Top 10 Best Modern Swing-Arm Desk Lamps

Best Swing-Arm Desk Lamps

A swing-arm lamp that can be placed on a desk and not fall over when re-adjusting the arms position… Do they exist?

Okay. I mean, I know they do, but how about one that offers a modern design? I want style and function.  I’m pleased to tell you that desk lamps have come a long way, and we’ve found ten of them. No clamp needed! These space-saving lamps offer flexibility and great lighting.

If you’re looking for a balanced swing-arm lamp, we’ve got ten choices below you’ll want to check out.

BenQ – Swing-Arm Desk Lamp

BenQ – Swing-Arm Desk Lamp
  • WIDE DESK ILLUMINATION: Features advanced lighting technology, curved head,…
  • ADJUSTABLE COLOR TEMPERATURE AND BRIGHTNESS: The lamp features an adjustment…
  • AUTO-DIMMING MODE: The lamp will detect ambient brightness and dynamically…

BenQ designs a wide lamp lineup that you can really appreciate. For this article, we’re going to focus on the BenQ Swing-Arm Desk Lamp. It’s designed with computer enthusiasts in mind.

If offers exquisite light quality, and can easily illuminate your entire desk with full, natural lighting. This makes it perfect for designers, craftsmen, and hobbyists. It’s also great for anyone who spends long hours in front of a computer screen.

The BenQ Swing-Arm Desk Lamp reduces blue light with its LED natural white light. The specially designed, curved head ensures that light is directed away from monitors, so there’s no glare. With reliable lights, there’s no annoying flickering that sometimes causes headaches.

The BenQ’s main swing-arm feature offers a flexible, responsive design that stays in place. This is a great choice and perfect centerpiece item for your work area or desk.

Tomons’ – Swing Arm Desk Lamp

Tomons’ – Swing Arm Desk Lamp
  • Nature Wood Frame: The body is made of solid wood, firm and chemical-free. The…
  • Modern Style: Classic Solid wood meets iron, simple and classic style. Ideal for…
  • Adjustable Design: Easy to use and store. The desk lamp is adjustable and tool…

The Tomons’ Swing-Arm Desk Lamp is a simple elementary wood slab design, but don’t let the simplicity fool you. It blends beautifully with your desk top and has a smooth, polished base. It has a modern look, while still offering function.

The Tomons comes equipped with an energy-efficient, bright 4W LED bulb and comes included. Their clever design uses the standard E26 Size LED bulb socket base. We like that you can easily upgrade the bulb to a brighter standard then what is included!

Standing at about a foot and a half tall, we feel this is a good height for a desk lamp.

While Tomons doesn’t have a rotating head or swivel on it to rotate left and right, it’s still offers quality, affordability, and a stylish design. It’s a great choice all around when you need versatility.

360 Lighting – Camber

360 Lighting – Camber
  • 29″ high overall. Base is 3″ high x 7″ wide. Shade is 11″ across the top x 14″…
  • Uses two maximum 60 watt standard-medium base bulbs (not included). On-off…
  • USB table lamp. A smart design from the 360 Lighting brand.

360 Lighting produces the highest quality lighting in some of the most impressive applications. 360 Lighting doesn’t hold back. They offer exquisite design and innovative features!

The impeccable style of the Camber Lamp is unlike any other.

Keeping tradition alive by modernizing the swing-arm lamp, the Camber Lamp exceeded my expectations.

It offers a shade that dims light, but not so much that it washes it out. The classy design offers a polished look that includes functionality. For instance, the Camber uses two E26 60-watt bulb sockets. This makes the light potential unrivaled.

Not only that, but it offers a USB-Charger at 5V/2A for fast charging. You’ll also find an additional AC power outlet in the base. This can be handy for other small appliances.  The investment into the 360 Lighting brand is something you won’t regret. This is a popular light and gets a lot of complimentary praise. 

BYB – E476

BYB – E476
  • ★ Exclusive Eye-protection Technology: Innovative LGP (light guide panel)…
  • ★ Energy-Saving and Eco-friendly Lighting: High-efficiency 144 LEDs use 80%…
  • ★ Highly Adjustable Clamp Lamp: Memory function for 4 lighting modes and 6…

The E476 from BYB is an architect swing-arm lamp. It’s made of durable metal, and perfect for multiple situations.

Consider using it in your study, office, gaming areas, or pretty much anywhere.

I use the BYB for wood work during late hours in the shed. It helps illuminates the entire area when clamped on a high shelf.

One of the things I love is that the light doesn’t flicker. It produces a nice light, without causing me eye strain.

The clamp-based lamp is highly adjustable and offers a wide-range of motion. The aluminum construction makes a for a stylish design.

Another great benefit to choose this swing-arm lamp is that BYB backs their lights by a long 18-month warranty.

You won’t need to toss this away in frustration. They stand behind their products.

Another thing you might notice, is that some LED Lights illuminate strangely. Have you noticed that when you take a picture? Odd, right? Thankfully, with the BYB light, you get a natural, true illumination.

The sleek touch controls make handling the BYB a breeze. Their lamp offers an unbelievable 3000K and 6000K with a total of 6 dimming levels. The best part of this lamp? It’s built-in with a long estimated life span of over 20 years.

AmzRozky – Drafting Lamp

AmzRozky – Drafting Lamp
  • Drafting Table Lamp and Workbench Lamp with Touch-Control and Memory Function:…
  • Material: High quality Aluminium alloy + Zinc Alloy material to make our…
  • Flexible&Adjustable;: LED panel can be rotatable at 210° direction up and down,…

The AmzRozky is another swing-arm architect lamp that you’ll want to add to your list. The clamp-type lamp is remarkably bright and gets the job done.

While it doesn’t have quite as many dimming levels as the BYB, it does offer a comparable lighting range.  AmzRozky still offers 5 dimming levels, which isn’t anything to sneeze at! In fact, it makes the AmzRozky superior to most similar competing lamps.

The touch control is responsive without being overly sensitive.

It’s made with a combination of aluminum and zinc alloy, giving this a lightweight and durable feel.

I don’t like things hanging over my head, but this lightweight lamp puts me at ease. The other thing that stands out is that they also offer a heavy base if you’d rather stand it on your desk.

It’s versatile and stylish.

AmzRozky comes equipped with a powerful 12-watt LED lamp. The bulb is built-in and offers a long-life span of 50,000 hours of use. Using 850 Lumens allows this lamp to be bright and discrete.

Neat fact… This innovative lamp uses a special electrostatic painting technique to decrease manufacture waste.

OTUS – Architect Lamp

OTUS – Architect Lamp
  • FEEL LIKE A JEDI USING A FORCE – Wave your hand over the architect desk lamp led…
  • GREAT LIGHTING CONTROL – Drafting Desk lamp offers 12 dimmable brightness levels…
  • SWING ARM DESK LAMP – Adjustable metal swing arms and swivel head give the right…

OTUS is a lighting company that produces top-quality lamps. The OTUS designs are tradition, cyber and sleek.

This adjustable architect lamp also sports a traditional heavy desk base to stand. We like that convenience as a factor in our rating.

With its large 8-inch metal shade, it directs light down where you need it.

The rounded shade creates a traditional office atmosphere.  Having a superb 500-1200 lumens of light creates the opportunity to use this living room as a reading lamp. Or maybe you’ll want to use it in the garage near your work bench. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

It has an effective 10-watt bulb which allows for the least energy to be used compared to the competition offering the same brightness.

The LED Bulb is built-in and offers 50,000 hours of expected use.

With three distinct color modes you can use this in multiple situations like studying, reading, or relaxing.

It’s also a great choice for studio apartment living. The multi-directional head, the swivel base, and the extending arm makes this swing-arm potentially the most innovative.

Amico – Architect Lamp

Amico – Architect Lamp
  • ✅【Special Design】This is our latest upgraded desk lamp. It is perfect for…
  • ✅【Adjustable】Rotating base, hinged arm and swiveling LED panel helps you…
  • ✅【Multi-functional】This LED desk lamp allows to choose among 8 COLOR MODES…

The Amico Architect Lamp is a beautiful lamp emphasizing the need for style.

This powerful 12-Watt LED Architect Lamp has a wide range of lighting options without sacrificing comfort. It delivers an impeccable bright, white light.

The gradual dimming feature is perfect for late night on-line shopping. Artists, hobbyists, and craftsmen will also appreciate the wide range of lighting.

Amico made great improvements to an already great lamp. It’s efficient and powerful which brings it to its full potential.

We like that this lamp includes many options for color modes. Using dynamic dimming lets you set the brightness between 10% and 100%.

The Amico is equipped with an advanced lamp head. This eliminates UV Radiation. By producing natural light, it reduces eye fatigue.

While the Amico doesn’t offer a directional head, or a swivel-based arm allowing for easy rotation, it will illuminate any work space you need. This eliminates the need for adjustments with evenly dispersed lighting.

PureOptics – Dual Swing-Arm LED Lamp

PureOptics – Dual Swing-Arm LED Lamp
  • LONG REACH – Extensive 49 inch arm easily clears monitors and other objects
  • VERSATILE PLACEMENT OPTIONS – Interchangeable base can be situated on a desktop…
  • TOUCH SENSITIVE – Easy-to-use, touch sensitive power control and dimmer function…

This PureOptics Dual Swing-Arm LED Lamp  is a fully flexible, competitive lamp. With its substantial 49-inch reach, the arm clears most any object. We also like that it offers a desk base, so if you don’t want to clamp it, you’ve got options.

If you do plan to use the clamp, the PureOptics design provides a clamp system that’s both stable and durable.

Using the new touch standard, they offer satisfactory responsive touch without being overly sensitive.

What sets the PureOptics light apart is the insane flexibility and foldability that the dual swing-arm system offers. I found I can easily maneuver this lamp into awkward positions, and it seems to be happy to do it.

Expect a lifespan of 25,000 hours with this ultra-efficient LED bulb. Including the same standard of eye-care as the other lamps qualifying for this Top 10, it also offers a color temperature of 6500K which is brighter than most of the leading competition. The coolest part, it achieves all of this, while only using 4.5 watts of energy.

Lite Source – Pharma Collection

The Lite Source task lamp from their Pharma Collection is a stylish and quality classic lamp. This proven brand crafts remarkable lighting applications. You really can’t go wrong with Lite Source.

Their super-economical and bright 7-watt LED creates a perfect compact swing-arm desk lamp. Their compatibility with dimmer switches makes this a versatile option. While we recommend it for desk use, we wouldn’t choose it for a workbench.

Its proficiency lays in swivel head and rotating swing arm. You’ll notice that it also features a handy USB port for charging. It’s a great desk companion.

With a high rating, the lamp produces a soft 550 lumens at a 3000K color temperate. We really like that Lite Source created the Pharma collection with a sturdy base for stability. The lamp weighs in at just about 9lbs, so you won’t feel the need to clamp this down. 

Niulight – Architect Lamp

Niulight – Architect Lamp
  • ♦ Modern and sophisticated long swing arm design
  • ♦ 3-Level Brightness, white light, yellow light, warm white light, three light…
  • ♦ Steel spring and tension control knobs

NiuLight is unique in that it uses less than 80% energy than a traditional lamp head and bulb. This allows for a wide range of pure lighting. This has a sleek and modern look, while offering functionality.

The clamp design brings stability to your work environment. While it doesn’t have a swivel arm like some of the other lamps mentioned, it does have a 300° swivel head. We love its long, flexible reach and wide illumination. This means you don’t have to constantly adjust it.

Niulight uses a 5-layer lens technology. It disperses light evenly and softly, without causing glare. The robust LED bulb has an estimated use of 50,000 hours.

With its blue light blocking technology, it uses 126 ultra-bright LEDS. With dimming, you’re able to choose from 6 different color modes. This makes it applicable to multiple situations.

With a max color temperature of 5500K, you can be sure to get high quality safe light. You’ll also be free of UV radiation or high-heat light.

Choosing the best Swing-Arm Lamp is no easy task…

Choosing the best community rated swing-arm lamp wasn’t hard. In fact, it was super-easy.

The BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp with Swing Arm, Auto-Dimming and Hue Adjustment, No Screen Glare, Eye… is the most advanced swing-arm desk lamp offered today. It’s hard to beat the BenQ. It has everything you’ll want in a lamp, especially one featuring a swing arm.

Convenience, functionality and style, make the BenQ jump ahead of the others. If you love all it offers but don’t want a swing arm, they also offer other styles. Be sure to check them all out.

Being equipped with patented LEDs and anti-glare technology is a win in our book. It offers a great design and techno-geek appeal. This is the one to get—a clear winner.

Here are some tips to help choose the best, special lamp for your needs

It can be difficult to find a special lamp, something you can appreciate and actually want to use. We’ve included some helpful tips, so that you can feel good about any investment you make in a swing-arm lamp.

  • Avoid any product you can’t find a warranty for. If the company can’t put faith in their product, you shouldn’t either.
  • When swing-arms get too complicated or too cheap, expect them to be flimsy and break easily…even from low stress use.
  • Always go for a lamp with built-in LED or replaceable bulbs, this will ensure you get the safest bulbs that won’t overheat. Make sure you get the most advanced technology for the best quality of light.
  • New isn’t always better. If you can’t find reviews or product information, consider avoiding the junk. Choose a proven product for peace of mind.



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