Top 10 Best Floor Lamps for Red Color

best red floor lamp

From toning up spaces to giving your room an elegant and warm touch, floor lamps transform your home with the versatile lighting options. The gentle glow and the unique, customizable designs of floor lamps accentuate the aesthetics of your home.

Rich in design and color, floor lamps are the perfect choice when it comes to giving your room that tinge of vitality and love that comes with red. The following is a review of the top ten best floor lamps for red color decoration.

5 “H Basketweave Floor Lamp

5 H Basketweave Floor Lamp
  • Perfect for patios or porches, this lamp has been outdoor tested to withstand…
  • Requires 1 60W bulb (not included) Equipped with a push button switch
  • Clean with a dry,clean cloth Assembly Required

Designed for both outdoor and indoor lighting purposes, 59.5 “H Basketweave Floor Lamp comes with a 144″ electric cord for the ultimate mobility experience. The long cord allows you to move the lamp to almost every location of the house, from a dark corner to partially lit and obstructed spaces within the house.

With Basketweave, you get a lamp with a rose-red color and a solid, heavy-duty for stability and durability. The incandescent bulb gives a warm light that readily transforms the ambience of your room.

This feel is further accentuated by the stained glass. At 17.6 pounds, the floor lamp is relative light and easy to carry around the house. The use of plastic in the basket-weave gives the lamp a long-lasting edge over most of its competitors.

If you are looking for an elegant and durable floor lamp for that ultimate moonlight experience on your porch, 59.5 “H Basketweave is your best bet. Easy to carry, install, and use, the lamp gives a soft glow that easily blends in with the rest of your house décor.

Dragonfly Torchiere Floor Lamp

Dragonfly Torchiere Floor Lamp
  • [QUALITY, SAFE CONSTRUCTION]: JONATHAN Y floor lamps are modern classics,…
  • [ENERGY-SAVING LED BULBS INCLUDED]: Compatible with Philips Hue and Alexa smart…
  • [SATISFACTION ]: Every JONATHAN Y design is created with uncompromising…

The Dragonfly Torchiere Floor Lamp is one of the best within the Tiffany-Style lighting designs. The lamp, with its dragonfly shade, leaves a lasting impression. Easy to assemble, the lamp comes with a 60-watt upward bulb. The dragonfly moniker comes from the unique patterns of the on the glass that resemble the markings on a dragonfly.

Due to the unique, multicolor patterns, the lamp accentuates the feel in the room when on and off. At 72 inches tall and weighing 17.8 pounds, Dragonfly Torchiere Floor Lamp illuminates not only the floors but also ceiling due to its reach. The multicolor glass gives your space a warm tone.

Homeowners can select from different color combinations, including red and orange, to give their rooms the ultimate warm ambiance. The lamp does not require external batteries and is primarily used for indoor lighting. Homeowners have the luxury of buying a bulb that meets their tastes and preferences since the lamp does not come with one.

MiniSun – Modern Gloss Red Ceramic & Silver Chrome Retro Style Floor Lamp

The lamp usually offers a nice and cozy light. It also takes up little space. The fabric shade can also be cleaned easily. The main issue is that the on/off switch is invisible.

If you are looking for a lamp that is shorter as compared to the standard floor lamps? A lamp that is taller than the standard table lamps? You should opt for the Minisun floor lamp. The lamp has a lightweight design. It is also 7 inches wide and 54 inches tall. As per the lamp’s dimensions, it is evident that it takes up little space.

The lamp can be placed in corners or any other suitable place in the house. The red shade makes the lamp fashionable, and it gives a spectacular background light. Although the lamp has a slim body, it usually stands well on the carpet. The lamp’s base is made of ceramic. Although the lamp looks expensive, it is affordable. After purchasing the lamp, you will realize that it will become among your best interior decorations.

Limelights LT2024-RED

Limelights LT2024-RED
  • Brushed Steel base with Charging Outlet
  • Fabric Shade
  • Perfect for bedrooms, kids room, college dorm, nursery, or fun office

Spotting one of the best lamp arcs in the market, Limelights LT2024-RED is a statement of sleekness. Standing at 71½” tall, the floor lamp uses halogen bulbs for a premium lighting experience. Using brushed nickel for the frame, the designers achieved a contemporary style that outcompetes many of its kind in the market. Weighing 32.6 pounds, the lamp comes complete with a stable and durable base made of heavy-duty metal. The red color of the plastic shade gives your room warmth, love, and liveliness.

Limelights LT2024-RED Floor Lamp is custom-made to suit the taste and preference of customers. Each detail and pattern on the lamp is intricately placed with the customer in mind. Such stylish design and patterns underscore the reputation of the lamp as one of the best for almost every space in the house. Even when the four-system switch if off, the lamp still radiates with elegance and accentuates the aura of your space.

Elegant Designs LF1002-RED Floor Lamp

Elegant Designs LF1002-RED Floor Lamp
  • Crystal drop floor lamp
  • A modern twist on a classic floor lamp
  • Features a sheer shade, flawless Chrome finish, and beautiful draping crystals

One of the few floor lamps specifically designed for the bedroom, Elegant Designs LF1002-RED Floor Lamp has both contemporary and classic designs that combine hanging sheer shade with crystals to give your bedroom a romantic appeal. The combination of designs aptly conveys the message of love, especially within the bedroom setting. The contemporary look is also achieved by giving the lamp a chrome finish. The lamp is highly durable because of the metallic frame.

At 14 pounds, Elegant Designs LF1002-RED Floor Lamp is one of the lightest floor lamps. Homeowners have the luxury of enjoying the gentle illumination of incandescent bulbs whose lights are toned by the red color of the shade. The lamp is highly stable due to the large and solid metal base. When you order for this lamp, the package comes complete with the base and electrical code. Easy to install and highly mobile, the 40-wattage lamp stands at just 61.5″ high. The height is particularly ideal for evenly spreading the red and gentle glow of the bulb throughout the bedroom.

Ore International 9300F-BK-RD Modern Retro Floor Lamp

Designed explicitly by incorporating eco-friendly features, Ore International 9300F-BK-RD Modern Retro Floor Lamp oozes class. The contemporary design of the lamp is achieved by combining black and red colors in the lighting shade. The lamp comes with a chrome finish for the ultimate modern style that fits with living rooms and even the bedroom. The lamp weighs 11.85 pounds and is 66 inches tall. Such elevation allows for even distribution of light throughout the room when the lamp is switched on.

While the 100 wattage puts the modern retro floor lamp at a slight disadvantage when it comes to power consumption, it makes up for it with durability and eco-friendliness. The lamp is very stable due to the solid metallic base. The metal material used for making the stand is sturdy and long-lasting. The black and red lampshade is cleanable. The lamp also comes with a switching cord that can be pulled easily to switch the lamp on or off. Even when switched off, the lamp adds to the aesthetic value of your house.

Koncept MC1-WHT-FLR Tono – LED Mood Light, White Finish

Koncept MC1-WHT-FLR Tono – LED Mood Light, White Finish
  • Finish: White
  • Lamp Type: LED
  • Material: Aluminum, Plastic

Made from recyclable aluminum, Koncept MC1-WHT-FLR Tono – LED Mood Light, White Finish is one of the most innovative floor lamps available in the market today. A statement of tech-savviness and creativity, the lamp has a simple design and functionality that leave a lasting impression. The lamp uses mercury-free LED lights to achieve one of the best low-energy consumption rates in the floor lamp industry.

The lamp uses a touch-sensitivity dimming. The numerous color combinations that come with this floor lamp can give your room a wide range of ambiances. From party to funky and cool, the lamp effortlessly accentuates the beauty and mood within the room through different combinations of multiple colors. Solely designed for indoor lighting Koncept MC1-WHT-FLR Tono – LED Mood Light, White Finish weighs just over 8 pounds.

It has a height of 49 inches and solid aluminum for stability. The lamp adds a sense of luxury and contemporary feel to your home. It comes fitted with a bulb and has a capacity of 18 watts. The lamp is easy to assemble and comes with an installation and maintenance manual. Koncept MC1-WHT-FLR Tono – LED Mood Light, White Finish comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty and is certified by several entities.

Lady Costanza Floor Lamp

Capable of a 360° rotation on its solid and sturdy base, Lady Costanza Floor Lamp is a combination of elegance and technology. It is one of the best floor lamps based on user-friendly features and functional flexibility. The lampshade is made of a luminous material that gives a cool and gentle aura to your room.

The diffuser technology infused within the shade ensures that light diffuses throughout the room. The flexible handle and rotating head allow homeowners to use the lamp in multiple locations within the house. From the dining table to bedroom and reading tables, Lady Costanza Floor Lamp can fit in any space within the house. The lamp is very mobile, help in part by its long electric cord.

Additionally, many people would find the lamplight. The base is made of solid metal, giving the lamp unrivaled stability because of the lighter top half, including the diffuser. The Lady Costanza Floor Lamp is a high-end floor lamp that combines contemporary style to give your room the ultimate red-themed makeover. The low-wattage lamp uses halogen bulbs, which are renowned for their cool lights.

Euro Style Collection Lisboa Tripod Floor Lamp

Euro Style Collection Lisboa Tripod Floor Lamp
  • Tripod Standing Lamp – This beautiful floor lamp features three stable legs…
  • Premium Fabric Shade – These tall lamps come with five original lampshade…
  • Decorative Placement – Euro Style Collection lamps can be used for reading,…

Euro Style Collection Lisboa Tripod Floor Lamp is a 63″ inch tall floor lamp that combines excellent craftsmanship with sleekness to give your room an aesthetic value that extends beyond attractive lighting. When switched off, the tripods and splendid lamp shade material add to the decoration of your house. One of the stable legs act as a tube for the electric cord. The legs are strong and widely placed to give the lamp stability.

At 63″ inch tall, the lamp will tower above some of the existing décors while also blending in perfectly with its unique design. The red color of the lampshade gives your space a great background and warm feel. The tripod floor lamp has a 110 wattage threshold and weighs 9 pounds. Primarily an indoor lighting option, consider using the tripod floor lamp in the living area as it will add modernity and elegance to the space.

Elegant Designs LF1002-RED Floor Lamp, Red

The lamp produces a bright light. It is also easy to assemble. The lamp is also appealing since it has draping crystals; as a result, the lamp will look great in a modern or classic house. Since the lamp is not waterproof, it is only suitable for indoor use. If you are looking for an elegant floor lamp, you should opt for the elegant designs red floor lamp.

The top part of the lamp comprises of two parts; the shade and the chandelier. The sheer shade comes in handy since it helps to transmit the light. It also contributes significantly to the lamp’s brightness levels. When you turn on the lamp, the hanging crystals usually spark like stars. The lamp helps to create a dreamy atmosphere for children. As for the couples, they will enjoy the romantic ambiance provided by the lamp.

How To Pick The Best Floor Lamp

Picking the best floor lamp is an overwhelming experience due to the numerous retailers. The following are some of the factors to consider when shopping for the best floor lamp:

  1. Budget: Before scouring the Internet for the best deals on floor lamps, develop a budget. Write down a rough estimate of what you plan on spending purchasing the lamp. However, be flexible to accommodate market certainties. The best way to budget is by assessing your needs then gathering information on the prices of the floor lamps.
  2. Assess and understand your lighting needs: Some floor lamps are suitable for indoor or outdoor while others can work in both settings. Others also fit perfectly in the bedroom or the den. Knowing what you need can help in narrowing down your search and saves time and money. Outdoor lighting requires floor lamps capable of withstanding the elements of weather without diminishing functionality. On the other hand, indoor floor lamps tend to have exquisite designs meant to add to the aesthetic value of your house even if it is switched off.
  3. Durability: In some cases, manufacturers sacrifice durability for beauty and elegance. While a stunning floor lamp will brighten your den, the value will be short-lived. Always go for floor lamps with sturdy metallic bases, a strong stand, and a durable shade. Make sure that the lamp base is made of rust and scratch-resistant materials.
  4. Seek for referrals: Always seek referrals from loved ones and colleagues. You’ll get a retailer with a proven track record of high-quality floor lamps. Additionally, if the retailer has a webpage, always go through their page and read the product and customer relation reviews. Collect the information before settling on any floor lamp retailer. Red flags such as poor ratings by customers and low scores by regulatory bodies should be ignored.
  5. Check for warranty: Floor lamps are relatively costly. Depending on the design, some lamps retail prices exceed $2000. Therefore, asking for a warranty will help in loosing such large sums of money. Always ask for the company’s return policy in case of a defect; this will ensure that you get value for your money while also not taking unnecessary risks in the process.
  6. Shop around before making decisions: Before making the purchase, scour the Internet for the best deals. Go through the catalog of products available online and compare the features, functionality, and prices of the floor lamps from different retailers. Make purchase only after making sure that the price matches the features and functionalities.
  7. If unsure, ask for professional help: There hundreds of retailers and thousands of brands and products available in the market. Sometimes selecting from the large pool of products and retailers can be overwhelming. Entrust the decision to certified professionals who have the know-how, experience, and skills to identify the best floor lamp that suit your needs.


Floor lamps serve both decorative and lighting purposes within the home. The elegant styles and designs of floor lamps make them some of the best additions to any space. Homeowners are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the best lamp. Narrowing down the choices calls for understanding your lighting needs, working within your budget, and checking the manufacturer’s warranty.


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