Top 10 Best Modern Floor Lamps  


Floor lamps are great for brightening an entire room. With the latest LED technology, and innovative design, there are more choices than ever. How can you decide which is best?

Thankfully, we’ve put together some great choices for you that offer both functionality and style. Today, modern technology has even advanced lamps. Be aware, the ability for some companies to cheaply manufacture goods means that you have to be careful in choosing your lighting fixtures. Don’t spend money on a light you won’t be satisfied with.

Let us help you choose the best floor lamp with the information you want and need.

This Top 10 Best Floor Lamp list will make bringing radiant light to your home or office easy and fast. That was a mouthful! Okay, so let’s get started. First consider your lifestyle and where you want to place the lamp.

We’re going to look at multiple styles to help you narrow things down. There are goosenecks, torchiere and swing arm lamps that make for relaxed and easy reading.

Brightech – Liam

Brightech – Liam

  • FREE STANDING ASIAN LAMP SUITS MANY DECORS: Easy to match downlight / uplight…


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First, we’re going to look at the Brightech Liam. Brightech made large, fashionable milestones here. They created a lighting footprint that exceeds competitors and blows away the market.

I didn’t think, a lamp could look so amazing! Thanks to the clever design and innovation, Brightech has been able to take full advantage of the LED technology. That’s not all…they went even further by creating appliances that you’d choose solely for the décor.

Each lamp has its own personality. For example, the Liam from Brightech is a beautiful vintage three-bulb tree style lamp. This choice is perfect for modern and expressive lifestyles.

Almost standing at 7-feet, this lamp illuminates the entire living room with a radiant natural yellow light.

One odd thing I’ve noticed though, is that the lamp leans slightly due to the settling in my apartment. This may not be true in your living room.

I do get a lot of compliments on it. Brightech uses cloth-shades on their lamps that offer an impressive diffusion of light. It never feels like they’re too bright.

Another feature you’ll want to take advantage of, is a full 3-year warranty. They stand behind their products, which is a big thumbs up from us. Brightech made an excellent floor lamp that’s perfect for living rooms or being set up as a reading lamp behind the couch.

Adesso – Trinity Arc

Adesso – Trinity Arc

Adesso – Trinity Arc

  • 3-Light Floor Lamp: Ideal for living room or sectional. A rustic substitue to…
  • Innovative Lighting Solution: Controlled with a four-way rotary switch on the…
  • Compatibility: Compatible with CFL bulbs & smart outlet


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Adesso is also a phenomenal 3-bulb tree-style lamp. You’ll love the unique look.

This bright lamp illuminates a large area and comes highly recommended. The Trinity Arch is a great addition to any modern and distinguished décor.

Allowing for bulb replacement gives you full control. We like that we can upgrade to bright, more efficient LED’s.

Another benefit of the Adesso floor lamp is the 1-year warranty. You know how we feel about this by now. A company that stands behind its product does well in our eyes.

Trinity Arc is a milestone of innovation and quality with it’s beautiful base. The heavy marble material keeps this lamp stable. Adesso has stunned us again with another classy lamp that belongs in any home or office.

The burlap drum shade diffuses and directs light perfectly. It illuminates the entire room with 5000K 100-Watt equivalent bulbs.

I only need two of the three bulbs on at time in most circumstances. Adesso’s ability to let you use replaceable bulbs makes the lifespan of this lamp indefinite.

TaoTronics – DL60

TaoTronics has easily become a leader in sophisticated lighting solutions. They provide some of the brightest, longest lasting bulbs. TaoTronics is quickly becoming a leader in innovation as shown with the DL60.

What you’ll love is how unique this lamp is. It can be assembled with multiple poles, allowing you to dictate the height that works for you. How cool is that?

If you don’t want to use the extensions, no problem. Instead, use the head portion of the lamp, and create an ultra-bright desk lamp. Maybe you want to use the full height to illuminate your workbench. Easy enough with the multiple poles.

Flexibility is the name of the game with this lamp.

TaoTronics doesn’t shy away from the need to have long-lasting products. Their units always feature an estimated 20 year life-span. That’s something to count on.

We love the versatility, but the lifespan alone is worth making this a contender. With convenient touch controls and 1815 lumens, you can’t go wrong with this lamp.

You get stylish design and comfortable, natural lighting. That’s a win in our book. And, you get it with a remarkable 12-watts. Not only do you maximize energy savings, but there’s no sacrificing light quality.

Your average desk lamp generates around 350 lumens. TaoTronics has always taken eye-care and reducing fatigue and stress seriously. That’s why you can expect safe and bright color temperatures to be available, offering between 3000-6500K.

Sunllipe – Torchiere

Sunllipe – Torchiere

Sunllipe – Torchiere

  • ★ 18W + 5W LED ENERGY SAVING – Adopting 2 LED Bulbs, this torchiere floor lamp…
  • ★ DIMMABLE BRIGHTNESS & READING LAMP – Except for a 18-watt main lamp, there…
  • ★ ROTARY HEAD & METAL MATERIAL – The round lamp head can be rotated into any…

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Sunllipe makes unique and beautiful lamps with modern technology and solid design.  The Sunllipe is a great choice when you’re looking for a new floor lamp.

It’s incredibly bright. This makes the included dimming function and adjustable brightness a necessity. Why? Because, this Torchiere produces a radiant beam of light at a strong 2160 lumens!

While Sunllipe enjoys producing ray beam type lamps, they do include an adjustable gooseneck reading lamp which you’ll appreciate. This portion of the lamp uses a smaller, softer bulb. This allows for easy immersion in your book.

Both bulbs are estimated to last 20 years or 50,000 hours. With LED technology there’s very little heat produced. I really like that will never get to hot to touch.

With the LED light, there’s no need to worry about floor placement. Your furniture is safe as this lamp produces no high energy ray like blue light. The best part? This highly rated lamp is protected with a 1-year warranty.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that the head of the lamp can be set vertically up to 90° and rotated left or right up to 350°.

With its wide range of dimming options, you can set the range anywhere between 5% and 100%. Sunllipe is one of the most energy efficient lamps you’ll find with great dimming options.

Franklin Iron Works – Marlowe

Franklin Iron Works – Marlowe

Franklin Iron Works – Marlowe

  • 60 1/2″ high overall. Base is 12″ wide. Fabric inner shade is 17 3/8″ wide x 9″…
  • Uses two maximum 100 watt standard-medium base bulbs (not included). Twin on-off…
  • Rustic industrial farmhouse floor lamp from Franklin Iron Works.


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Frankling Iron Works takes a tradition approach to creating organic furniture and appliances. The Marlowe is lamp that surpasses expectations in quality and craftsmanship.

Not only does it a functioning lamp, but it’s practically artwork. It can quickly become the centerpiece of a room. It is in mine.

The metal frame and beautiful shade catches the eyes of my guests. I love when they complement me on my great taste! Let’s take a closer look at the shade. It has enchanting appeal. By using threaded iron bars, it forms a drum for the inner-woven burlap shade.

Replaceable bulbs gives this lamp an extended lifespan. While Franklin Iron Works doesn’t include bulbs with the sale of their light, they do recommend using a powerful A19 shaped LED bulb.

You can also choose standard E26 size bulbs. To get the best light at the least cost we recommend the LEDs. This makes it energy efficient with bright, pleasing light.

Brightech – Halo Split


Brightech – Halo Split

Brightech – Halo Split

  • DIMMABLE, HALOGEN ALTERNATIVE POLE LIGHT – Get a torch floor lamp for your…


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Yes, another Brightech made the list! The Halo Split by Brightech is futuristic and leading-edge. Brightech innovates with quality workmanship and cutting-edge décor. The Halo Split is a twenty-first century design, with an up-to-the-minute feel.

This distinctive floor lamp is no push-over either. The Halo Split offers a color temperate of 3000K and 1489 lumens.

The natural and warm sunset yellow gives off a relaxing vibe when gaming or reading. And with the energy efficiency LED bulbs you won’t have any heat produced.

Relax your eyes. No more stress or fatigue from blue light. If you’re looking for something unique, Brightech creates products that you’ll want to add to your list. They are both competitive in the market, and offer a noteworthy full 3-year warranty.

360 Lighting – Ellery

360 Lighting – Ellery

360 Lighting – Ellery

  • 72″ high overall. Round base is 10″ wide. Top torchiere glass is 11″ wide x 5…
  • Uses one maximum 150 watt medium base bulb for the top light and two 40 watt…
  • Value-priced style from the 360 Lighting brand. 3-in-1 design with top torchiere…


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The 360 Lighting Ellery is one-of-a-kind, using a remarkably familiar yet unique design. I can’t help falling in love with this new-fashioned beacon.

The Torchiere offers 3 lamps, 2 side lights, and 1 large head lamp.

The side lamps are great for reading, keeping the coffee table or couch lit, or when I need a little extra lighting.

The Ellery provides a strong, precision-made base, then combines it with a 3 light head.  I found no matter where I placed the lamp, it stayed well-balanced.

The Ellery floor lamp lights up the entire living room with ease. While the bulbs aren’t included, you can use LED bulbs or standard bulbs in the main head.  I really like the bright white light, which offers a natural look.

The side-lamps will need to use a lower powered A19 LED or other 40-watt equivalent bulbs. Be sure to read the instructions so you get the right bulbs for the right placement.

360 Lighting is one of the leaders in producing lamps. And the Ellery is one of the reasons why. This is a stunning, great choice. It’s probably the best floor lamp so far.

O’Bright – Torchiere


O’Bright - Torchiere

O’Bright – Torchiere

  • Super Bright LED / 3000 Lumens – The standing lamp is equipped with a 100% full…
  • 270 Degree Rotation Design – This floor lamp is not only designed for corner…
  • Dimmable / 3-Level Brightness – The LED floor lamp is built-in a touch dimmer…


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O’Bright is newer to the market. They specialize in intense lighting solutions. That means you’ll find some of the brightest floor lamps available when you buy O’Bright.

With advanced LED Technology, very little heat gets generated. We like this for the safety factor.

The O’Bright Torchiere is great for offices. It produces focused, natural white light in a professional environment.

O’Bright named themselves O’Bright for a reason. They weren’t fooling around. This lamp is a perfect example with exceptional brightness at 3000 lumens!

The lamp head is rotational with 270° of motion. O’Bright can be O’Mello or O’Low, with 3 different levels of brightness. This light has an intriguing design allowing you to direct light up or down.

The energy saving LED has dimming modes. We also like that it’s got a bulb lifespan of 20 years.

The total rated lux is 6350, which may be the brightest light we’ve recommended yet. It’s a great choice and a better investment.

Joly Joy – Gooseneck Floor Lamp

Joly Joy – Gooseneck Floor Lamp

Joly Joy – Gooseneck Floor Lamp

  • Good for your power bill & Eyes-care: The 112 LED bulbs use only 12 watts of…
  • Perfect Reading Lamp for living room or bedrooms: The metal base and grit finish…
  • Touch & Remote Control: Dual operation modes for speed and convenience that…


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Joly Joy brings yet another exciting and user-friendly lamp that’s hard to pass up or overlook.

Thanks to the flexible gooseneck design, you can use this lamp to illuminate an entire room. If you’re looking for a new desk lamp, it just might be your best option with a long reach and flexibility.

I also found it helpful in the garage doing some mechanical work. Need to check these things out in multiple situations. Right?

With 1200 lumens of brightness and 2400 Lux of range, expect this floor lamp to surpass your expectations.

What sets this lamp apart is that they include an all too convenient remote control. I like some of the presents like the game mode, but mainly I switch between color modes because I like the sunset atmosphere over the noon or morning color.

I was pleasantly surprised with the heavy base, and the goosenecks 360° flexibility. One main perk is being able to have faith in a product, and I do with this being backed by Joly Joy for 1-year.

Daylight Company, LLC – Slimline 3


Daylight Company, LLC – Slimline 3

Daylight Company, LLC – Slimline 3

  • Aluminum shade with full length diffuser for a better spread of light
  • 4 brightness levels with a 2 year Guarantee
  • Flexible joints for easy, perfect positioning


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Daylight Company made a modern, sleek lamp. The aluminum build makes it lightweight and durable. The brushed steel cyber design is praised for having a state-of-the-art appearance.

The Slimline 3 produces sharp, fierce lighting. It offers intuitive functionality and innovative design. It’s engineered with passion and supersedes the competition.

The LED Technology that the Daylight Company produces is unrivaled with immense energy savings. I also like that the light spread is diffused over a wide range via the aluminum shaded section.

The recommended best floor lamp is…

The Adesso – Trinity Arc, this lamp is fancy, it’s modern, and it’s traditional. This is a well-designed floor lamp with style and flair. With the ability to use standard bulbs, CFLs, or LEDs, the versatility is unmatched.

It doesn’t feel cheap, and with the addition of a dimmer this lamp is unbeatable. The Adesso – Trinity Arc allows you to choose exactly which bulb is right for the job. The Trinity Arc is a keepsake that offers function with professional elegance.

When it Comes to Floor Lamps These are my Closing Thoughts…

It’s easier to get a high-quality floor lamp than it is a desk lamp. With so many innovations being made in desk lamps it’s easy to buy something subpar. Floor lamps are more traditional.

Without adding bloated features as a marketing gimmick, it’s easy to find a special lamp just for you.

With all great products, there are always shams posing as gems. To maximize your investment, look for lamps that allow for replaceable bulbs.

Also, make sure there’s a guarantee or warranty offered. If the company doesn’t back it, you shouldn’t either.


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