Top 10 Best Modern Desk Lamps for Your Office

Top 10 Best Modern Desk Lamps for Your Office

Looking to be Both Stylish and Classy in the Office?

In the office you need to be presentable, and create an inviting atmosphere. Especially when you deal with interviews, VIP’s, or are negotiating contracts. We are confident that in this Top 10 list of Desk Lamps you will find a lamp to highlight the office.

Kathy Ireland – Westminster Table Lamp

Westminster Table Lamp
  • 31 1/2″ high overall. Shade is 7″ across top x 16″ across bottom x 11 1/2″ high.
  • Uses one 150 watt standard-medium base bulb (not included). On-off socket…
  • A warm traditional table lamp look from the Kathy Ireland Home brand.

The Kathy Ireland projects nobleness and royalty through this exquisite table lamp. The Westminster Table Lamp is phenomenal, it looks enchanting, and not the beguiling kind. This lamp will blow any on-looker away. This lamp pulls you in in a mystical way.

It’s simple while in a quality tier of its own. It feels great, and it won’t fall over or break easily. It’s just sturdy. The shade is beautiful, and the trim adds a nice classy look.

This must-have lamp may be the only light you could really daydream looking at. Great for anywhere, except maybe outside… unless you have castle walls. The light quality, the depth of light, and brightness from a 150-watt LED E26 Bulb is magnificent, a dimmer switch or 3-way bulb needs to be purchased separately to maximize the pristine enjoyment you will receive from the Kathy Ireland Westminster.

TaoTronics DL-16

TaoTronics DL-16
  • Durable & Solid: Made of premium aluminum alloy, the LED desk lamp is…
  • More Colors, Much Brighter: 5 color modes and 6 brightness levels meet your…
  • Easy on Your Eyes: Light guide panel transmits light sideways for glare-free…

TaoTronics is notably one of the best brands, producing the highest quality of lighting from the sleekest, most modern of models. The DL-16 is no toss-out, featuring a strong metal design allow this lamp to take a beating.

TaoTronics is partnered with Philips to bring you the best is LED, featuring the latest in light technology you can be happy knowing your eyes wont fatigue from the built-in LED. With customizable color modes, and brightness levels, you will find this slight to be perfect for long hours in an office. Especially if the fluorescent office lights hurt your eyes.

With a convenient touch control, it helps show you are progressive in the workplace and intuitive. The type of leadership that’s needed in a professional environment. More and more workplaces require that you do not plug in unapproved devices into company equipment, they just don’t want information sold or stolen, which is why this light offers a Quick Charge USB Port. Making it ideal for any professional with long hours who need their device fully charged and ready for communicating between leadership.

Vienna Full Spectrum – Tilde

Vienna Full Spectrum – Tilde
  • 26 1/4″ high overall. Rectangular base is 7 1/8″ wide x 4 3/8″ deep.
  • Shade is 11″ wide and 8″ deep at the top x 15″ wide and 11 1/2″ deep at the…
  • Uses one maximum 100 watt standard-medium base bulb (not included). On-off…

The workplace is no place to compromise on beauty. Vienna is well known for producing exquisite items, that not only look classy, but are fascinatingly beautiful. This is the type of lamp that would impress any colleague.

We spend far more time at work then we do at home. It’s important to be able to maintain a worth-wild atmosphere even in the office. Otherwise why would you want to go?

This lamp features a stunning clear crystal design with a magnificent shade. Finding a quality shade on any lamp seems to be a challenge, but Vienna makes sure you won’t feel that way The lamp does not include a bulb but will use any standard medium sized bulb up to 100 watts, like E26 for traditional bulbs, or A19 LED bulbs.

Whatever your needs, this lamp has you covered, especially when allowing eye-safe technology like LED bulbs. This may be the first and only lamp you need, from Vienna Full Spectrum, Crystal Chandeliers & Lighting.

Oneach Melinda – Table Lamp

Oneach Melinda – Table Lamp
  • гЂ?Traditional and Minimalist DesignгЂ‘With simple and traditional design, the…
  • гЂ?Versatile Table LampгЂ‘The Oneach traditional table lamp is a perfect…
  • гЂ?Durable ConstructionгЂ‘Constructed of high quality resin and fabric,this…

The Melinda comes as a set of two table lamps. Perfect for being on both sides of a desk, both ends of an office, or on a nightstand in each corner of the office. The shade is rubbed bronze color, when lit the shade creates a beautiful red hue, making the room look more masculine.

Impress your female colleagues with a color they simply cannot resist, red. These are tasteful, simple, and keeping its style sleek with a traditional appearance.

While I can’t stress how much class this lamp provides, it is very durable and made from high-quality materials. Using a non-slip resign for the bottom to create stability.

It uses the normal American standard E26 lightbulbs up to 60-watts. Allowing to use the highly recommended A21 LED bulbs. Unbelievably beautiful, one of the more attractive recommendations on this list.

Vienna Full Spectrum – Eileen

Vienna Full Spectrum – Eileen
  • 27 3/4″ high overall. Bottom base is 5″ wide. Square shade is 13 1/2″ wide x 10″…
  • Uses one maximum 150 watt E26 standard-medium base bulb (not included). On-off…
  • Contemporary crystal table lamp from Vienna Full Spectrum.

Vienna Full Spectrum will be featured a few times as the brand is exquisite, elegant, and meant for any VIP’s desk. It’s hard to not have them become a repeat offender on the Top 10 List. Each design is uniquely crafting with expertise. Designed to astonish and impress anyone.

Every day it becomes harder and harder to find furniture or appliances that really appeal to the eye. Vienna Full Spectrum isn’t just a simple brand with simple desires, they are a huge brand in the lighting world. Having massive desires to appeal to everyone while remaining affordable.

It is definitely contemporary as it does belong to the present, but with the elegant crystal design. This will never go out of style and you won’t feel a need to replace it either. Bulbs are not included, but it does support any of the latest E26 and A21 bulbs, which is the Vienna standard. No forcing a light on you, no built-in worries about premature death. New technology in the lighting area is coming out all the time, that’s why having the ability to replace your bulbs is genuinely appreciated.

Bieye – Tiffany Dragonfly Style Lamp

Bieye – Tiffany Dragonfly Style Lamp
  • SIZE: 10-inch wide, 16-inch tall, net weight: 8 lbs; 1 x 40W E26 bulb (not…
  • HANDMADE: This lamp is handmade by skilled craftsmen; We hand-cut the glass…
  • TIMELESS: We use stained glass to make the lampshade. The stained glass is…

Bieye sticks to the traditional hand craft with this beautiful tiffany style lamp. The Green Dragonfly can vary on color as during the stained glass process the color can change unpredictably when being melted. Like the saying “no two-leaves are the same.”, well no tiffany lamp is the same. Offering true hand-crafted glass, and a thick shade structure this is truly an unbeatable beautiful lamp. The stained glass has been crafted using a melting process to combine colors, unlike ordinary glass that has a pure color, stained glass is a different style. It is for people who are familiar with the texture and quality of stained glass.

People who are not used to stained glass should not purchase any tiffany style glass. Thanks to the stained glass, the lighting effect will be different as you use different color temperature bulbs, like a soft daylight yellow, or a crisp mid-day white. While this lamp does not come with a built-in bulb, it supports the traditional E26 and A21 LED Bulbs making this the perfect lamp to make anyone envious, while saving energy and using the newest of technology.

Marrakech – Mosaic Banker’s Lamp

Marrakech – Mosaic Banker’s Lamp
  • Unique Design: Every lamp is unique. Traditional banker lights and exquisite…
  • Size: Height:16 inch, Wide: 10 inch.
  • Plug: UL plug for US standards, no conversion required. This lamp is suitable…

Marrakech is a crafter of the finest mosaic lamps I have ever been lucky enough to come across. These enchanting lamps are amazing. When you want an atmosphere that engulfs anyone’s personality and warps it into a tranquil peace of mind.

Blue may not scream sex appeal like red but it’s much more enchanting and calming. This is the lamp for a VIP who wants to feel relaxed when behind a desk. Blue also emphasizes trust, reliability, wisdom, justice, and well, you get it. Blue is for CEOs, if you are climbing the ladder in hope to reach the stars, well you may as well go through a blue sky first.

This lamp honestly aside from how blue may be interpreted, the rest of this lamp definitely elevates one’s assumption of your power, sophistication, sincerity, passion, inspirational, so on so forth. I can’t just assure to you that you will love this lamp, but I can let you know anyone who sees it on your desk will want to steal it.

Banker style lamps are never going to go out of style, show stability and financial security. With that said, Marrakech offers some remarkable lamps to suit any progressive professional in their everyday work life.

E – Table Lamps

E – Table Lamps
  • Max Wattage: 60W,E26,28 inch , UL Certification
  • Instantly add a touch of elegance to any space with this classic 28” table…
  • This statement-making table lamp is a piece of art all on its own.

Might as well say E is the new kid on the block. Bringing elegant design to a classic vase look, modernizing what it means to have a great lamp. This great set comes in a pair of two allowing you to masterfully decorate your office or work area. It has a never out-of-style contemporary style that you friends and colleagues will adore.

With mystical luminaries updating the look of the classic design. Perfect as a pair, but just as luxurious if spread out in multiple rooms. Made out of glass, you’ll want these in a professional setting otherwise with the busy abodes of today these may break if not respected properly. Running a total 60-watt bulb for both American standard E26 or A21 LED bulbs. Allowing for you to maximize the reduction of UV Radiation, Eye-Strain, and energy savings, while maximizing the brightness of the bulb.

Possini Euro Design – Calvin

Possini Euro Design – Calvin
  • 22 1/2″ high overall. Lamp footprint is 10 1/2″ wide x 14″ deep. Round base is 1…
  • Includes one 7 watt standard-medium base, replaceable LED bulb that is…
  • USB table lamp design from the Possini Euro Design® brand. Edison filament…

Possini has brought an eccentric lamp into the modern age something that feels it belongs in a movie about a lighthouse from the mid-century era. Yet sleekly modern and a step ahead of its time. A truly unique design allows for unrivaled class.

It’s understandable if suddenly people find you fancy with good taste after purchasing this lamp. You should not be surprised if your janitor steals your lamp. They need it for their lighthouse full of mops and stuff.

This include a 7-Watt LED Bulb, that’s uses E26 or A21 LED bulbs, this amazing little package offers a 2200K Warm light by default, upgradeable to more brighter color temperatures. This light truly respects the need to reduce eye fatigue so that professionals may maintain their long hours so they can continue to provide for their families and their needs.

While this lamp offers the aesthetic of antique royalty, it is modern with the always fast Quick-Charge USB Port. With a bronze finish, you can be confident anyone will find this lamp attractive.

Tree of Light Table Lamp

Tree of Light Table Lamp
  • ELEGANT BEDSIDE LAMP WITH MODERN TECHNOLOGY – 3 in 1 Stunning Lamp with Built-in…
  • UNIQUE AND STUNNING DESIGN – Built-In powerful Bluetooth speaker delivering…
  • LED DIMMING LIGHT WITH TOUCH CONTROL – Switch the Light ON /OFF with a light…

This is an impeccable piece of artwork A breathtaking display that will stand out as the cornerstone of any office bring with it a cultured appearance. The Tree of Light is crafted with quality and durability in mind, and it really is of the highest quality, being rated incredibly well.

Unlike any other modern Table Lamp, the Tree of Light has an incredible built in Bluetooth speaker Its quality is amazing and comparable to my soundbar It’s also technologically advanced being able to wirelessly charge devices like tablets and smartphones The Tree of Light offers different light modes, and a sleep mode which I wouldn’t recommend at work, unless you are a professional napper. With its advanced user-friendly touch control, it Is unique. The Tree of Light will truly make any hard wood floor, or wood furniture stand out I couldn’t find any complaints nor create an issue with it

The classiest most recommended lamp for the office is…

The Tree of Light comes in as the most highly rated and recommended office lamp, featuring the best in innovation and technology while creating an atmosphere like no other it’s the only lamp you will ever need to impress anyone with your taste.

The lamp displays sophistication without going overboard in vintage style. Another recommendation would be any of the mosaic lamps as they are pieces of art. With all the time spent in the office it’s important to create a pleasant space you want to be a part of.

My final thoughts for representing yourself in the workplace…

If you are still unsatisfied with your search for the best lamp always make sure to choose a more traditional lamp for the workplace. Managers take a liking to more sturdy appliances than the modern ones.

As well as the class and appeal of many traditional styles desk lamps appeal to the taste of most upper management. The last thing you want to do is buy a lamp for the office yet be told it’s not approved to be used in the office.



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