Full Review: Verilux HappyLight Liberty

Verilux HappyLight Liberty

Light therapy has gained a lot of popularity in recent years and for a good reason. It’s a natural way to fight off depression, anxiety, and boost your health. It’s recommended by doctors and is a low time and financial investment that will benefit you in the long term. With 350 million people worldwide suffering from depression, a new way had to be developed to solve it. Verilux was one company that stepped forward to do so.

There are many light therapy lamps that you can buy at the moment though, making it difficult to decide on just one. That’s why we’re going to save you time today. Below is our Verilux HappyLight Liberty review, one of the best selling models from the leading light therapy lamp brand.

Verilux HappyLight Liberty
  • Improve Mood, Energy, Focus & Productivity.
  • HappyLight by Verilux. The best-selling Light Therapy brand: more than 1,000,000…
  • 7,500 LUX at 8″ – well within recommended output level for effective therapeutic…

Verilux is headquartered out of Waitsfield, Vermont and is a pioneer in healthy lighting products. Their goal is to provide customers like you with a healthy and affordable way to solve common ailments. You’ll be learning how the cost, light quality, and more of the Liberty compares to others on the market.

Box Contents

When we received the Happylight Liberty, it arrived in a light blue box that was about 13 inches tall. All of the features and benefits are outlined right on the package and overall it’s compact. Opening the box, you’ll find the Liberty light therapy lamp neatly stored, a power cord, two adjustable lenses and a user’s guide.

Verilux makes light therapy simple. There’s no need for fancy equipment or extra devices. You get the therapy lamp that you can simply plug in and start enjoying. Change it to the output level you’d like, select your lens, and say goodbye to the winter blues.

Light Intensity

The Verilux Liberty 7500 as you could guess, emits 7,500 lux. Many light therapy lamps, like their full size model, offer 10,000 lux. That is considered clinical strength and while it has its benefits, some don’t react well to it. Headaches, nausea, or eye strain are potential side effects from such a high level of light intensity.

Conveniently though, the Liberty lamp features a simple high and low setting change. If you want a less powerful light therapy session, just turn it down and sit back. Lower light intensity is ideal for stimulating better sleep. Higher intensity will boost your mood, immune system, and focus.

As well, you will receive two different lens to choose from which match the low and high intensity settings on the lamp. The amount of lux that comes from the lamp and your overall therapy experience is completely in your control.

LED vs Fluorescent Light Bulbs

The Verilux Liberty 7500 uses LED lights and offers many types of replacement bulbs when you need to get new ones. LED has a longer lifespan compared to other bulb types like fluorescent. Many LED lights will last tens of thousands of hours. This means that you need to replace them less and save more money in the long term.

As well, LED doesn’t lose its power over time, but rather it stops completely. When you’re enjoying a light therapy lamp, you don’t want your bulbs to slowly fizzle out. This would cause the lamp to slowly offer less benefits and is exactly why Verilux uses LED to power it.

LED offers anywhere from 80% to 90% energy efficiency. What this means is that 80% to 90% of the electricity you use it directly converted to light, with the remaining turning into heat.

Do you try to help the environment? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that LED lights are eco-friendly and much better for your health. They don’t contain mercury or other chemicals that fluorescent lights do.

Compared to other types of bulbs, LED can withstand heat and cold better, too. If the temperature in your house or where ever you bring your lamp fluctuates, you won’t have to worry about it not working.

You can purchase replacement bulbs ranging from 13 watts all the way up to 36 watts, depending on your lamp and needs. Their average bulb lasts 10,000 hours. Think about how often you’ll use your therapy lamp. 10 to 30 minutes per day is all you need. A single bulb will literally last you years.

Light Quality

Sure, a light therapy lamp might have the light intensity you need, but what about the quality? You could argue that it’s more important. The Liberty model from HappyLight blocks at all ultraviolet rays, keeping your eyes and skin safe. It takes advantage of full spectrum lighting and with high quality bulbs, Verilux has created a premium grade therapy lamp.

Portability, Size and Design

The lamp weighs in at 1.9 lbs and its dimensions are:

  • 3.5 inches long
  • 6.5 inches wide
  • 12 inches tall

Needless to say, this is a compact light therapy lamp you will easily find a place for. Whether it’s on your desk or nightstand. It features a built-in stand to keep it upright and from moving around.

The all white body and sharp edges gives it a futuristic appearance. The Verilux logo is placed at the top of the lamp in blue and the intensity buttons are on the front. It’s minimal and luxurious.

Do you travel frequently? The Liberty therapy lamp is light and small so you can easily repackage it. The lamp is built to be sturdy and tough so it can take being moved around a lot during transportation.

Verilux HappyLight Liberty
  • Improve Mood, Energy, Focus & Productivity.
  • HappyLight by Verilux. The best-selling Light Therapy brand: more than 1,000,000…
  • 7,500 LUX at 8″ – well within recommended output level for effective therapeutic…

Full Spectrum

Imagine a spectrum in which one end offers certain benefits and the other end does, too. In the middle, there are other effects, as well. That is the wavelength spectrum of light. Depending on what end of the spectrum you’re exposed to, the brain reacts differently. Verilux uses full spectrum lighting in their lamps so you get the most benefits at once. Everything from a better mood, less fatigue, and heightened focus is waiting for you.


This is a mid range model from Verilux so the price is a good bang for your buck. The HappyLight Deluxe for example is more than double the price of the Liberty. Granted you get different features and it emits more lux, the Liberty is still a great beginner or intermediate lamp.

When you pay more for a light therapy lamp, you will typically get better perks. Adjustable timers, alarms, and smart phone connectivity are some you could expect. For those that are interested in a simple solution to seasonal depression and don’t want the fancy features, the HappyLight Liberty is perfect.


Amazon users really enjoyed the HappyLight Liberty. Let us explain why we gave it a 3.6 rating compared to their 4.5 rating.

Firstly, the lamp only emits 7,500 lux where many other ones available from both Verilux and other brands offer 10,000. Some of these clinical strength therapy lamps are even cheaper than the liberty.

Secondly, there are no extra features like an alarm or timer that other therapy lamps have. But, the Liberty does make up for it with the two adjustable lenses. Not many therapy lamps currently have that.

Our brains are highly sensitive to light and the sun is responsible for many feel good chemicals such as serotonin. When the cold seasons come around, we often get less sunlight than we need. Pair that with jet lag, lethargy, or other symptoms and you have a recipe for feeling under the weather. A HappyLight Liberty can make you feel better and more focused with just a small amount of time.

Verilux HappyLight Liberty
  • Improve Mood, Energy, Focus & Productivity.
  • HappyLight by Verilux. The best-selling Light Therapy brand: more than 1,000,000…
  • 7,500 LUX at 8″ – well within recommended output level for effective therapeutic…

Verilux created this therapy lamp to block out ultraviolet rays while still providing the full spectrum of light. You get all of the benefits with none of the downsides. You should still be cautious when using a therapy lamp though. Keep it away from your eyes directly and use sunglasses if you have to.

The HappyLight Liberty is also lightweight and portable if you need to bring it to work or other locations. It features a minimal white design with a back stand and front buttons. It’ll blend right into any room you put it in. Use it while you study, get work done, or while you’re relaxing watching TV.

For a mid range 7,500 lux lamp model, the price is very fair and it will cost practically nothing to maintain it. Their replacement bulbs are affordable too and there are a variety of wattages to choose from. Instead of buying third party lights and trying to put them in your therapy lamp, Verilux ones are made specially for their products.

Overall, the HappyLight Liberty is a good choice for beginners to light therapy or those that want a simple lamp without all of the fancy features.


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