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Add modern refinement to your home with the Westinghouse Alloy Two-Light 42-Inch Reversible Three-Blade Ceiling Fan. The brushed nickel finish and opal frosted glass fixture have a sleek, modern look, while the beech/wengue reversible blades make it easy to match your decor.

The Alloy 42-inch indoor ceiling fan with light (view larger).

Ideal for rooms up to 144 square feet (12 by 12 feet), this fan features a 153-millimeter by 10-millimeter silicon steel motor with dual capacitor. Three fan speeds (high/medium/low) and a reversible switch help keep you comfortable. The Alloy is remote control adaptable for convenience.

The fan provides airflow of up to 4,083 cubic feet per minute (cfm). It is rated to operate at 51 watts at high speed (without the lights), which gives it an airflow efficiency rating of 80 cfm per watt. (As a comparison, 36- to 48-inch ceiling fans have airflow efficiencies ranging from approximately 71 to 86 cfm per watt at high speed.)

This Westinghouse ceiling fan is backed by a lifetime motor warranty and a two-year warranty on all other parts.

For maximum energy savings and year-round comfort, Westinghouse ceiling fans include a reversible switch that allows the ceiling fans to be used during cool or warm weather. In the summer, keep your home cool by running your ceiling fan counterclockwise. In the winter, run your ceiling fan clockwise to re=circulate warm air from the ceiling — eliminating cold spots and drafts.

This is the first ceiling fan I’ve been able to install by myself.

Rather than screwing the motor assembly to the bracket after the electrics are assembled (which is what I’m used to and really requires a second person), Westinghouse has designed the mounting bracket to accept the motor assembly and downbar via a clever little ball-and-socket type joint.  This holds the fan together, freeing your hands up for the electrics, and makes just a huge difference.

this things kicks out the CFM’s with almost no noise. not only that, it is by far the easiest assembly and install experience i have ever experienced with a ceiling fan. would recomend.

Hunter combines 19th century craftsmanship with 21st century design and technology to create ceiling fans of unmatched quality, style and whisper-quiet performance. Using the finest materials to create stylish designs, Hunter ceiling fans work beautifully in today’s homes and can save up to 47% on cooling costs. The Builder Deluxe is no exception, delivering 5, 110 cubic feet of air movement at high speed. Deluxe’s casual clean styling and New Bronze finish are equally at home with laid-back lux or industrial furnishings.

Match your fan to your furniture finishes or molding with reversible Brazilian Cherry/Stained Oak Blades . Enjoy urbane lighting in your home sanctuary with the frosted cased glass bowl light. Builder Deluxe can be mounted without the light if desired. A three-speed Whisper Wind quiet motor gives you all the cooling power you want, without the noise you don’t. Use it in large rooms of 20 x 20 feet (up to 400 square feet) where its unmatched performance and mainstream styling will stand out. A three-position mounting system lets you install it flush, on a standard straight down rod or on an angled ceiling. Simple and safe to install for even the inexperienced Diyer. Hunter’s limited lifetime motor warranty is backed by the only company with 126 years in the business.

  • Includes one three inch down rod and two 60 Watt Candelabra incandescent bulbs. Not compatible with Hunter Original down rods.

Installation is not quite as easy as other fans I’ve installed – there are 3 rubber grommits for each fan blade that are a pain to get in, but that’s the only (minor) complaint.

The fan is so quiet I’d almost say it’s silent when running as slow speeds.  The slowest speed seems slightly slower than other fans, but that’s fine by me when you want to just move the air a bit without really feeling a breeze.

The base is quite large and is a little too bulky for my taste, but does cover any ceiling imperfections near the box well.

It’s not a bright white, more slightly off-white, which is fine as most ceilings are not bright white anyway.

This fan is incredibly quiet with barely a  noticeable hum when on at full speed. The fan moves a lot of air at high speed.  The finish is well done and the blades look very nice.  The fan did have a wobble which was easily corrected with the balancing kit supplied. The Amazon product photos are a good representation of what you will receive.

Westinghouse 7861400 Industrial

  • Indoor 56-Inch 3-blade ceiling fan; ideal for industrial/commercial applications in rooms up to 360 Square Feet (18 by 20-Feet)
  • 153-MM by 17-mm cold-rolled steel motor with single capacitor
  • Airflow: 6254 CFM; Energy Usage: 60-Watt without lights; Airflow Efficiency: 104 CFM per-Watt
  • Includes 78-Inch lead wire, 1/2-Inch by 12-Inch down rod, ball hanger installation system, and 5-speed wall control
  • 15-Year motor warranty and a 2-Year warranty on all other parts
  • Provides powerful air circulation for commercial and industrial spaces
  • Five-speed wall control unit and ball hanger installation system included
  • Brushed nickel finish and steel blades provide a sleek look that suits any décor

Product Description From

This powerful and durable Westinghouse Lighting Industrial indoor ceiling fan is designed for commercial and industrial spaces. It comes complete with a ball hanger installation system and a five-speed wall control that allows you to adjust settings over a wide range.

Quiet, Efficient Circulation for Rooms up to 360 Square Feet

This Industrial fan features a 153-millimeter by 17-millimeter cold-rolled steel motor with single capacitor to quietly circulate air when you need it. Ideal for rooms up to 360 square feet (18 by 20 feet), this fan provides airflow at a rate of up to 6,254 cubic feet per minute (CFM). It is rated to operate at 60 watts at high speed (without lights), which gives it an airflow efficiency rating of 104 CFM per watt. (As a comparison, 49-inch to 60-inch ceiling fans have airflow efficiencies ranging from approximately 51 to 176 CFM per watt at high speed.)

Sleek, Convenient Design

This heavy-duty fan is specially designed to circulate air for large, open spaces. The sleek brushed nickel finish and steel blades mean this fan will suit any decor, and the included five-speed wall control means you can create your ideal environment with a simple adjustment.

Please Note: Industrial ceiling fans are not recommended for use in any household applications. The sharp metal blades operate at higher speeds than traditional ceiling fans, and they must be hung at least 10 feet above the floor.

Westinghouse Lighting Fans: Made to Last

A trusted name for more than 120 years, Westinghouse guarantees the construction of its ceiling fans with ultimate lifetime, limited lifetime and 15-year warranties. Each Westinghouse ceiling fan has been meticulously tested to meet rigorous specifications. All Westinghouse fans are made from the highest-quality materials, including reliable, energy-saving motors, fashionable light kits, and durable blades.

The Westinghouse Lighting Industrial fan is backed by a 15-year limited warranty on the motor and a two-year warranty on all other parts.

What’s in the Box

  • Industrial indoor ceiling fan
  • Five-speed wall control
  • Ball hanger installation system
  • 78-inch lead wire, and 12-inch length by 1/2-inch diameter down rod.

Customer Reviews

1) 1970 called, and it wants its fan control back.  SERIOUSLY.  The fan control, aka the switch that makes the fan turn on and go 5 different speeds, is a throwback.  It’s like mounting a VW bus to the wall.  Take a look at custom photos to see what I mean.  NOTE: the good news is that others are available!  Search Amazon for ‘westinghouse fan control’ for better options.  HIGHLY recommend, for ease of install and appearance, that you go with one of these instead.  But hey, maybe you miss the 70’s and this is your ticket to disco, swinging, and blow.  I’m not judging.

2) DO NOT install around children or in any situation where someone might hit their head.  This is an industrial fan made of metal.  Even at low speeds, it will hospitalize you, I’m quite sure.  Careful.

This is actually a very elegant fan once installed. The product photo doesn’t reflect this, but it has a very nice slender profile and sensible design. The color is actually a very reflective brushed metal finished- from a short distance it looks like chrome, so if you are into a retro modern look this does work acceptably. Unlike alot of modern fans that have blades made out of dissimilar materials and need superficial balancing, this fan has metal blades and seems very solid and well-balanced. It isn’t quite as silent as some of the other fans in the house- it has a quiet “choppiness” and doesn’t flush mount. It also has a large box that provides the multi-speed control with a somewhat vintage Westinghouse look to it. But in a world where modern looking fans without a gimmicky appearance start at $300…it is a gem. Overall, I love it.