Top 10 Best Cordless Desk Lamps

best cordless desk lamp

Let’s look at community-proven reviews to see what most people are saying. Ready to invest wisely?

The cordless revolution has made life easier. We love the modern convenience of lightweight appliances, and the ability to move around without being anchored in one place. What about you? That’s why we wanted to check out the top 10 best cordless desk lamps. Who couldn’t use something as handy as this?

When looking at cordless desk lamps, one of the common elements you’ll see is the LED lighting technology. That means they’re both long-lasting and energy efficient. This is the same technology they use in car headlights now!

The lightweight element is great when you’re on the go, like traveling via bus, train, or plane. Another great option is the ability to use the portable light to be able to work without disturbing your significant other if they’re sleeping.

A handy feature of these chosen lamps it the ability to recharge them. Charge them up, then take them with you. I hate when I don’t have a handy outlet. Thinking about when you go to a hotel, and the outlet is across the room, or in some weird spot that doesn’t work for you. No more worries with these. They go with you, where you are, regardless of where the power outlets are in the room.

If you’re in search of a bright light with easy mobility, you’ll love our list of top 10 cordless desk lamps. Keep reading to see what we’ve chosen and why. Looking to spruce up your desk with some electronics? Check out the best electronics for your desk.

Afortlo – Rechargeable LED Desk Lamp

Afortlo – Rechargeable LED Desk Lamp
  • ✔As Bright as Cordless 7W Desk Lamp–SuitabLe for…
  • ✔Special No Fading Design—The light is the same until the battery run out to…
  • ✔3 Color Changeable and Stepless Adjustable Brightness –3500K/5500K/4000K…

Afortlo comes with an innovative design. It’s sleek and modern and offers varying degrees of brightness. That means you can work on your thing, maybe studying or reading, while not bothering your roommate’s gaming session.

The lamp stands at 13 ½ inches and fits beautifully next to a computer when you’re stuck working late at night. The best part? No screen glare.

You’ll also like that it can be used as a nightlight. Perfect for the kids who might be afraid of the dark. The dimmability makes this a win in our books, as it allows you to customize the lamp to your needs, whether that’s light for reading or super bright for hobbies.

The lamp uses a 7-watt built in LED bulb and gives off a safe, cool light. Ready to be impressed? For emergencies can double as a flashlight! How handy is that? I know, we love that, too.

Another thing is that the light doesn’t fade to conserve battery power. What that means for you is that it keeps the same brightness until the battery is exhausted. It offers a brightness range from 3500K to 5500K.

This battery is solid at 2500mAh which allows for 5 hours on the highest brightness, or up to 2 full days on the dim level. Now that’s a keeper.

Bonashi – Cordless LED Desk Lamp

Bonashi – Cordless LED Desk Lamp
  • Adjustable Angle–180 degree rotation that it is easy to get the light to shine…
  • Eye Protection–table lamp offers 3 brightness levels for each mode. Just touch…
  • Advanced Technology–Built-in 3 in 1 LCD Display, easy to set alarm clock if…

Bonashi is a newer contender. Their cordless LED desk lamp is a nice introduction to the field of lighting appliances.

They’ve created a lamp with high quality innovations. Bonashi’s light is bright and flexible for personal desktop use.

This won’t light an entire room. With its directed LED bulbs, the lamp is designed to only illuminate in the direction of the bulb. That means you can focus on what you need to do without bothering somebody else in the room.

The Bonashi cordless lamp features a crisp LED display in the center of the stand which displays the current time and date, as well as being offering a built-in alarm clock.

I found removing the base of this lamp allowed me to mount it to the wall above my bed making this the best portable reading light. The LED lights are designed to last a long time and uses almost no energy. This Bonashi lamp may be the only lightweight discrete lamp you need.

Rozky – Cordless LED Desk Lamp

Rozky – Cordless LED Desk Lamp
  • LED Rechargeable Table Lamp:Modern battery operated LED lamp with high quality…
  • Mini Lamp: Small desk lamp easy to be packed in backpack, briefcase, bag,…
  • Cordless Task lights: Dimmable lamp with 3 level modes and 3 color…

Rozky offers an innovative and rechargeable desk lamp. The portable lamp includes a built-in LED bulb. That means that there are no leaks of UV radiation that can be found in compact fluorescent lights (CFL).

It also reduces blue-light high energy from being projected from other devices like LED or LCD TV’s and monitors.

Equipped with a dimming option, you can keep it comfortable for any lighting situation. The innovative directed light feature means it will only light up what’s below it, not what’s around. This makes for a perfect, discrete light for late nights.

There’s no flickering and no fading. It’s a long-lasting light which you’ll appreciate. Want to see how long? How about a max of 30 hours when set to the dim option!

Rozky made their lamp foldable, too. Now, that’s clever. You can easily slide it into your backpack and take it with you. The cordless lamp offers lighting between 2800K and 5700K.

LuxLumi – Study Mate

LuxLumi – Study Mate
  • PORTABLE & USB RECHARGEABLE: Our Sleek Study Mate Foldaway Lamp features 7 hours…
  • EYE-CARING LED DESK LAMP: Each ultrathin lamp contains 28 LED eco-friendly &…
  • DIMMABLE: All lights feature a 3-level dimmable tap / touch control button,…

One of the more impressive lamps that made our top 10 list is the LuxLumi. Read on to find out why.

The LuxLumi Study Mate Task Lamp is one of our favorites.

Everybody is always on the go, and with a busy lifestyle comes the need for portable and easy to transport items. LuxLumi has you covered. They have a low power usage lamp that’s both long-lasting and rechargeable.

But it’s more than that.

While the lamp offers a much brighter lamp then the others it doesn’t offer the same battery size. It uses an efficient 900mAh lithium battery. Do note that it is highly recommended to have a portable power stick in addition to the LuxLumi. A little disappointing, but it makes up for that in other ways.

It creates an amazing bright light easily projected to a 30-inch area! We recommend this one for travel, because you can easily fold it and tuck it into your bag when you’re not using it. LED lights make it low energy and long-lasting.

You’ll know when you need to charge, because this lamp dims as it depletes the battery.

NovoLido – Cordless LED Desk Lamp

NovoLido – Cordless LED Desk Lamp
  • ▶【4 in 1 Multi-function LED Desk Lamp】:1.【The Pen Holder Design】 for…
  • ▶【2 Color Modes and Infinite Brightness】: This eye-protecting Led desk…
  • ▶【360° Flexible Metal Hose】: Flexible Metal Hose of this portable LED…

NovoLido offers an amazing rechargeable desk lamp with a sturdy base, an organizer for styluses or pens and pencils. NovoLido included a USB charging port so it can do double duty. You can charge your phone while using this light!

The stand is handy for phones or tablets if you want to watch something while you’re working.

The NovoLido has two settings and casts a natural, warm, yellow light of 2800K all the way up to a bright white 6500K.

Utilizing an efficient 1200mAh rechargeable lithium battery, this also comes recommended to expand the battery life with a power stick. With the built-in battery you can except up to 10 hours of light on a single charge.

For drawing and reading, we love the super bright gooseneck design. It has 360° free rotation which makes any task easier.

Gladle – Cordless LED Lamp

Gladle – Cordless LED Lamp
  • Long-Lasting Battery, Lightweight: Providing up to 6 hours on maximum…
  • Eye-Caring Light, Dimmer Brightness: This modern stylish lighting fixture…
  • Auto-Off Timer, Touch Control: The desk lamp offers the convenience of a…

The Gladle cordless LED lamp is another great option when it comes to portable lighting. It’s long-lasting, extremely lightweight, and casts a glow from 2700k to 6500K.

We like the low-battery indicator light which gives you sufficient warning that you’ll need to charge your lamp. But with a strong 3500 mAh battery, it can last for days—though not at the highest setting.

When set to the highest brightness it lasts about 6 hours. Ready to be impressed? On the dimmest level, which is perfect for reading, this portable and cordless lamp lasts an unbelievable 100 hours!

For such a sleek small package with its amazing single-charge time, you can’t go wrong.

The gooseneck design allows for a flexible 360° rotation and can be folded. You can have this at any angle you want, and it fits into any bag which is especially handy for traveling.

With this super bright, extremely efficient bulb, it produces amazing, natural light which simulating daytime lighting.

Lastly, we wanted to point out that it has a 30-minute timer and sleep function when using it as a night light. This can be operated by a micro-USB cable. Again, we recommend expanding the battery with an extended portable power stick.

Yilaie – Cordless LED Desk Lamp

Yilaie – Cordless LED Desk Lamp
  • [Noble & Aesthetic] Solid Beech wooden material,1800mAh inside Li-battery…
  • [Portable & Magnetic] Wireless design, also equiped with magnet, you can bring &…
  • [360 degree Rotatable] Patent universal ball design, 360 degree adjustable. It’s…

With extreme style comes the Yilaie! It showcases a modern wooden lamp head, giving it an unrivaled appearance. It’s perfect for stylish individuals. One of the things we really like is their a patented 360° rotatable design. This easily became one of my favorite lamps for my desk.

What you’ll love is not only the LED lighting, but it’s solid-wooden structure, an 1800mAh lithium battery, and a diverse brightness mode. You can customize the brightness from 2% to 100%, which truly makes the Yilaie versatile. It’s an absolute fit on our top 10 list, if not the top lamp of our choice.

It offers a long-lasting battery and sophisticated styling. Another feature we really like about this cordless light is the thoughtful addition of a magnet. That means you can station this lamp almost anywhere.

This high-quality and highly-efficient light comes backed by a 1 year no-questions asked warranty. They guarantee 100% satisfaction.

MoKo – Cordless LED Desk Lamp

MoKo – Cordless LED Desk Lamp
  • NICE DESIGN: This white LED reading light is made from ABS and soft silicone,…
  • WARM LIGHT: This dimmable reading lamp is bright enough but soft to protect your…
  • ADJUSTABLE NECK: Designed with a flexible silicone goose neck. You can adjust…

Not to be outdone, the Moko cordless LED desk lamp also offers a competitive option. Some of the portable lamps don’t give you great quality light, but the Moko is an exception.

The desk lamp has a robust modern aesthetic which uses high-quality LED lights. We really like that this offers dedicated light that you can direct to where you need. That means reading comfortably, while not disturbing your partner, or working on your laptop with good lighting while your roommate is busy doing something else.

The white smooth finish and round simple design pairs well with modern PC’s and other electronics.

With durable, soft ABS plastic, the lamp has great tensile strength without too much weight. It also offers a built-in 1100mAh battery.

The gooseneck is made of flexible silicone which allows for 360° rotation.  You’ll appreciate the warm light with a yellow color temperature. Not only can you charge this easily, it can also be powered by any USB plugin that supplies 5V/1A. Talk about handy.

With high quality material and great lighting, The MoKo makes a competitive choice and easily made our top 10 list.

Black & Decker – Cordless LED Desk Lamp

Black & Decker – Cordless LED Desk Lamp
  • Three (3) adjustable color temperature modes for relaxing, reading + tasks…
  • Long press power button for stepless dimming
  • Built-in rechargeable battery for mobile and emergency use for up to 4 hours

Black and Decker is a well-known and trusted brand. It’s been around for a long time and always offers high-quality appliances.

Their cordless LED desk lamp provides a compact 900mAh battery. This works well for portable enjoyment as well in emergency situations.

Providing superb lighting in ranges of 2700K, 4000K, and 6500K this lamp allows you a lot of flexibility. Let’s not forget that it also can be recharged by any 5V/2A USB Port.

One of the other things you’ll notice is that the lamp has more clarity and contrast then most of the other LED competing lamps. The quality light won’t even fade colors on paintings or other artwork. It produces one of the most natural lights around.

With a clean design, it easily makes for an attractive desk lamp.

MiiKARE – Cordless LED Lamp and Lantern

MiiKARE is a beautiful, high-tech desk lamp with multi-angle adjustments. The flexibility makes it perfect for readers or gamers. Using a high-quality bright 5-Watt LED, it also comes equipped with 7-RGB color modes.

We really like the dimming options of this warm, white light. A foldable neck makes for easy packing. With a rich blend of vibrant colors and versatile lighting, you’ll this to be the best lamp in its competitive range.

It’s convenient hanging mode really works well in multiple locations. Hang it like a lantern, whether in the bathroom, for ambiance lighting for dinner, or even out in the sunroom.

Not only is it good for home use, toss it in your backpack and take it camping. It’s got a handy nightlight mode that uses the RGB colors. Multiple functionality makes this desk lamp a win in our books.

When it comes to choosing the best, we recommend…

Choosing the best Cordless LED Desk Lamp isn’t easy. There are so many great options that offer competitive pricing, great features, and awesome light quality.

That being said, we narrowed it down to help you make the best choice possible.

With the increased portability and long-lasting battery life, the Yilaie stands head and shoulders above the rest.

It’s great for a den, garage, office, shed… the possibilities are endless.

The Yilaie Modern Wood Lamp is a top-notch choice. After comparing a variety of desk lamps that offer portability, this is a lamp that offers style and function.

Our second pick is the Afortlo. It offers the best battery life and light quality that doesn’t weaken as the battery discharges. Their unrivaled battery capacity is staggeringly good.

Technology is Great! Now you don’t have to compromise style!

Portable LED Lamps with rechargeable and built-in batteries have come a long way. There are affordable options and plenty of styles to choose from.

Don’t sacrifice style. Find the cordless desktop lamp that fits in with your décor or usability needs. Thanks to LED technology becoming a standard in lighting,  it makes sense that most brands have adopted to the demand of consumers for a solid product with flexibility and affordability.  And best of all, each of these lamps have eye-care in mind, all while maximizing energy.


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