What Is The Difference? Indoor And Outdoor Ceiling Fans

outdoor ceiling fan

By looking at an outdoor ceiling fan, you may think what’s the difference? In order for a ceiling fan to be UL rated for use outdoors, it must be completely sealed. A water resistant shielding protects wires and other electrical components from the weather. Also, the use of stainless steel screws and other hardware.

All the exposed parts of the fan whether its the motor housing or fan blades, must have a weather and UV resistant coating or paint. The blades are often made of ABS plastic in order to avoid warping and deterioration over time. Light fixtures used on outdoor ceiling fans must also have additional protection from moisture. Wet rated light fixtures will be completely sealed and water tight. The addition of a outdoor ceiling fan in warmer weather are worth some additional cost.

There are cheap ceiling fans for purchase without all the bells and whistles out there. Just don’t make the mistake of buying one made for indoors, pay attention to the difference in outdoor and indoor ceiling fans. Safety should always outweigh price. The risk of electrical shock or damage to the fan by shorting it out and electrical fires are all possibilities.

Tips for Choosing Outdoor Ceiling Fans

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