Top 10 Best Floor Lamps For Home Office

best lamp for home office

A floor lamp, as its name suggests, refers to a lighting device usually placed on the ground. The height of the lamp typically ranges from about 4 to 6 feet. This is based on its functionality. Because and light is elevated, it will provide a basic illusion of a space that seems vertical, thereby, making it a perfect light decoration for homes as well as commercial spaces. Floor lamps are also pretty easy to install.

They are also available in different designs. But, apart from the aesthetic appeal they have, most floor lights provide a broad range of stylish as well as unique uses and applications.  From vintage pharmacy lamps to picturesque, floor lamps have a way of providing utilitarian benefits. If relaxing in your living room when taking a cup of coffee is all you need at that moment, then your floor lamp will come in handy without a doubt.

These floor lamps can light up a shoulder-level are even if you are just seated. And because of their length, they are ideal for evening reading as well as other additional tasks that can be done in a single seated position.

So in this review, we have selected 10 of the best floor lamps there are on the market. Happy reading!

Boston Harbor 3-Light Tree Lamp

Boston Harbor 3-Light Tree Lamp
  • Boston harbor 3 light black tree lamp
  • Spotlights can rotate 350 degrees and pivot 45 degrees to shine light anywhere
  • Uses three 60 watt maximum a19 incandescent bulbs (sold separately)

At first, you will realize that the floor lamp usually provides the maximum amount of light possible. The home office will be well-lit, and you can engage in tasks such as reading conveniently. The lamp’s design is also appealing.

Some of the notable features of the Boston Harbor tree lamp include the presence of three light sources. All the light sources usually branch from the lamp’s central platform. Every spotlight also has its independent switch; as a result, you can control the floor lamp’s light intensity.

The Boston harbour floor lamp also has rotatable lamps. The lamp can also rotate to 350 degrees freely. Such a feature ensures that you can focus the lamp’s light on a specific place in the home office.

Ikea Holmo 46 Inch Floor Lamp with Led Bulb

Ikea is a revered lamps manufacturer. The company has gained a positive reputation over the years since the firm manufactures quality products. When manufacturing each lamp, Ikea mainly focuses on ensuring that all its clients are satisfied with the quality of the products they are offering.

The Ikea Holmo lamp has numerous features, including an LED bulb. The LED bulbs offer the best performance since they are durable and energy-efficient. The LED bulbs are quite durable as compared to the regular incandescent light bulbs.

The floor lamp also has a trendy design. It can also fit in any space, be it your living room or home office. If your main focus is on luxury, you should opt for the Ikea Holmo floor lamp.

Brightech-Sparq LED Floor Lamp

Brightech is among the companies that have proven to be quite innovative. The company has managed to also come up with the Sparq LED floor lamp. The lamps manufactured by Brightech serve a particular purpose. The Sparq LED floor lamp is suitable for use in the home office. The lamp can illuminate your home office accordingly. Since Brightech has utilized LED technology, the lamp is energy efficient. Also, the lamp can last for a prolonged period. Additionally, the lamp has a flexible metal stand. The lamp has a capacity of 15 watts, and you can enjoy the soft light that it produces when you turn it on.

Brightech Tripod Floor Lamp

Brightech Tripod Floor Lamp
  • STYLISH DESIGN AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE: Fashioned of authentic wood, birch-toned…
  • WRAP-AROUND CYLINDRICAL SHADE: Evoking the quiet understatement of traditional…
  • DISCREET DÉCOR: The Emma Tripod pairs especially well in any living space with…

There are different types of floor lamps, and they all have different designs. Each design usually focuses on certain aspects. The Brightech Tripod lamp has various features that guarantee efficiency and stability. The lamp’s design ensures that the lamp is stable, and it cannot be knocked down easily.

As a consumer, the main focus is on ensuring that you have acquired a product that guarantees value for your money. The tripod lamp manufactured by Brightech has an aesthetic design. It is also manufactured using high-quality materials. For instance, Brightech made use of birch-toned stands and top-notch wood to ensure that the lamp is stable and durable. The lamp’s features ensure that it has a classic look.

When looking for a floor lamp for your home office, you will realize that the 3-way lighting capacity comes in handy. The lamp has three main bulbs, and they have been wrapped in a cylindrical manner. The bulbs can also be fitted easily. The base light also has a capacity of 200 watts.

Brightech SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

Brightech SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

Brightech is a renowned company when it comes to manufacturing lamps. In this blog, the main focus is on floor lamps for the home office. Brightech managed to come up with the Brightech Sky LED Torchiere floor lamp. The lamp is white. It also has an exquisite design that is appealing. The lamp is lightweight, and that means it is portable. The portability factor offers some form of convenience. Since Brightech has utilized LED technology, the lamp is energy efficient, and that means you will save a significant amount of money on electricity bills.

The lamp also has a long life span as compared to some of the standard lamps. The Sky LED Torchiere floor lamp utilizes LED technology, and that is the main reason why the lamp can last for at least three decades. The durability factor comes in handy, and that is why the Sy LED Torchiere floor lamp is among the ideal lamps in the market.

We had earlier looked into the portability factor. After purchasing the floor lamp, you can easily move it from one part of the home office to another. Also, you can move the floor lamp to any other room; nevertheless, keep in mind that the floor lamp is ideal for the home office.

Normande Lighting Floor Lamps

Normande Lighting Floor Lamps
  • 100-watt torchiere floor lamp with 40-watt side reading lamp
  • Black painted finish; frosted glass shades with wire-metal decor; leaf and vine…
  • Rotary 3-way switch turns on torchiere, reading light, or both

The Normande floor lamp has a fascinating design. The lamp is unique in its own way. The lamp’s quality is also outstanding. The lamp has a combination of glass shades that have been coupled with metal décor to ensure that it has an excellent look. Also, the lamp has two sources of light. The Normande floor lamp also has a capacity of 60 watts. Another notable feature is the three-way rotary switch. Some of these features usually come in handy when you engage in activities such as reading. The lamp’s efficiency and durability also ensure that you have gotten value for your money.

Ikea Floor Uplight Lamp

Ikea Floor Uplight Lamp
  • Use an opal light bulb if you have an ordinary lamp shade or lamp and want an…
  • Light bulbs are sold separately
  • This product requires assembly

Ikea has gained a positive reputation since they produce products that have a unique look. The firm mainly focuses on unique designs. The Ikea floor uplight lamp has different features, including portability. The lamp is light, and you can easily move it from one place to another within your home office. Ikea has also manufactured the floor lamp using quality materials. Some of the materials used during the manufacturing process include steel, polypropylene, and polyethylene. When a product is made using high-quality materials, the target clients will be satisfied with the final product. The lamp is also durable, and its performance is excellent.

Brightech SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamp Sleek Black Design

Brightech mainly focuses on convenience and longevity. The SKY LED torchiere floor lamp has a sleek black design that is quite appealing. During the manufacturing process, the firm focused on the needs of its consumers who were interested in acquiring a floor lamp for their home office.

The lamp has many features, including anti-overheating. The lamp’s design also ensures that each of its features work synchronously; as a result, the lamp cannot overheat. Additionally, the warm white color emanating from the lamp does not also produce any heat as compared to the traditional lamps that do not utilize LED technology.

The lamp also has a controllable light intensity. You can easily control the light intensity being produced by the lamp. To control the light intensity of the lamp, you will utilize the 3-step dimmer. The dimmer allows you to choose the light intensity you prefer depending on the tasks that you are handling.

Simple Designs Floor Lamp

Simple Designs Floor Lamp
  • A charming, inexpensive, and practical floor lamp to meet your basic Lighting…
  • This simple mother/daughter floor lamp with Reading light features a painted…
  • Perfect for living room, bedroom, office, kids room, or college dorm

The lamp has a simple layout. The lamp’s simple design may be appealing to different users. When purchasing a floor lamp, some people usually consider the aesthetic aspects of the lamp instead of considering the lamp’s actual performance. Although the floor lamps generally serve as decorations, they also provide actual lighting.

The simple designs floor lamp has two lamps; as a result, it can provide proper lighting for your home office. The side lamp usually comes in handy, and it can be used as a reading lamp. It is convenient since it also provides extra functionality. Instead of combining two lamps, you can have one floor lamp that caters to all your lighting needs in your home office.

Another notable feature of the simple designs floor lamp is its portability since. You can easily move the lamp around the home office or the living room. During the design phase, the manufacturer focused on convenience. After purchasing the lamp, you will get value for your money.

Lavish Home Natural Full Spectrum Sunlight Floor Lamp

Lavish Home Natural Full Spectrum Sunlight Floor Lamp
  • Superior & natural lighting; Made with modern lighting technology
  • Lights up a room over 350 sq. ft.; Flexible goose neck adjusts to any task or…
  • 27-Watt bulb – a much light as an ordinary 150-Watt bulb

The floor lamp has an appealing design that will suit your natural sunlight therapy. The floor lamp showcases the importance of innovation in the technology industry. The design has mainly focused on replicating something natural; however, in this case, the manufacturer has utilized some artificial elements. The manufacturer succeeded in ensuring that the lamp is reliable and easy to use.

When looking for a floor lamp for your home office, you should always carry out some in-depth analysis so that you can ascertain that the lamp you have chosen is of good quality. Since this lamp replicates natural light, it comes in handy since it helps to reduce the eye strain and the weariness that comes about when there is intense lighting in a room. The home office will be conducive, and you can use the floor lamp when working or reading.

The lamp also has some suitable features, including an adjustable gooseneck. The adjustable gooseneck comes in handy since you can turn the lamp in any direction. If you want to read, you can adjust the gooseneck such that the light emitted by the lamp will enable you to read conveniently.

How to pick the best floor lamp for your home office

There are many factors that you should consider when purchasing a floor lamp for your home office. Some of the main factors that you should consider include:


A floor lamp is supposed to serve a particular purpose. In this case, the main focus was on floor lamps for the home office. Some of the questions that you should ask yourself include, would you like to guide the light to a particular spot in the home office? Do you want the floor lamp to light the entire home office? Maybe you need an adjustable floor lamp? Some of these questions will guide you accordingly. For instance, the floor lamps that have adjustable goosenecks are adjustable, and they may fit your needs accordingly.


First, figure out the main reason why you need a floor lamp. After that, you will manage to purchase a lamp that suits your needs. The height of the lamp matters since you should shield yourself from the bright light produced by the lamp.


There are many floor lamps in the market; however, each floor lamp is meant to serve a particular purpose. For starters, you should make sure that you have chosen a floor lamp that suits the style in your home office. Also, the specific place whereby you will position the floor lamp matters.


Before you purchase a floor lamp, you should make sure that it is reliable and durable. Ensure that you have bought a strong, solid, and firm floor lamp; that is the main reason why you should purchase a floor lamp that has been manufactured by a renowned company.


Although a lamp’s design matters, it is advisable to look beyond the decorative aspects of the floor lamps. The main factors to consider include the lamp’s functionality. You should know the difference between a quality and an average lamp. A quality lamp will eliminate all the inconveniences brought about by an improper source of light. We have looked into the ten best floor lamps for your home office, as the buyer, you should acquire a lamp that will give you value for your money.


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