Top 10 Modern Lighting Myths

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Many people don’t switch to modern lighting due to many myths. Are you holding to any of these lighting myths? There is no doubt that modernized lights help in reshaping and restructuring your place. It is essential to invest in them to match up with the latest trends. Every person renovates their home at one time or another to repair or get visible changes to make it look better. Modern lights are one of the essential things that renovate your area.

Every person will have different types of lighting according to their budget and preference. But it is essential to remove all the myths regarding modern lighting before you do so. In this article, we will discuss some of the common myths that most people think about modern lighting. We will also discuss solutions and realities that you may not be aware of. 

Let’s start by discussing the top 10 modern lighting myths held by people across the globe. It is essential to avoid such myths while buying modern lights. Go through all ten detailed myths and avoid common mistakes while buying your modern lamp. 

All Types of Modern Lights are Expensive 

This statement is ultimately a myth. You can get modern lights at different prices according to your choice, budget, and preference. It is essential to explore different lights before purchasing. Modern lamps are manufactured with the latest technologies that consume less power and have a long lifespan. It does not mean that a technical evolution will increase the price. Highly-reputed companies can offer good-quality lamps in an expensive range. Sometimes, it is worth it to buy more expensive lamps because they provide a lifetime warranty along with high-quality lights.

It is essential to understand that embedding any advanced technology will improve the lighting and not necessarily increase the price. You can purchase lights like LEDs that give a modern touch to your home. If your budget is low, then it is better to buy small and less expensive sconces or chandeliers. Make sure you get everything you want in the lamp you’re installing in your place. 

Not Enough Brightness 

Many people think that modern lights are only fancy, but they lack sufficient brightness. This is entirely a myth. Nowadays, different lights are available in the market with varying levels of brightness. There is a special switch that allows you to change the intensity of light according to your preference and home decor. 

You can also change the color of light using a remote, your smartphone, or other wireless devices. Any fancy lighting provides an ample amount of light that can illuminate your room. It is better to check the brightness of different lights and get the desired one. Make sure that you have enough light intensity, neither too bright nor too dark. Consider one that does not affect your eyes and gives you a soothing and relaxing light when needed. 

You can get every type of lamp if you explore in a better way. You can also get help from online websites or interior designers. Getting the right lamp with the right level of brightness is not that tough of a job. You just need to check out different kinds of lights before buying one for your house. 

Harmful for the Environment and One’s Health

Traditional lights were once made up of several toxic materials like lead, mercury, and much more. These chemicals are quite unhealthy for living things, and it is difficult to dispose of these chemicals. Therefore, these are also not environment-friendly. But with the advancement of technology, new lighting is getting developed which is easy to dispose of and not harmful to living things.

This is one of the biggest myths that many people have in their minds, even though many modern lights like LEDs do not have any toxic chemicals. Whenever you purchase any light, make sure that you get the one that is eco-friendly and safe to use. Millions of people switch from traditional to modern lighting every year because they want to match today’s fashion trends. There is no harm if you install modern lights in your rooms.

Not Long Lasting

This is another common myth regarding modern lighting. There is no doubt that every type of light wears out with time. But it does not mean that modern lights will expire too soon. All modern lights come with a good lifespan, and you can use them for long hours or days. Many companies sell their lamps with a sufficient warranty period. If you buy any light, make sure that you get a decent warranty period. 

You can return the damaged light whenever you want to the owner. You can also get compensation or repair or replacement with a new light. A reputed company with long-lasting products can offer these kinds of warranties. 

Fluctuating Problem

A few people consider this myth as true, but it is entirely false. Our traditional lights fluctuate or flicker when we switch on. It illuminates in a small gap, but this doesn’t happen with modern lights. These lamps are manufactured in such a way that it starts up instantly. There is no pause between switching on and illuminating the light. 

At the time of purchase, you can check the performance of the light. If it starts instantly, then your myth will dispel itself. It is essential to check how a lamp illuminates before making an investment. All modern lightings are embedded with advanced technologies that prevent fluctuations or flickering. You will get bright light instantly after switching it on. Check your lights before you buy. 

All Lights are Too Bright

Many people think that modern lightning is too bright for every space. Every room requires different levels of illumination. Therefore, the light companies are manufacturing several kinds of lights with varying intensities of light. It is an absolute myth that all modern lights are too bright. You can install lamps with the required intensity of light in any room. As we all know, areas like the kitchen, offices, and living room require bright light. 

On the other hand, rooms like bedrooms and bathrooms require soft and relaxing lights. You must decide the type of light you need for your space. After that, you can buy the desired lights with desired brightness. You can also buy a light with an automatic switch and change the light intensity and color. Such lights can be installed at any location. These lamps are cost-effective, and hence, you can buy a large number of lights along with a lot of savings. 

Produces Light in Single Color

Some modern lights like sconces, chandeliers, overhead lighting, etc., come in a single color. But it is a myth that all lights exist in a single color. It depends on the preference of the user. If you want to have lights in a single color, then you can purchase similar lights. On the other hand, you can choose to have lights available in different colors. You can change the color of the lights as you desire with the help of a remote or any smart devices. 

Nowadays, some lights are manufactured in such a way that they can be controlled by voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, etc. These automatic lights can be a bit expensive but worth your money. You can invest in these lights if you want a fantastic change in your rooms. You can manipulate the lights according to your mood or preference. Having colorful lights is useful in events like birthdays, anniversaries, and other parties. 

Emit Heat

Emitting heat was a side effect in traditional lighting systems. In modern lights, there is no problem with emitting heat. It is a myth held by many people who feel that modern lamps produce a large amount of heat. They think that whenever a light illuminates 24 hours, it becomes hot and makes the room warm. This is not true. It can be possible if you buy a low-quality light. Therefore, it is essential to purchase excellent lamps that do not emit heat. 

You can check the light by exploring its manual and advertisements. It will be better if you purchase after analyzing all the good and bad points of the light. Make sure that the light does not produce heat even if it is operating for long hours. You should consider the lamp’s warranty period so that you can return the light if it gets damaged. It is essential to invest in the right quality of light. 

Easy to Fuse

Indeed, modern lights are quite cheap. Therefore, most people think that lights are easy to fuse. Some bad-quality lights that are made up of poor materials can be fused quickly. These lights work under a particular range of current and voltage. If the levels of current and voltage go up and down, then there are high chances that it can get damaged. So, it is crucial to consider this factor. 

You have to explore a quality product before buying any light for your space. You must check the resistance and tolerance levels of the light. Many companies produce good-quality lights with a range of voltage levels that can work in any case without damaging the lights. You can save money if you get the right product by understanding whether it can be fused. Therefore, invest in modern lights with no risk of blowing out quickly. 

Comparatively Same to the Natural Light

You cannot compare any light with natural sunlight. It is god-gifted light that gives energy and life to many creatures on this Earth. If you have proper windows and doors in your house, you can get natural light in the daytime. These lights are helpful at night because there is no scope of the light source. It is a myth that modern lights comparatively work similarly to natural light. The reality is that modern lights are the result of the motivation from natural light.

Modern lights provide similar light with less intensity as compared to natural lights. These modern lamps can be a great alternative, but they cannot replace natural light. It is a better way to illuminate your room during the night. If you are buying any light, then you should not compare it with natural light. These lamps are comparatively different than natural light. It makes it easy for you to see everything clearly and do your tasks more precisely.

The Bottom Line

Many people think of these modern lighting myths while buying modern lights for their homes. You must ignore these myths and purchase what you want to have according to your home decor and illumination needs. With the changes in modern lifestyle, every person needs to get updated and follow current lighting trends. You should not hesitate when investing in new technology. 

This article helps those people who still have traditional lights that are harmful not only to the environment but also to living beings. The materials used to manufacture traditional lights are hard to dispose of. We should trust the upcoming technologies and invest in the latest lamps. We should understand that there is no risk in buying these advanced lights. 

Get the best types of Eco-friendly lights for different rooms in your house. You need to check the brightness or get automatic lights for your defined areas. You can choose to get automatic lights with various options to handle the light intensity and color. Make sure you understand what is best for your room, your health, and the environment. 


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