Top 10 Best Floor Lamps for Reading

floor lamp for reading

Feeling a Little Annoyed with Your Reading Light?

One of the things that will never go away, even as we age, is our imagination. This is what makes reading a novel so incredible. But be wary, becoming immersed in a remarkable journey can come at a price. If you’re using a light that doesn’t produce good light quality or natural lighting technologies, you’ll end up with eye strain and fatigue.

This list will feature lamps that have been proven to be solid choices for reading. We also focus on the safest light quality.

Today’s advancement in technology makes getting a safe light that saves energy a reality. And you don’t have to sacrifice superior lighting.

While traditional lightbulbs are great, they burn out easily. We’ll be looking at lamps that mostly use LED Technology or use open bulb sockets so you can decide what’s best for you!

Brightech – Montage

Brightech – Montage

The Brightech Montage uses a hanging style lamp to produce great reading light with proper diffusion. This provide you with maximum lighting, while not disturbing anyone else.

With its professional design, is goes great by a desk in the office. Due to the floor switch, you’ll will want to keep this near furniture to minimize the risk of tripping over the cord.

The Montage sports a classy modern design with a wide drum shade. It has a masculine feel to it, which gives it strong appeal.

This lamp stands tall and offers the option to use replaceable bulbs. A 9-Watt bulb will be included, but you can use any bulb up to 60-Watts with this beautiful lamp.

Brightech protects your investment with a great 3-Year Warranty. We like that they stand behind their products.

The Montage is compatible with smart outlets and smart homes like the Alexa and Google Assistant. The elegant Montage is affordable and high-quality. The light is well-balanced and can be easily repositioned due to its light-weight construction.

This lamp will be the perfect bedside companion for reading or in the living room.

Brightech – Twist

Brightech – Twist
  • HIGH BRIGHTNESS, WITH 3 WAY BUILT IN DIMMING – The Brightech Twist produces high…

The Brightech Twist is another great lamp from one of the leading companies in lighting solutions. They offer the best in lighting quality, while projecting a smooth soft white.

This lamp creates a vast amount of light and uses a minor amount of energy. Also, the Twist is tall enough to be set on the ground next to your favorite reading area, but still small enough to be placed on a table or nightstand.

The Twist doesn’t produce light like a task lamp, since it’s been designed specifically for readers.

It projects an impressive max 1350 lumens at a power saving 20-Watts. It also delivers a comfortable temperature of 3000K.

In case you’re wondering, this lamp isn’t compatible with smart outlets.

The Twist is backed by Brightechs 3-Year Warranty. Expect a 20-year lifespan with this amazing lamp!

Phive – Floor Lamp

Phive – Floor Lamp
  • Highly Adjustable: Durable gooseneck design allows you to adjust the light…
  • 4 Modes & 5 Level Dimmer: With sensitive touch control, customize your personal…
  • Handy and Useful: Reading in sofa, working on bench, studying on desk, relaxing…

Phive is well known for their task lamps and architect lamps. It’s no surprise they would impress us with a convenient floor lamp.

Its contemporary design allows for its base to be tucked under a bed, leaving the fully adjustable gooseneck to hover conveniently over you as you read.

With the gooseneck, you can direct light however you please. Increasing your control of light, Phive also included 5 dimming levels with four temperature modes for you.

The lamp is built to last 25 years. This amazing lamp only uses 12-Watts of power and comes with an 18-Month Warranty. This gives you reassurance. You’re looking at a quality product and they stand behind their lamps.

Phive made this gooseneck small and durable, standing at almost 4-feet. It makes the floor lamp primarily a reading light, with the ability to work as a good task lamp as well.

Simple Designs – SLV

Simple Designs – SLV
  • A charming, inexpensive, and practical floor lamp to meet your basic Lighting…
  • This simple mother/daughter floor lamp with Reading light features a painted…
  • Perfect for living room, bedroom, office, kids room, or college dorm

Simple Designs offer an affordable choice for anyone looking for a high-quality reading lamp.

They chose an exquisite smooth look and stuck to basics. This gooseneck adjustable reading lamp makes the SLV a worthwhile investment. And while bulbs aren’t included, we like that you can take full control of your lighting to choose the bulbs you prefer.

Simple Designs opted for modern appeal when creating this lamp. It illuminates up to 1600 lumens. Once you’ve installed a 3-Way Dim bulb, the lamp will be compatible with smart outlets and smart home assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant.

The reading lamp will produce up to 900 lumens with its 60-Watt support for light bulbs. The reading lamp still allows you to choose a fairly powerful bulb, making this a great task lamp as well.

Brightech – Sparq

Brightech – Sparq

Brightech’s Sparq is a hanging lamp and works perfectly as a bedside or couch companion. This innovative design allows for a far-reaching light and creates soft enjoyable warm white light without causing eye fatigue or eye stress.

The weighed base keeps the Sparq from tipping due to its long-arch design, which is needed. This lamp was intended to be used around couches for reading.

It features 3-way dimmability, which is convenient for your lighting needs.  The Brightech Sparq produces 680 lumens making this lamp bright. All bulbs from Brightech are expected to last 20 years.

The Sparq is protected with a 3-Year Warranty giving you peace of mind when it comes to your investment. The Sparq also comes in a few variants. The black model will produce 680 lumens, and the silver model will produce 850 lumens.  The one we’ve just reviewed is the black model.

Gladle – Floor Lamp

Gladle – Floor Lamp
  • Super-Bright: The sleek modern designed floor lamp is assembled with 100 LED…
  • Customized Illumination: The floor lamp for living room delivers 3 color…
  • Compatible With Smart Plugs: The tall lamp works well with smart plugs (NOT…

Introducing a Gooseneck design and efficient lighting, we’ve got the Gladle. We love that they offer advanced LED technology in a floor lamp.

The Gladle is adaptable and blends well with most modern décor and popular appliances.

Using the gooseneck, you can easily use this as a task lamp or to direct the light toward reading materials. Gladle created a beautiful light projecting 1800 lumens up to a color temperature of 6000K. This Color mode allows the light to be a sharp cool white.

The 360° adjustable gooseneck makes this lamp great for fitting in between furniture.

The Gladle is a tall lamp with 3 color modes and 5 brightness levels. One of the things we appreciate is that this model doesn’t use a floor switch. You don’t need to conveniently tuck away cords. Using simple touch controls, this stylish lamp offers modern appeal. With a weighed base this lamp won’t tip over from normal adjustments.

Noonext – Floor Lamp

Noonext – Floor Lamp
  • Touch & remote control with easy operation standing floor lamp: Dual operation…
  • 4 color modes, 5 brightness levels adjustment and 6 scene modes: the floor lamp…
  • Good for your power bill & Eyes-care: The 84 LED bulbs use only 9 watts of power…

Noonext introduced a wonderful floor lamp. With dimmable technology and a 9-Watt LED Bulb, the Noonext floor lamp is a great choice. This lamp includes a selection of 5 brightness levels and 3 color temperature. This makes Noonext a versatile lamp for reading.

It’s also perfect for the living room using a modern design. With a 360° gooseneck, it fits the needs of any avid reader.

This stylish lamp offers flexibility and functionality. The gooseneck allows you to adjust the head as a hanging arch or an inverted arc.

Convenience is important, as well as not having any unsightly cords sticking out. Noonext also included convenient touch controls for dimming and operating the lamp.

As a bonus, the lamp also comes with a remote control for more comfortable immersion inside your reading journey. It offers a bright 1000 lumens at a very detailed cool white light of 5500K.

Sunllipe – Reading Torchiere

Sunllipe – Reading Torchiere
  • ★ 18W + 5W LED ENERGY SAVING – Adopting 2 LED Bulbs, this torchiere floor lamp…
  • ★ DIMMABLE BRIGHTNESS & READING LAMP – Except for a 18-watt main lamp, there…
  • ★ ROTARY HEAD & METAL MATERIAL – The round lamp head can be rotated into any…

This is a great torchiere for readers and hobbyists! The Sunliipe floor lamp gives a great warm white light of 3000K.

This is a far more comfortable light for reading. It produces the least eye fatigue and strain which is important for reading. Especially when you’re immersed in a great story and don’t want to stop because your eyes are tired!

Using stepless dimmer allows you to control the brightness comfortably. It even lets you choose a level that’s good for a quick nap.

The adjustable 360° lamp head allows for great control over the direction of light.

Sunllipe knows energy efficiency is important which is why their reading torchiere only uses 23-Watts of energy. This lamp offers a max 2160 lumens. Sunllipe also protects your investment with a 1-Year Warranty.

With its silver finish it’s recommended that you not use water or chemicals to clean it. We suggest a dry cloth to avoid damaging the finish.

O’Bright – 3-in-1 Floor Lamp

O’Bright – 3-in-1 Floor Lamp
  • Built-in LED Tube – The standing lamp is built-in a high efficient LED tube…
  • 360 Degree Rotatable Head – This floor lamp is not only designed for corner…
  • Dimmable [Full Range Dimming] – The LED floor lamp is built-in a touch dimmer…

O’Bright makes bright lighting solutions at a remarkable and affordable price! The 3-in-1 LED Floor lamp by O’Bright is a testament to that.

Using a 360° rotating non-swivel head, this lamp can direct light in a manner that turns this lamp into a down-light, up-light, or even rotate it towards the wall to create a wall light! Phew, that was a mouthful.

The O’Bright is compatible with smart homes, making the use of smart outlets no issue at all.

You’ll receive a high-quality light projecting an ultra-bright 2000 lumens. Needing only 30-Watts of power to achieve this saves you energy compared to traditional 100-Watt bulbs.

With all O’Bright lamps you can expect a very long-life span of 20 years.

By delivering bright light in a color temperature of 3000K, this is perfect for reading, and simulates normal daylight perfectly.

Expect a 1-Year Warranty with the O’Bright brand. This is good for peace of mind!

Elegant Designs – RBZ

Elegant Designs – RBZ
  • Restoration Bronze finish
  • Champagne scalloped glass shades
  • Main light uses: 1 x 100W medium base Type a bulb (not included) reading lights…

The RBZ Tree Style floor lamp by Elegant Designs is beautiful. Standing up to its name, it truly has an elegant appearance. Also, this lamp stands 6 feet tall.

This Torchiere is robust and offers a 3-Bulb lamp set-up.  The RBZ uses beautiful champagne scalloped glass shades to diffuse light. This creates an amazingly relaxed light.

The dark bronze finish will need to be cleaned with a dry cloth. Be sure not to use chemicals or water as it can damage the finish.

The main lamp head uses a bright A21 LED bulb up to 100-Watt equivalent! The two side reading lamps can use up to 60-Watt equivalent bulbs.

The switch allows for turning on 1 or more of the lamps acting as a 3-way switch. We like this convenience as it allows you to control the lighting environment to suit your personal needs.

Elegant Design’s RBZ is a great reading light while acting as the primary hub of any room. With the beautiful design, it easily becomes the centerpiece for any home.

With ultra-bright lighting capabilities, the RBZ is one of the most competitive reading lamps on our list. Oh, and both of the side lamps have adjustable goosenecks for unlimited flexibility.

The Community has Chosen the Best Reading Floor Lamp to be…

Elegant Designs – RBZ
  • Restoration Bronze finish
  • Champagne scalloped glass shades
  • Main light uses: 1 x 100W medium base Type a bulb (not included) reading lights…

The community has reviewed each lamp. They’ve chosen the best lamp in the category of reading floor lamps is the Elegant Designs, RBZ!

This Lamp is beautiful, keeping a traditional style. It’s practical for most décors and lifestyles.

Using high-quality materials makes this lamp appeal to most. Offering unrivaled lighting capabilities with multiple lamp heads, makes this a win. We also love that all the bulbs are replaceable, which extends its lifespan.

Having access to modern LED bulbs gives you control over energy savings and illumination. Also, having two reading side lamps gives this floor lamp the most versatility in where it can be placed, allowing it to add to your quality of life.

You Might be Looking for Something Different…

  • There are many different designs and qualities of lamps. Crafting lamps with innovation and great design, means there’s a variable selection of choices. Hopefully, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. Before starting your search, be sure to check out tips below so you can get the best light for your needs.
  • Always look for a warranty, not that all companies that don’t offer one are bad, but unless that lamp is hand crafted you will want a warranty.
  • Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) and Incandescent bulbs are worth avoiding. Both CFL and tradition standard incandescent bulbs use far more energy than the light they provide. We always recommend lamps that don’t come with bulbs so you can use LEDs and have an indefinite lifespan.
  • If the product just came out and you are a fan of the brand, seeing no reviews isn’t a problem. If you can’t find much information on the lamp or any reviews, it’s best to avoid the product all together.


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