Top 10 Best Modern Bedroom Floor Lamps

Top 10 Best Modern Bedroom Floor Lamps

Reading in the bedroom? Are late nights disturbing your partner?

Are you looking for a new bedroom floor lamp? Great, because I’ve got a list of versatile and well-designed styles. I’m going to go through different features to make it easier for you to know which bedroom light to choose.

I was one of the guilty ones who carried a long-lasting lamp through most of my life. I had the mentality that if it wasn’t broken, I didn’t need to replace it. Turns out I wasn’t doing myself any favors.

Not only was it an outdated style, but it couldn’t provide what I actually needed. What I wanted was a steady power supply to use LED Lights. And with the 60-Watt bulb usage, I might as well have used a desk lamp to light my bedroom.

The lamp I was used prior to discovering LEDs was shall I say, archaic. It used a compact fluorescent light.

Thankfully, I know better now. Turns out that these older style bulbs cracked over time. What’s scary is they allowed UV Radiation to leak. That leads to eye-fatigue and irritation. Over one too many late nights, it was bound to give me a headache.

Today, you can find a perfect lamp and not worry about all of that: no eye-strain, eye-fatigue, or irritation.

Brightech – Maxwell

Brightech – Maxwell

The Maxwell lamp is a great bedside companion with a modern innovative design. Crafted by Brightech, the Maxwell comes in two variants. We’ll be focusing on the Maxwell, but they also have the Maxwell drawer Edition.

The Maxwell is made with smooth, orchid-white gloss shelves. This sleek design blends with almost all modern decor.

It has a base shelf and a middle shelf, which creates plenty of ways to decorate it. Use the shelves for alarm clocks, smart docks, flowers, or books. Though, we do want to point out that it won’t handle loads over 15 lbs. The top shelf has two built-in USB charging ports. At 5V/2A, it’s a powerhouse.

This innovative lamp is also compatible with smart homes that use Alexa and Google Assistant.

The Maxwell requires some assembly, but isn’t difficult to put together. You will need a screwdriver. Offering the popular Brightech 3-Year Warranty, you can rest comfortably knowing this light is well protected. Intend to have this light for a very long lifespan.

Ambimall – Floor Lamp

Ambimall – Floor Lamp
  • LED Floor Lamp:With 6W lamp, the floor lamp is 2700K warm white, which is easy…
  • LED BULB Included:With a durable plastic lampshade which has the perfect…
  • Easy To Install: It is very easy to assemble with no tools needed. Due to its…

This retro styled lamp from Ambimall offers a versatile light fixture that will match many home décors. With a smooth, black-matte finish the Ambimall looks luxurious.

The use of an old-fashioned, traditional design might appeal to you. We love that it’s competitive and affordable.

Standing at a nice sturdy 6-feet tall, this lamp is a great addition to your bedroom. It comes with an energy-efficient LED bulb and gives off a warm, natural glow. We like the ability to replace the bulbs, which makes the versatility and lifespan of the light handy.

Ambimall is a great lighting solution for anyone who wants to take control of the light in their home. I’ve used a A21 4000K Color Temperature LED Bulb to produce a nice, natural white illumination. I’ve also plugged it into a dimming switch which allows me flexibility. I love it for reading.  Ambimall believes in crafting quality products, which means they back their lamps with a full 30-day money back guarantee, and a 2-Year Warranty.

Hsyile Lighting – Elegant Designs

Hsyile Lighting – Elegant Designs
  • High Quality Raw Materials: Handpicked crystal,good light transmittance,throught…
  • Size:13-Inch L x 13-Inch W x 59-Inch H (Need assembly and Easy to Install).
  • 110V, 2 x 40Wattage Max, required E12 light bulb (bulb not included). Compatible…

Hsyile offers a great option with their stylish crystal floor lamp. The Elegant Designs collection features a raindrop crystal shade that’s designed to use two bulbs. It offers an incredible coverage of bright light.

It’s processed multiple time to achieve a refined and polished chrome finish. It offers an appealing look that will go well in your bedroom.

Using a modern raindrop design, the crystals create a mid-century feel. This could also be used in a professional environment. It really does have universal appeal, even though we’re talking about bedroom floor lamps.

This Hsyile lamp uses a less common E12 size bulb. To save as much energy possible while getting the most brightness, we recommend using the B11 dimmable bulbs. This will allow the use of smart outlets or dimmer switches, which in turn increases the versatility.

Using a dimmable light will also reduce stress on your eyes, especially if you like to read before you fall asleep.

Madison Park – Carla

Madison Park – Carla
  • FEATURES – Floor lamps for living room of Carla Collection comes in elegant…
  • FUNCTIONALITY – The modern design of this luxe floor lamp perfect lighting…
  • MATERIAL – High quality metal post comes in beautiful gold finish and gorgeous…

Madison Park has a strong offering on our list. The Carla is an exceptional work of art that will be a pleasant addition to the bedroom.

Madison Park made sure to design a unique lamp when they made the Carla. This modern, intricate lamp is highly unique, and appears like no other. This isn’t just about style, they back their products. Madison Park offers a 2-Year Warranty. You can be glad to know this lamp is made to last.

This luxurious lamp is ideal for bedrooms and living rooms with its elegance and towering height. The massive power cord length allows this lamp to go anywhere!  I hate when lamps give you short cords. No worries this the Carla. They’ve got you covered.

The metal construction offers a tough, durable design. They’ve chosen a gold finish, and in the middle of the post, there’s an oval opening with a natural agate stone. The shade is made of white fabric.

Just a reminder to use care when cleaning the finish. A dry cloth is ideal. Avoid using chemicals or water. You don’t want to damage the finish.

Amora Lighting – Arched Lamp

Amora Lighting – Arched Lamp
  • Dimensions: 11″ shade diameter, 6. 75″ shade height – 62″ height with shade on
  • It’s suggested to use one 60-watt E26 incandescent bulb (not included) -…
  • This floor lamp features a foot switch – arrange the switch where you need it…

Amora Lighting is a popular brand using Tiffany style stained glass shades. This spectacular brand is imported, and you can tell. The craftsmanship is superb.

It offers a mid-century overseas design. Amora created a beautiful lamp that blends with all décor.

We aren’t kidding when we say it’s well-made. In fact, this lamp offers a far superior and pure stained-glass color than most ‘Tiffany’ styles. We also love the classic iron base that seems suited for a mid-century street light.

Amora didn’t include a bulb with their design, which today may be a blessing. So many companies are leaning toward built-in LEDs which takes away versatility. We get it, it’s more affordable for the company, but as a consumer, I’d prefer something where I can replace the bulb.

The design perk allows for the use of any bulb within the size of the American standard E26, such as A21 LED bulbs.

Amora didn’t slack when they handcrafted this product. In fact, not one Amora Lighting product is exact. You can buy from a similar collection, but each handcrafted lamp is one of a kind.

The stained-glass shade uses mineral oil to protect it, so only use a soft dry cloth to remove excess oil. Amora Lamps are quality-assured due to no mass production process. You won’t be disappointed with the arrival of a non-functioning product.

Brightech – Helix

Brightech – Helix
  • VERSATILE STAND UP LIGHT MATCHES RANGE OF DECOR: Put this upright, free standing…

Another remarkable lamp from Brightech is the Helix. This lamp is more appropriate for bedrooms, while it says it is a floor lamp, this lightweight product is short enough to go on a night stand. Standing at a total of four feet, you’ll want to prop this lamp up to maximize the illuminance. We’d suggest getting two and placing one on each side of the bed due to its short stature. This provides more robust lighting.

This lamp seems like it wants to be the centerpiece of the room. With the unique design you can be sure this lamp will work great for live-streamers or YouTubers who want to add personality to their backgrounds.

With Brightech, you’ll get their 3-Year Warranty which is a nice bonus. And with a wild 360° of light, you’ll love the intricate design. Also, while they do come with built-in LED Bulbs, luckily Brightech only uses the best bulbs meant to last 20 years.

Elegant Designs – EBZ

Elegant Designs – EBZ
  • Restoration Bronze Finish
  • Marbelized Amber Glass Shade
  • Uses 1 x 100 3 way Type A Medium Base Bulb (not included)

Elegant Designs surprised us with this beautiful torchiere lamp. It’s perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. This torchiere uses a remarkable marbleized glass shade and projects a light bronze aura. At the center, the bulb illuminates a glowing amber.

This company that’s been creating Elegant Designs is All the Rages. Their main goal is to produce quality home products that you can truly appreciate.

With a One-Year Warranty, you’re covered when it comes to manufacturer defects. While a bulb isn’t included this lamp, it does use compatible dimming bulbs, and can be used with smart switches.

You will want to pick up A21 – 100-Watt Equivalent LED Bulbs. The appealing part of this lamp is in its design. It’s made to last a generation with beauty and elegance.

I plan to have this lamp last through those generations. As with all valuable lamps, the finish is more fragile to chemical cleaners. Use a soft, dry cloth for the best results.

Simple Designs – SLV

Simple Designs – SLV
  • A charming, inexpensive, and practical floor lamp to meet your basic Lighting…
  • This simple mother/daughter floor lamp with Reading light features a painted…
  • Perfect for living room, bedroom, office, kids room, or college dorm

Simple Designs brings us the wonderfully crafted SLV. This modern torchiere lamp is sleek and clean. It also comes at an affordable price.

This floor-lamp is meant to meet all the basic and fundamental functions a lamp is designed for. The SLV allows for the A19 LED Bulbs at 100-Watts, which produces phenomenal light quality throughout the entire room.

This inexpensive lamp uses durable materials, which makes you appreciate that nothing is fancy about it, but it gets the job done. It’s the perfect choice for a minimalist.

The built-in 3-way switch allows you to dim the lights on a 3-way bulb, making this lamp a competitor to most if not all floor lamps for the bedroom.

Keep in mind if a 3-way bulb is not used, the settings won’t work correctly. With the gooseneck’s fully adjustable reading lamp, it makes it easier for you to complete your task without having to move the lamp.  The reading lamp uses a less powered 60-Watt A19 LED Bulb. 

Leonc Design – Tyvek Dupont Shade

Leonc Design – Tyvek Dupont Shade
  • ?PERFECT SIZE LOOKS GREAT WITH ANY DÉCOR:The Floor Lamp has a classic design…
  • ?BEAUTIFUL WARM LIGHT ATMOSPHERE: The texture in the fabric makes it almost…
  • ?FITS EASILY NEXT TO ANY ROOM : Easy to Assemble&Clean; within 15 minutes…

Leonc brings a special lamp to the bedroom. This large sheet shade lamp is elegantly curved. They use Tyvek Dupont material to create the shade. It has a masterful and elaborate look.

Standing at almost 6 feet tall, this lamp belongs in the current times with its modern appeal. The built-in dimming is a widely appreciated feature with all the devices we have today.

The Leonc is a space saver without a wide drum shade taking up more aerial real estate than the base of the lamp. It’s easy to assemble and requires no tools. The one flaw I found was the use of built-in LED bulbs. I prefer replaceable options.

The plus side is the 2700K Temperate light. This brings an elegant atmosphere to any bedroom making the room feel more inviting and comfortable.

Each one of these is great, but… What’s the best?

Brightech Maxwell

We went with a lamp that offered the most freedom. The Brightech Maxwell is the best as far as a bedroom is concerned. It offers all the utilities to make our life easier, while giving off impressive light.

While it’s not as sturdy as its variant the Drawer Edition, this one does offer 2-USB Charge ports at 2A to charge tablets and phones. These days, this is a must-have if you’re like me and use your phone as an alarm clock.

It can be a Chore Finding a Great Lamp for the Bedroom…

Finding a great lamp for your bedroom can be a task all in its own. Frustrating, fascinating, fun and depressing. It can be quite the thing to order a great lamp, thinking you’ve scored something special, only to be disappointed days after the purchase.

I hope this Top 10 list has given you some insight into the best brands and best lamps, so you can easily find the one best suited for your situation!

Here are a few more tips:

  • While not all lamp manufacturers offer warranties, not all of them are junk. It is a good rule of thumb to stay clear of a lamp that doesn’t have a warranty, unless you can trust the designer or company producing it.
  • The saying goes “You get what you pay for.” This isn’t always true. I’ve experienced pricey products that where garbage, and cheap products that virtually stole the marker. Make sure you always look at reviews! If you can’t find any it can be a gamble to know if you are being scammed. Know the brand so you don’t give away hard earn cash!
  • Always try to get a lamp that supports replacing bulbs. While LED last a long time, a lamp with no built-in bulb can last a lifetime. We highly recommend you look only at lamps that support the American Standard E26 Bulbs, as these will allow you to fit A15 up to A21 Size LED bulbs.


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