Why are Eco-Friendly Lights the Modern Touch You Want?

Global warming is a reality we all face today. Our lifestyle continues to impact our environment negatively. The temperature of the Earth has risen by several degrees due to our carbon emission. If we plan to survive and thrive on this planet, we need to mend our ways.

Understanding the depleting condition of the Earth, over 190 countries came together and agreed on the Paris Agreement to fight climate change. The main agenda of the Paris Agreement is to reduce global warming to 2 degrees Celsius by any means necessary. The sheer number of countries participating in this historic agreement is enough to emphasize the threat we are facing.

The development of Eco-friendly lights is a crucial step to fight global warming on the domestic front. These lights are environment-friendly, easier to dispose of, and consume less power. The traditional light bulb leaves toxic waste behind in the form of Mercury. Mercury is a key pollutant contributing to global warming.

What are Eco-friendly Lights?

Eco-friendly lights are the new-age lighting solution, which includes lamps and fixtures. These lights impact the environment in as minimal a way as possible. The use of solar panels to channel natural energy is highly advisable.

Solar panels minimize the dependency on burning non-renewable energy resources to generate electricity. The use of solar panels slows down the negative impact on the environment. Also, changing the traditional fixtures and frames of the lights is a good idea. These old materials leave unwanted and toxic residues that contribute significantly to the world’s toxic waste.

Types of Eco-friendly Lights

Three types of Eco-friendly lights are available for commercial use. Let’s have a look at them:

LEDs (light-emitting Diode)

LEDs are undoubtedly the best types of Eco-friendly lights available. Different reasons that make LEDs the most popular choice are:

  • Durability: LEDs have the highest strength amongst all the Eco-friendly lights. You do not need to replace LEDs until they have been used for up to 50,000 hours. It makes the LEDs the most durable option in the market with negligent replacement cost.
  • Power Consumption: LEDs consume the least amount of electricity as compared to the other types of light bulbs. These lights consume electricity between 2 watts to 17 watts, which is quite low. Less power consumption not only cuts down the impact that we leave on the environment but also significantly cuts down electricity bills.
  • Pricing: LEDs are the most expensive form of Eco-friendly lights when compared to other options. One can recover the extra initial cost spent on buying the LEDs in the first year of their installation.

CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lamp)

CFLs are another form of Eco-friendly lighting. It is noteworthy that the sales of CFLs have gone up many folds in recent years. They are very efficient, and here are the reasons why:

  • Durability: CFLs are also quite durable when compared to regular lights. They can last over a year, which makes them a trendy choice amongst the consumers.
  • Power Consumption: CFLs also have meager power consumption compared to the regular light bulbs, consuming up to 75% less electricity.
  • Pricing: These are the midrange lights, which are very cost-efficient as well. They cost slightly more than traditional light bulbs and halogens. But CFLs make up for the extra expense by saving on power consumption. 

Halogen Incandescent

Another form of Eco-friendly lights in the market is halogens. These are the least efficient in the list of Eco-friendly lights, but they are still better than the regular electric bulbs. While they lack somewhat compared to LEDs and CFLs, the latest advancements keep them a popular choice for users. Moreover, these are the cheapest form of Eco-friendly lights available in the market.

Why Do We Need Eco-friendly Lights?

We can cut down our carbon emissions by using Eco-friendly lights. While the traditional fluorescent lights and incandescent lamps have been with us through generations, they contribute largely to carbon emission. The new-age LED and CFL lights have become more efficient, economical, and Eco-friendly than traditional lights.

They also help us keep a check over our carbon emissions. LED lights are way more efficient than regular light bulbs. We can replace all the extra power-consuming, high carbon-emitting, and ancient lights with new-age Eco-friendly lights.

Let’s look at the reasons why Eco-friendly lights are the modern touch you want.

Low Carbon Emission

The main reason the Earth is facing global warming is carbon emission. The traditional lamps and bulbs are known to have a high carbon emission rate. It constitutes global warming at a very rapid and alarming pace.

LEDs and CFLs are the best alternatives to traditional lights. In some countries like Australia, the government has made it mandatory to replace the conventional lights with the modern versions by banning the use of incandescent lights altogether.

Less Energy Consumption

The power consumed by a LED light is roughly 90% lesser than the traditional lights. Lower power consumption makes it an excellent reason to switch to these newer versions of lights. Also, the spread of the light through LEDs and CFLs is way more than the traditional lights.

Wider spread means the need for fewer lights. Our planet is struggling at the moment, and excessive use of energy is one of the reasons. Trying to cut our consumption of resources has led to the invention of these lights in the first place. While every modern gadget in our houses and businesses is made to reduce power consumption, why should our lights be old and counterproductive?


These Eco-friendly lights help us contribute to the safeguarding of our planet and save us a lot of money. These new lights last substantially longer than the older ones, by years altogether. This long life of Eco-friendly lights lowers the replacement costs significantly. By consuming less energy, you also pay less in terms of your electricity bill. 

Long Life

These green or Eco-friendly lights last substantially longer. While the traditional lights might break at any time warranting the need always to have spares in your house. These Eco-friendly lights last up to many years. While the average lifespan of traditional lights is less than a year, a CFL can last up to 5 years, and LED light can last up to 25 years, which means something.

Easy to dispose of

The modern lights are made without Mercury, which makes it easier to dispose of. The traditional lights need proper disposal. Otherwise, they’ll do more damage than good. While you won’t need to do the disposal of the CFLs and LEDs as often, you can do it without any burden on your conscience.

Green Fittings and Fixtures

Green or Eco-friendly lights are not just about the lights but also about the fixtures. You can use different materials to set up a trendy environment without any guilt. The material used in the lamps is quite often bamboo sticks, dried leaves, etc. You can choose to let go of the plastic while choosing some alternative materials for fixtures. This measure might seem to be a small thing, but these little things matter.

Trendy and Appealing

It is worth noting the use of these lights to build beautiful and attractive lamps and lampshades with the help of green material like bamboo sticks, dried leaves, wood, etc. It reduces waste in terms of plastic and other non-biodegradable substances. Also, these lights give a very modern and trendy look.

Why are Eco-friendly Lights the Modern Touch You Want?

Let us discuss some of the reasons why Eco-friendly lights give a modern touch to your house.

Extra Flair to the Home Decor

By choosing lights and lamps made of different materials, you can add an extra flair to your home decor. Specially designed and crafted lampshades and other lighting equipment can give your home a unique and attractive look. Many artisans and big multinationals are investing in making trendy and aesthetically pleasing models of lamps and lampshades. Use these to decorate the room according to your personality.

Customize Brightness and the Shade of the Light

By using various devices like light dimmers, one can manipulate the intensity of the light. You can use these lights to set up according to your mood. Also, these lights are available in various colors. These colorful lights help you in giving a trendy look to the home decor.

Be Safe in Your Surroundings

Most traditional lighting options use Mercury, a highly toxic chemical. Usage of these traditional lights is known to cause many diseases like chest pain, nausea, and more to the inhabitant. When you switch to Eco-friendly lights, you switch to a healthier lifestyle. There are no harmful substances, like Mercury, in Eco-friendly lights. When you turn to the Eco-friendly light, you not only start feeling physically better but also mentally and psychologically.

Save Money

LEDs and CFLs are very cost-effective in terms of power and durability. Once you recover your little extra expenditure on the price, these lights save you a lot of money in the long run. Also, repair and replacement costs for these Eco-friendly lights are minimal.

Light Up Your Homes More with Fewer Lights

LEDs and CFLs have a wider spread. One single light can light up significantly more area than traditional bulbs and candescent lights. Due to this extra spread, you can brighten up more areas with fewer lights.

A Smart Choice for the Modern You

Eco-friendly lights are the smartest choice for modern individuals for many reasons. Not only do these lights add an extra flair to your houses, provide customization, promote physical and mental wellbeing, and save you money, but they have a holistic impact on your lifestyle. Being modern means that you understand and adapt to the present conditions.

The current state of the planet requires that we take extra precautions and avoid the degradation of the environment. This predicament makes it essential for us to adapt to the need of the hour and switch to these alternatives to the traditional lights. While we strive towards the adoption of green lights in our lives, here are some tips or suggestions to be kept in mind for green lighting.


While you go out to get new installations for the lighting of your house and workplace, make sure to check for Eco-friendly material for lamps and fixtures. The lights are not the only things that you need to focus on, fixtures and lamps also play an essential part. You will come across fixtures made of wood, bamboo, dried leaves, and more while browsing for the decor of your house. Fixtures made of these materials will not only reduce the consumption of non-biodegradable substances but will also provide a trendy and classy look to the surroundings.

Disposing of

It is challenging to dispose of traditional lights and bulbs because of high mercury content. CFLs and LEDs are comparatively easy to dispose of without any special measures. If disposed of through proper channels, the material in these lights can be recycled to make new lights, which is an additional benefit of using green lights.


Sun is the best source of light. It is natural, free of cost, and without any side effects. You should use the sunlight for as long as possible without turning on the lights in the room till it turns dark. Using sunlight saves a high amount of energy. Keeping this in mind, many countries like England observe daylight saving in the months of summers.

Observe Earth Hour

Earth Hour is a concept by which you turn off all the lights at your location during evening or night for an hour. This concept is an excellent power-saving measure. It also makes for a symbolic representation of our integrity and dedication towards protecting the planet.

Develop Better Habits

Develop better habits like turning off all the electronics while stepping outside, using daylight for your chores, discussing this with your colleagues and peers regarding the need for your contribution towards nature and environment. These habits seem to be small but can make a huge difference.

Green Power and Eco-friendly Lights for Business

The business premises and setups often consume the highest amount of energy. Also, big corporations rarely do their share for the environment. It is about time these businesses understand the situation and replace traditional lights with modern-day green and Eco-friendly lights.

These Eco-friendly lights help them make their contribution to the environment and help save a lot of money in the long run. Some businesses are also opting for solar panels to light up their buildings, which is a very efficient way of harnessing the purest form of energy. No matter how many efforts individuals put on the domestic front, businesses need to contribute.


Eco-friendly lights are the need of the hour. We need to turn to these energy-efficient, cost-saving, and effective lights to save nature. They add a classy and elegant look to your homes and workplaces, along with contributing your share to the preservation of the environment. There is no reason not to upgrade to new, modern, and effective Eco-friendly lights.


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