is known for their intuitive and well-made task and architect lamps. The PHIVE Task Lamp has been upgraded and improved with a 20W LED Lamp, estimated to last over 10 years under heavy use.

Using the clamp you won’t interfere with your work space, or force things to be moved around to accommodate its size. The goose neck is perfect for adjust the light to give the quality you need. The led and curved design is meant to create no glare on any monitor or screen allowing for less eye strain, utilizing the brightness and color modes, you’ll find this light is perfect for drawing, drafting, or for graphical artist on a computer.

PHIVE designed this model specifically for professionals especially artist. Great for a large work bench. The touch controls are integrated into the lamp head making them easy to reach, and with the sensitive touch control you won’t have to give yourself carpel tunnel attempting to press a button in. PHIVE believes size matters. The lamp stand and base are made of metal.

JewelersHeaven – Task Lamp

JewelersHeaven has introduced a work-table specific task lamp for artist and craftsmen. This god-tier lamp will provide light at an angelic level. It produces 3200 Lumens of omega brightness.

Made of incredibly strong steel, weighing a sturdy, yet easy to handle, 6.5 pounds. With eye-care in mind allows for dimming the light through built in features. An amazing LED that won’t flicker or produce an irritating buzz; reducing eye strain offers a gooseneck and can twist.

The JewelersHeaven lamp dims using a satisfying dimming knob, which is next to the much-needed USB port for charging tools or other devices. While using the reliable LED technology you can expect an appreciated long-life span of 20 years with around 6 hours a day of usage. You can rely on this task lamp accomplishing all your expectations.

The company’s name says it all, it’s a lamp that’ll create a jeweler’s heaven. When you take your skill seriously you need a lamp just as serious. With steel construction it’s ready to work as hard as you do.

Brighttech – LightView Pro

Brighttech – LightView Pro

Brighttech, technology that lets you see through light and view a new world. The LightView Pro is within the same league of the JewelersHeaven, while still being in its own. A great addition to any task lamp for professionals who take their craft seriously.

It can also be used stand-alone producing amazing light with a wide magnification lens to truly get accurate details in your work. 3-way adjustable swing-arm allows for the most flexibility of any lamp, while being on a sturdy floor base with 6 rolling wheels – this is the perfect lamp. Well, unless you place it on carpet which creates a little drag. Luckily the LightView Pro is light and can still move easily on carpet.

This light was designed with professionals in mind. The magnification offers 1.75x on a 4.5-Inch wide lens, with a 15 inch plus focal range. Taking advantage of LED Technology – this won’t ever get hot. With the high-quality materials this modern free stand lamp won’t need a hand to hold it. Once moved into position it will hold its position unlike lesser quality models.

This lamp is versatile, and would be great for an artist, dermatologist, make-up artist, tattoo artist, dentist, or of course fine jewelry crafters. This lamp is perfect for aging sight. Dimmable, the quality light can be intense but was designed for comfort. You can expect this light to last well over 20 years at 6 hours of use a day. LightView Pro is fully protected by a 3-year warranty.

Addie – Magnifying Clamp Lamp

Addie – Magnifying Clamp Lamp
  • Long Lasting Bright Light: If a magnifying glass light does not have excellent…
  • Optical Glass Magnifier Lens: magnifying glass with light and stand equipped…
  • Dimming Technology And No Glare: Switch used for changing between brightness…

Addie is a well-known company that has delivered quality products, and this is no exception. The Addie Magnifying Desk Lamp is very similar to the LightView Pro, with a simple, and strong clamp to attach to your desk keeps all the space you use for work your space and not a lamp base.

The magnifying glass gives greater assistance in creating detailed work with a magnification of 2.25x. You won’t see any distortion like you would see with cheaper lens.

Anti-Fog technology shows the Addie brand prides itself on its prime directive of creating the best lens. Providing the latest in LED technology you won’t have heat, and you won’t see an increase in energy usage.

This lamp creates a powerful 1200 lumens of brightness, and a natural white 6000K light without producing any eye fatigue or strain. With glare reduction and dimming technology you won’t have any reasons to be unsatisfied with this product.

Addie delivers quality and with that, is able to offer a full 3-month replacement guarantee, and a full 3-year service warranty. This model is improved with a middle spacer knob in the middle of the clamp, so it locks in tight using a vice with the clamp.

Offering high-end lighting, quality materials, and competitive pricing while always improving on their products is Addie, you should not pass up on this.

BenQ – E-Reading Lamp

BenQ – E-Reading Lamp
  • WIDE DESK ILLUMINATION: the table lamp features advanced lighting technology,…
  • ADJUSTABLE COLOR TEMPERATURE AND BRIGHTNESS: The led lamp has a knob, which…
  • AUTO-DIMMING MODE: The desk lamp will detect ambient brightness and dynamically…

BenQ is a highly notable company producing computer equipment as well and lamps. Do not be fooled by the name, this BenQ model offers 1,800 lumens, offering superior brightness to complete even the most detail-oriented task.

Allowing for color temperature between 2,700K and 5,700K for no eye-fatigue, and no screen glare. Which is important in a day where our eyes are abused by constant UV Radiation.

Recommended for large work areas, especially for artist who work with multiple displays or oversized projects. You can expect this to light a 45-inch work area without any effort.

It has a 150% larger illumination area any average task or architect lamp. Offering a swing arm for versatility you won’t be disappointed when you feel an ultra-strong and firm balance for the arms. You’ll find only even light dispersion across your work area eliminating any glare. The metallic build and braided wire are all very well engineered.

The beauty of the design, the strong quality materials, the patented technologies, all being delivered by one of the best computer equipment manufacturing company’s BenQ makes this an easy purchase. To solidify their footprint have created an amazing lamp that comes in a few versions, the architect lamp which they lamely named a e-reading lamp Is the best one they offer for skilled task.

BYBLight – E476

BYBLight – E476
  • ★ Exclusive Eye-protection Technology: Innovative LGP (light guide panel)…
  • ★ Energy-Saving and Eco-friendly Lighting: High-efficiency 144 LEDs use 80%…
  • ★ Highly Adjustable Clamp Lamp: Memory function for 4 lighting modes and 6…

BYBLIGHT is definitely an innovative, remarkably affordable competitive task lamp. BYBLIGHT offers the reliability you will find with the leading brands and is equipped with high-end technology. You won’t be disappointed investing in the BYB brand.

The BYB Lamps do last years, and are backed by a confident 18-month Worry-Free warranty allowing for service and full refund or replacement if anything did happen. Even without the guarantee you won’t find defects with this lamp. The beautiful lighting allows for 4 color temperatures ranging from a gentle yellow 2700K or a brilliant 6000K white, maximizing the potential with 6 brightness levels.

With 1000 Lumens, you won’t have any issues seeing, while not going to intense to make you stress over erase marks that would normally be invisible. The touch control panel is simple and responsive. Using anti-glare technology to make sure you don’t have to worry about bothersome or distracting reflections on your screen or light that will cause headaches or fatigue. Utilizing a 8-Watt LED Lamp, with 144 LED’s producing the most stable light. The BYB Swing Arm is strong, and stays in place and should be in your place.

360 Lighting – Architect Clamp Lamp

360 Lighting – Architect Clamp Lamp
  • Brushed steel finish.
  • Takes one 100 watt bulb (not included).
  • Maximum arm extension of 21″ high.

360 Lighting is very prestigious and has been producing phenomenal lamps for years. This lamp sports a more tradition style with a modern take. This architect lamp doesn’t use a large lamp, but a more tradition round lamp head. At 8 ½-inches wide, the lamp head provides significant area of illumination.

For such a small size, this lamp has a clean-sleek appearance while utilizing a more familiar, traditional look. 360 Lighting brings all the performance of any task lamp while keeping the familiar traditional under-head design.

This architect lamp is made from steel making it extremely sturdy and durable with a beautiful brushed nickel finish. A bulb will not be included, but unlike other LED Task Lamps, you can replace the bulb and use the latest in LED technology before the competitors.

This lamp doesn’t oversell itself, perhaps it doesn’t need too. It’s a superior modern spin to the traditional work lamp. This one is a keeper. With replaceable bulbs it will last decades and stay a classic.

Tomons – Desk Lamp

Tomons – Desk Lamp
  • Nature Wood Frame: The body is made of solid wood, firm and chemical-free. The…
  • Modern Style: Classic Solid wood meets iron, simple and classic style. Ideal for…
  • Adjustable Design: Easy to use and store. The desk lamp is adjustable and tool…

Tomons is newer to the block but coming highly recommended and with commendations. While Tomons kept a traditional slim sleep desk lamp style, with a nice heavy base for stability, and replaceable universal bulbs make this a very affordable must have for any artist.

It is very adjustable for a normal desk lamp. Featuring a 3-Way adjustable swing arm. The Tomons comes with a 4-Watt LED Bulb, but using the universal E26 standard you can easily upgrade this to a might brighter light for artist needs, or keep it more natural to prevent glare and eye strain for long hours at a computer screen.

The sleek compact design, portability, and simple classy look will make this a valuable find. With its quality and innovation at a competitive price, this would make a strong addition to any artists room.

Our Number One Choice for an Artist is

The best we can recommend would be the Addie Magnifying Clamp Lamp. This lamp is excellent, and offers a robust lens exceeding the competition. While having a strong white-task 6000K natural daylight illuminance, it is impossible to say any other lamp could beat this.

Addie – Magnifying Clamp Lamp
  • Long Lasting Bright Light: If a magnifying glass light does not have excellent…
  • Optical Glass Magnifier Lens: magnifying glass with light and stand equipped…
  • Dimming Technology And No Glare: Switch used for changing between brightness…

What to look for when it comes to a Desk Lamp for an Artist

Here’s some tips I’m sure will help you get the lamp you need for your specific artistic needs, while maximizing eye-health, brightness, and functionality.

  • Always go for a LED bulb, or a lamp that support LED.
  • There are some lamps with organizers built in to them to help with storing your stencils and other tools, but they offer no real lighting capability.
  • You get what you pay for. When doing a skill you need the best.


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