Top 10 Lamps that Celebrities Have

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Celebrities inspire us in different ways. You might have noticed that your favorite actors are often cast in advertisements. This is a great way to attract their fans and sell the company’s products via their influence. We tend to trust celebrities and may be tempted to get the product our favorite actor is advertising. Similarly, lamp manufacturers also sell their products via these celebrities.  

Now, you might be thinking whether these celebrities actually install these fancy lights at their home. In the following article, you will get all the answers to your questions. We will discuss the top 10 lamps that your favorite celebrities have in their homes. You can also buy the same one to make your rooms more stylish, modern, and appealing. 

While celebrities have big and luxurious homes with fabulous decor, furniture, and other items, they also use beautiful lamps to decorate their homes. Just like them, you can also buy and install them to decorate your rooms. So let’s jump into our list of beautiful celebrity lamps. 

Top 10 Lamps that Celebrities Have

Regency Hill Green Blue Glass Arden Table Lamps with Twist Column Steel (Set of 2) 

This is a fantastic celebrity-loved lamp, which can be placed in your living room as well as bedrooms. The lamp cannot be mounted like other modern ones. It has a classic column shape with an appealing look. The green-blue color lamps have well-finished brushed nickel to provide a cool and refreshing accent. This simple and beautiful lamp will change the appearance of your home decor and make it more attractive. 

In the box, you will get a set of two lamps with a height of 25 inches. The dimensions of the shades are 10″ top x 12″ bottom x 9″ high, and you need to install two bulbs of 100 Watts, which are not included in the package. It comes with a long cord with a length of 7 feet. You can rely on the Regency Hill brand and the many celebrities who are using it. 

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Bosphorous Multicolor Mosaic Glass Table Lamp Light 

This is an exclusive hand-made lamp in a Turkish Moroccan design, which can light up your room with multiple colors. The body of the lamp is a brass engraved metal structure. The diameter of the globe design is 18 cm with a width of 7 inches and height 17.5 inches. This lamp can only be used in the United States because it has a US plug as well as E12 US socket. 

You will not get any bulbs in the package. You have to buy the bulb separately and place it in the lamp. Overall, it looks authentic due to its globe-like design with appealing multicolor lights. You can enjoy the Turkish atmosphere, even in your room. You can place it in your bedroom or living room.

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Regency Hill Mosaic Glass Uplight Accent Brown Lamp 

This is another classic lamp by Regency Hill, which is brown with a fantastic metal finish. The lamp comes with a pedestal base that gives it an antique and beautiful shape. There is an in-line switch to operate this lamp without compromising the design. It is quite elegant and can be placed in your living room.  

You will get a beautiful light that illuminates your room with great peace and calmness. The dimensions of the lamp are 6″ high x 5 ½” wide. No bulb is included in the package. You can use a 40 Watt medium-sized bulb and operate it with an in-line switch. It comes with a long power cord with a length of 8 feet and the position of the switch is 12 ¼” from the base.  

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Possini Euro Design Nightlight Pearl Modern Table Lamp 

You can make your room stylish and elegant with the help of this lamp. The white and attractive pearl design gives a more luxurious and modern touch to your room. It looks quite expensive, which makes it a celebrity-quality lamp. There is a nightlight feature in the base which provides perfect light for the side of the bed. 

You can install this lamp in your living room as well as your bedroom. The top of the lamp is in a drum shape which also looks subtle and nice. The lamp will match with your home decor because of its pearl tiled finish. The total height is 29 inches, and other dimensions of the square base are 6 ½” wide x 1″ high and the shade is 16″ wide x 10″ high.  

You need to buy a standard bulb of 150 Watts. You will get a night light bulb of 7 Watts along with a 4-way switch for four modes like on, off, nightlight and main light. The lamp includes a long power cord of 8 feet. The overall weight of the lamp is 12 lbs, and you can observe a bit of change in the color and pattern because it is hand-made.  

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Simple Designs LT2002-BLK Black Oval Bowling Ceramic Table Lamp

This is a simple and lovely table lamp by Simple Designs. It can match every type of home decor because of its simple ceramic oval design with a fine fabric top shade. You can place it in your living room, home offices, and bedroom. The dimensions of the lamp are 19″ height x 9.5″ shade diameter. You need to purchase one bulb of 60 Watts as it is not included in the package.

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Barnes and Ivy Bronze Nightlight Table Lamp 

This Barnes and Ivy table lamp comes with a natural stone onyx column along with night light. It gives a beautiful and fantastic glow during the night. The dark brown finish lamp is covered with a flared bell shade from the top. It comes with a 4-position switch. There are higher chances of getting variations in the color and shade of the base pattern because of the natural onyx stone. 

The total height of the lamp is 28 ½” with 6″ broad base. The dimensions of the shade are 7″ top x 17″ bottom x 11 ½” slant. You need to buy one bulb of 100 Watts. The night bulb of 7 Watts is included in the package.

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QTQZDD Bedside Fabric Shade Nightstand Table 

This company manufactures high-quality lamps to give your home a modern and stylish touch. You can develop a romantic and eye-catching atmosphere with the help of this lamp in your bedroom. Many celebrities have purchased this lamp to enhance their home decor, and you can install and decorate your office, bedrooms, kitchen, bars, etc.

This lamp is great for reading books, developing environments according to different moods and can be used as decorative objects. You can easily assemble the parts of the lamp. You need to wear gloves while installing the light. The light of the lamp is quite soft and harmless to your eyes. There are no harmful radiations or flickering and it is safe to use. 

It is a high-quality and easy-to-install romantic and subtle lamp. You can save electricity and illuminate your room fully. The lamp is AC and QC approved along with CE, Rohs, and FCC certified.  

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Bosslv Contemporary Spotlight Table Lamp 

This light by Bosslv is a fantastic table lamp, which is quite gentle without any damage and irritation to the eyes. It looks very stylish and simple because of its aesthetic animal design. You can install the lamp on the side of the bed, in the living room, kitchen, restaurant, corridor, hotels, bars, etc. You need to cut the power of your home before installing the lamp. 

It is essential to consider safety measures to protect yourself. You can also call the electrician to install it. The lamp is available in different colors like green, black, and white. It is made up of meremics, which is quite durable. You need to purchase the E27 bulb, which is not included in the package. If you find the installing process difficult, then you can also contact the customer service. 

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Simple Designs Mini Ceramic Table Lamps (Set of 2)

This is an attractive and fantastic pair of ceramic table lamps. It makes your home decor look lovely and beautiful. The set of lamps is in high demand, which will also fulfill all your high-fashion requirements. It consists of a ceramic base along with fabric shade. The lamps are available in different colors that match different lighting needs and home themes. 

You can install these lamps in the living room, bedroom, kitchen and office rooms. These two imported lamps are available with two soft fabric shades. The dimensions of the lamps are 8.66″ height x 5.51″ shade diameter. You need to purchase two bulbs of Type B E12 of 40 Watts. The bulbs are not available in the package. 

You can buy these lamps in any color that matches your home decor and make it more customizable. Many celebrities prefer installing these lamps at their homes and workplaces to enhance their beauty. You can unpack the box and install these lamps without any problem. 

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360 Lighting Bohemian Colored Glass Teal Blue Accent Table Lamp 

This is a unique glass lamp with a multicolor stand and teal blue fabric shade. It gives a traditional and twisted appearance to your lamps. There is a use of pieces of glass in different shades like orange, pink green, purple and yellow. It gives an aesthetic look to your home decor. 

It complements well with your furniture, walls and other items in a room. You can install this lamp in your bedroom, living room, office room, etc. This multicolor base lamp with blue shade is 21″ high. 

Dimensions of the shade are 5″ top x 9″ bottom x 9″ high. You need to purchase one bulb of 60 Watts of medium size. It is not available in the package. You can use the on-off switch on the socket to operate it. The power cord along with the lamp is 7 feet long. 

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The Bottom Line

Many people want to follow the same fashion and trends of their favorite celebrities. Similarly, you can follow celebrity trends to buy different lamps that help in enhancing the appearance of your home decor. They decorate your home and make it well-illuminated. The right light helps in keeping you focused, relaxed and lets you do all your tasks. 

You can buy any of these ten lamps that celebrities love. It is essential to make your house bright enough to get a positive and beautiful atmosphere for family, friends and guests. Follow your favorite celebrities and buy the lamp that you like the most according to your house’s furniture and decor.


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