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Two robbed outside their Fort Bend homes

4:05 PM Thu, Nov 15, 2007 |
Juanita Jimenez

Residents of the Keegan’s Ridge Subdivision are concerned after two victims were robbed in the driveway of their homes Wednesday night.

A female victim said that as she exited her vehicle in her driveway, she was approached by a young black male and asked to use her cell phone. The victim complied with the suspect’s request and shortly he struck her on the right side of her head and pushed her. The victim then fell to the driveway and the suspect was able to grab her purse and run. The suspect then ran towards a street light where he met up with two other black males and all three then ran northbound on Petersburg and east on April Falls Drive.

The suspect involved in the robbery is described as a black male, approximately 16 to17 years old, wearing diamond earrings in both ears, clean cut, and with short black hair. He was further described to be 5’7″ tall, about 125 lbs., wearing a black t-shirt and long black shorts, and tennis shoes. The other two subjects were described to be wearing all black clothing and have short hair.

The second Robbery occurred at about 1:00 a.m. in the 8400 block of Manassas. The victims reported that they had just returned home and as they exited their vehicle in the driveway, two unknown black males approached them and one of the male suspects displayed a silver revolver and took a wallet from the male victim.

The suspects then are reported to have walked to a maroon passenger car parked at the community mailboxes near the victim’s residence. The vehicle then left the area, southbound on Fredericksburg drive.

The suspect with the handgun is described as a black male, thin build, approximately 18 years of age, wearing black pants with a white stripe, black t-shirt and a black bandana on his head. The second suspect is described as a black male,medium build, approximately 20 years of age and wearing a blue shirt.

Both of these robberies are currently under investigation by the Sheriff’s Office Detectives.

Anyone with information regarding these robberies is asked to contact Fort Bend County Crime Stoppers At (281) 342-TIPS.


K said:

You can harvest your neighbors crops for him, but you can’t protect his property from robbers. GOD bless and keep the man in Pasadena who did.

renee said:

What was Mayor White thinking when he brought all those nasty lazy no count people in from New Orleans. If all law abiding people armed themselfs like the hero in Pasadena crime would drop as the body count goes up!

Yes, it is truly sad that this incident had to happen to these people that was robbed, but who & what in the hell gives us the right to go around & take the law in our own hands. This man is not a hero, but a cold blooded killer & if our justice system just give this supposedly “Hero” a slap on the wrist then we as law abinding citizens we are saying that hey it’s okay to take the law in our own hands & just do whatever we want & then where will the justice lay then, because if there is no justice then there is no law.

William Huther said:

You don’t have an obligation to protect the property of your neighbor, but bless the man that does.

If this man is indicted, I would happily contribute to a “defense fund”.

Anonymous said:

I contribute as well!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said:

This is TEXAS….If Criminals dont like it….GO somewhere else

Anonymous said:

If things dont change for the better (victims-vs-repeat offenders) by the time I am 70,I will be shotting too! Protect what I have worked HARD for and my neighbors

firedog said:

maybe it is time for the crooks not to feel safe.

L.A. said:

First of all we don’t know if these two criminals came from New Orleans, so lets leave that issue out of this.
Secondly, lets remember who the criminals are here!

Mr. Horn was only trying to do the right thing. What about the Good Samaratan Act? True there has been the loss of life, and maybe he should have shot to injure, but then we would be stuck supporting two more inmates in TDC. Mr. Horn has saved the Government money! Now the Government will turn around and spend that money to try and convict a law abiding citizen! Where is the Justice? The Police can not be every where, we should be able to protect ourselves and others from the stupidity of crimianals. Perhaps this is what our socieity HAS come to.

eric said:

2 less thugs on the street. sorry if that seems harsh. now my tax money wont house them for 2-6 months only so they can go out and do it again maybe killing the next family that may be home. police cant be everywhere. its time to make our towns safe. all you thugs reading this (if you can read) beware texans are tired of you and fully intend to protect our families and property. DONT MESS WITH TEXAS

remlap said:

Hooray for Joe Horn. A good citizen and a great neighbor.

Anonymous said:

All New Orleans folks need to go back to their lousy nasty town.. or face Joe Horn!

Richard Daugird said:

Hooray for J.(Horn)!!!!!!!!!!

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