Top 10 Best Modern Living Room Floor Lamps

Top 10 Best Modern Living Room Floor Lamps

Looking to freshen up your décor? You’ll love these floor lamps that will add style to you living room.

There are so many different styles of floor lamps to choose from. Especially when it comes to a great addition to your living room. The problem is, how do you decide?

Thankfully, I can help. This Top 10 Best Living Room Floor Lamps list will show you not only which lamp you recommend, but we’ll go into the reasons why.

You’ll see an emphasis on style, brightness, eye-care. The new robust designs make it easier than ever to find a quality lamp.

Sadly, this ease comes with a double-edged sword. The slimmer and sleeker the design, the easier it is to copy. That means that the market has been flooded with cheap knock-off lamps.

No worries. We’ll take the frustration of finding a new lamp away from you and streamline the process.

Let’s take a closer look at what we’ve featured.

LeonLite – Vintage Tree Lamp

LeonLite – Vintage Tree Lamp
  • User-Friendly: The plug-n-play design and attached step-on switch make it super…
  • Excellent Design: 18.11inch x 14.17inch x 10.24inch. Sit down at your sofa, and…
  • Retro Look: This retro style floor lamp comes with 3 tungsten filament bulbs…

Your living room will appreciate the addition of the elegant LeonLite’s style. The Amber colored glass is beautiful and unlike stained glass that melts. Glass with color can be rather unpredictable, but the LeonLite uses pure colored glass. This makes a clear, amber shade which adds beauty to the design.

One thing we want to point out right away is that it comes with a 2-year warranty. It’s hard to doubt a product when the company protects your purchase.

This tree styled light gives off an abundance of light. It gives 360° of light and lights my entire living room. We’re talking brilliant illumination!

The LeonLite uses more ST64 bulbs, making the LED 8W Edison’s perfect for this lamp.

The LeonLite includes 3 standard incandescent bulbs made of tungsten. While I appreciate that they’re included, I still recommend you upgrade them for energy savings.

Expect superb quality in this charming, competitive lamp. The full-metal design offers durable strength, something I really like.

Brightech – Twist

Bosphorus – Mosaic Floor Lamp
  • HIGH BRIGHTNESS, WITH 3 WAY BUILT IN DIMMING – The Brightech Twist produces high…

Step into a modern world with the illuminating Brightech Twist. Start your journey with great lighting solutions from Brightech.

It’s got a progressive vibe to it, but that’s not all… it got a highly lit 950 Lumens which means it would be great for brightening up your living room. I really like how the lamp projects a natural sunset color at 3000k.

Expect up to 10 years of life out of this lamp. And use LED technology, you won’t be wasting energy like traditional bulbs.

The curvy, spiral design gives you 360° of light coverage. It also offers adjustable dimming controls. There are three different dimming levels which means it could just as easily work in the bedroom.

With a full 3-year warranty, we’ve go to say we’re impressed with the Brightech Twist. Oh, one last thing… The built-in dimming does mean it’s not compatible with wall switches, smart plugs or other smart devices if that’s something you’re looking for

Brightech – Jacob

Brightech – Jacob
  • ELEGANT & BRIGHT STAND UP LIGHT FOR HOME & OFFICE: Brightech’s stylish Jacob…

You’ll definitely see a lot of Brightech lamps on our list. There’s a reason for this. They have a nice variety of style, but they also offer great technology and innovation.

It can be hard to imagine a company wanting to offer quality over quantity, these days, but that’s exactly what they’re doing. The Jacob is a good example of innovation and quality. Brightech masterfully crafts all their lamps.

Brightech’s Jacob series has a retro and far classier feel over your usual lamp. They use a golden brass finish that blends with décor seamlessly.  I was surprised how well it fit into my environment. It actually went really well with my walnut wood furniture.

Each lamp on this 3-light tree is on a swivel. This allows for flexibility and fine adjustments. Point it up or down. It just works. The Jacob illuminates the entire living room.

While it comes with 950 Lumen bulbs, they can be replaced for much more brightness if needed. No built-in dimming means it is Alexa and wall-switch compatible. Though, keep in mind the included bulbs are not dimmable.

Brightech – Montage

Brightech – Montage

I’ve seen so many lamps in this same style. The problem is that they were awful. I guess that makes sense since they were copies…copies of the Montage!

Brightech is a leading brand in lighting appliances for a reason.  They make beautiful living room lamps that are perfect when placed behind a couch, next to the recliner, or in a corner of the room.

To me, this Montage lamp is very modern. The drum shape of the shade diffuses light brilliantly. The montage also comes in a few other variants, like the Carter, Grayson, or Logan.

This is a great floor lamp. It makes sense that a lot of brands are trying to copy the Montage. Sadly, they’re ripping off unsuspecting consumers.

Oh, I forgot to mention that this lamp is compatible with Alexa and other smart home devices via a smart plug. Also, the bulb can be upgraded to a dimmable bulb.

It’s not recommended for carpet, as the base doesn’t seem as stable on carpeting. I’d suggest using this lamp in living rooms with tile or hardwood flooring.

Safaveih – Lombard

Safaveih – Lombard
  • This lamp is crafted of crystal / metal
  • This light uses 100w bulbs
  • Perfect for a living room, bedroom, den, library, study or office

Safaveih is a nice lighting solution company. If you like simple, modern designs, Safaveih just might be what you’re looking for.

The Lombard collection offers a 100% Cotton shade which gives you the best light diffusion and even spread of light.

The lamp itself is crafted of solid crystal and metal, with a chrome finish. It’s got an exotic feel but is simply beautiful. You’ll also love that it offers anti-static, which makes for easy cleaning with a soft, dry cloth.

When cleaning this lamp, don’t use chemicals or household cleaners on it, because you can damage the finish. This high-quality lamp requires proper care.

This is a modern-day design that will impress as well as it functions. It reminds me of a sophisticated candle stick. This contemporary and stylish lamp is from a brand that’s hard to resist.

With no built-in bulb, it means this floor lamp has an indefinite lifespan. While Safavieh doesn’t offer a warranty, they will replace damaged goods received in shipment.

Regency Hill – Brooke

Regency Hill – Brooke
  • 60″ high overall. Base is 10″ wide. Shade is 12″ across the top x 16″ across the…
  • Uses two maximum 60 watt standard-medium base bulbs (not included). Twin on-off…
  • A traditional floor lamp design from the Regency Hill brand of lamps.

Regency Hill offers a rich mid-century lamp with antique styling. The Brooke offers a bronze and copper finish that blends well next to leather or wood furniture.

This lamp makes a beautiful centerpiece for the living room. As for bulbs, while it doesn’t include them, it uses two standard max 60-watt bulbs which are easy enough to find. Though, we recommend using the amazing A21 size LED Bulbs. This will maximize the energy-saving potential of this magnificent art-piece.

With a beautifully woven burlap shade, the light is diffused naturally. That means no intense eye dilatation when you look toward the bulb.  The material in the shade creates a nice illuminating glow.

With a great design, the Brooke adds sophistication to any room. Another feature I want to quickly point out before moving on is the smart use of a silicone resin base. This keeps the lamp from scratching or harming your valuable hard floors.

Franklin Iron Works – Tree Mission

Franklin Iron Works – Tree Mission
  • 72 1/2″ high overall. Base is 11″ square. Each glass is 4 3/4″ high and wide. 29…
  • Uses four maximum 60 watt standard-medium base A15 bulbs (not included). On-off…
  • Measurements to top of each glass is 52″, 59″, 66″, and 72 1/2″. 8-foot brown…

Franklin Iron Works produces some of the most high-quality iron-based lamps on the market. The Tree Mission is a remarkable tribute to that hard-earned reputation.

Unlike most lamps that adopt the tree style, Franklin has added on to an already functional standard, and evolved it further.

Tree Mission produces phenomenal brightness using 60-watt bulbs. This allows for A15 LED sized bulbs on replacement. Having four of them greatly increases the range. Using the lower energy bulbs also increases energy efficiency. No need to sacrifice brightness.

This lamp stands 6 feet tall. It’s a perfect complement to your living room. A dimmer switch is recommended so you can adjust the brightness. Thankfully, this light works great with many dimmers and dimmable bulbs, so we call it a big win for convenience.

One time, I installed it into my smart outlet and bought new dimming bulbs. I set it up as a reading lamp, and it was the only lamp I needed in the room.

Kenroy Home – Callahan

Kenroy Home – Callahan
  • NATURE-INSPIRED: Decorative vine details sprout from the center column with…
  • DIMENSIONS: fully assembled 72 inch height, 14 inch diameter amber scavo glass…
  • LIGHTING PROFILE: The 14 inch diameter scavo glass shade provides a warm and…

This magnificent lamp by Kenroy Home is well-crafted with a vine rustic style. You’ll love the way it enhances the atmosphere. It’s paired with uncovered amber glass shades and enchants the room. It makes me think of spring.

The Callahan offers good height. The 6-foot lamp is sturdy, too. It stands remarkably well on carpeted floors, which not all lamps do.

With a hand-rubbed bronze finish, it has a masculine and elegant design.

With the gooseneck reading light, this lamp is a perfect choice for the living room. Place it near a cough or loveseat, or maybe next to your recliner.

Use an ultra-bright 150-watt equivalent LED bulb for the head lamp. This makes it a prime choice when light and energy savings matter.

The reading light uses an additional 60-watt equivalent LED. Neither bulbs are included. This lets you decide on the perfect setting for your needs.

The Callahan is easy to assemble. You don’t even need tools. I love how easy it is to put it away for storage, if you want a different lighting atmosphere.

Globe Electric – Annecy

Globe Electric – Annecy
  • RUSTIC DESIGN: with a neutral dark bronze finish and weathered seeded glass…
  • WEIGHTED BASE: the minimalist weighted base allows you to use this lamp in any…
  • BULB REQUIREMENTS: 3x E26/Medium Base 60W Bulbs (sold separately)

Globe Electric is a commercial producer of lighting solutions. Their Annecy lamp named after a lake is surprising. It offers a simple modern design and uses clear glass shades to diffuse light.

The is a well-designed and crafted lamp. The black matte finish gives it a sleek, masculine appearance, while the textured wavy glass creates a beautiful glow.

The tree style lamp features 3-lights. We really like this for a living room floor lamp for its functionality. Each light has its own on and off switch, giving you control of how brightly lit you want the room.

Also, the bulbs can be changed at any time. This convenience and flexibility allow you to create whatever mood you’d like. Speaking of bulbs, the Annecy doesn’t come with bulbs. We recommended the A21 60-Watt Equivalent LED bulbs if you do purchase this lamp.

Another winning factor of the Annecy is that it offers compatibility with dimming switches. That’s a big win in our book.

Bosphorus – Mosaic Floor Lamp

Bosphorus – Mosaic Floor Lamp
  • 7 Globe Mosaic Floor Lamp for US Plug & Sockets. Height : 55″
  • Handmade Globes. Decorated Chains. 4.3″ Big Decorative STAR Top Finial. On/Off…
  • Decorative Hanging Metal Stars from the Globes. (For SAFE & Authentic Product…

Bosphorus is a company located in Turkey. The intricate Mosaic floor lamp is beautiful, though it’s not rated exceptionally high for its bright light.

This magic of this lamp is that it produces an enchanting light for your environment. You’ll love the handmade mosaic glass globes, and the built-in energy efficient LED bulbs.

We really like this for a hallway light or night light. It’s also got a soft quality that goes well with reading. It offers a calm lighting experience, so don’t choose this if you’re looking for something ultra-bright for something like your workbench.

Bosphorus seemed to have relaxation in mind while designing the Mosaic tree lamp. It’s a nice choice for a casual atmosphere. Think along the lines of watching TV or doing yoga.

You’ll appreciate that this sturdy lamp is lightweight. That means your floors are safe from scratching. At a max wattage of 25, expect this lamp to use virtually no or very low energy. This is a great cost saver.

With amazing quality lamps, we decided that the all-around best was…

LeonLite’s Vintage Tree Lamp wins our top pick. If you’re looking for the best living room floor lamp, you won’t go wrong with any of the choices in our Top 10 list. But if you want the best of the best, we’d go with the LeonLite’s Vintage Tree Lamp.

It easily fits into multiple styles of décor. We love the clever design, and the gorgeous materials. LeonLite sets itself apart from its competitors with its versatility.

Including bulbs is a major plus, while having the ability to upgrade or replace bulbs is a bonus. In addition, they back this lamp for 2-years.

This lamp is the best for your living room with an array of applications.

Not to be forgotten, our runner-up is the Brightech line. Each lamp performs exceptionally well and comes with quality backed warranty.

Didn’t find what you were looking for?

Hopefully you found these reviews to be informative. We’ve highlighted features you should know about, as well as the materials and construction of each lamp.

Using this as a guide, we hope you found a lamp that will fit into your lifestyle needs. Here are a few more tips members of our community have found helpful when looking for a unique lamp…

  • While not all lamp manufacturers offer warranties, not all of them are junk. It is a good rule of thumb to stay clear of lamps that don’t have a warranty, unless you can trust the designer or company producing it.
  • The saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” This isn’t always true. I’ve experienced pricey products that were garbage and cheap products that stole the marker. Make sure you check reviews! If you can’t find any, it can be a gamble to know if you are being scammed. Know the brand so you don’t give away hard earn cash.
  • Always try to get a lamp that supports replacing bulbs. While LED bulbs last a long time, a lamp with no built-in bulb can last a lifetime. We highly recommend you look at lamps that support the American Standard E26 Bulbs, as these will allow you to fit A15 up to A21 Size LED bulbs.


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