Top 10 Best Bright Light Floor Lamps

best bright floor lamp

Today is the day I Light up my Paradise!

Each lamp is created with a specific purpose. A lot of lamps are now designed with relaxation and reading in mind. They produce a warmer white light, instead of a cool bright white.

We’ve included the Top 10 brightest floor lamps to add to your home. These lamps are fashionable, stylish, modern, and most of all produce a high luminance.

If you’re in search of a bright light, look no further. We’ve got a great selection below. You’re bound to find exactly what you’re looking for. The lamps we’ve chosen are perfect for any room and will provide you with a nice brightened environment.

Brightech – Sky

Brightech – Sky

The Sky Torchiere by Brightech uses up to 300-Watts of power to produce up to an incredibly powerful 2260 lumens! The slender and elaborate design makes the Sky a perfect choice for your décor.

The head lamp offers a saucer design, which gives it a distinct look. The built-in LED offers an incredible life span of 20 years. The best part is that Brightech makes sure your investment is well-protected. They guard their products with a 3-Year Warranty. Most of the competitors can’t match that solid warranty.

The Sky is a tall lamp with a slender base and pole. This makes the lamp unobtrusive with placement near furniture. With a contemporary style, this lamp will with you if you change your décor.

One of the things we really like is the variety. You can get this amazing lamp in five different finishes. The Sky Torchiere is a highly rated lamp by the community with good reason.

Brightech – Eclipse

Finding an amazing lamp is difficult, especially when you’re in search of innovation. The Eclipse is perfect for most home decor enthusiasts.

With a unique appeal, the Eclipse is a rotating lamp. We love that this can be set in all kinds of angles, making it very not only attractive but also useful.

With the built-in touch dimmer, you won’t have to worry about having a foot pedal conveniently accessible, yet intricately hidden.

This lamp is powerful using up to 300-Watts of energy to produce a maximum of 2000 lumens! It’s well-constructed and promotes a high level of taste in your house. Expect compliments on this high-tech floor lamp.

The Eclipse stand a little higher than 6 feet. With its tall stature, it’s easily placed near furniture without causing any inconvenience.

Using built in LEDs to produce this bright light saves an incredible amount of energy. The Eclipse will also provide any essential lighting needed to perform task at hand, especially for hobbyists.

Brightech – SkyLite

Brightech – SkyLite
  • DIMMABLE AND STAYS COOL TO THE TOUCH: This stand up lamp has a built in dimmer…

SkyLite is another variant of the Sky Torchiere. The SkyLite variant is a lite edition of the popular Sky lamp. It offers a familiar white gloss finish that blends well with modern appliances and electronics.

SkyLite includes a convenient touch function so you don’t need to worry about tripping over cords. The SkyLite’s dimming option helps you select the right light for the circumstance.

Brightech’s SkyLite is very affordable. Offering a competitive brightness, the illuminance range produce by the SkyLite is quite impressive. While it doesn’t produce a lumen range of 4000, it does produce an incredible 1440 at a remarkable 24-Watts.

This makes the Lite version of the Sky a great value. It projects plenty of light, all while saving an impressive amount of energy.

This makes for a perfect living room lamp. The SkyLite is backed by the same 3-Year Warranty as the SKY.

It also uses the newest LED Technology, which means it allows for a lengthy lifespan of 20 years.  SkyLite is a strong competitive contender for the Top 10, especially with affordability in mind! The Sky Flux is another variant producing high lumens.

Kenley – Torchiere

Kenley – Torchiere
  • Powerful natural daylight led floor lamp – up to 1800 lumen
  • Modern tall standing torchiere lamp for living room, bedroom or office
  • 5 brightness settings, choose from warm to super-bright white light

The Kenley Home brand keeps quality in mind when they produce their lamps. The remarkable Torchiere lamp has a clean look with a modern saucer lamp head.

Kenley Torchiere offers a dimmable light which gives off a color temperate between warm white and cool white. The warm white produces a sunset light quality, while the cool white produces a mid-morning light quality.

They use the same energy efficiency seen with their competitors. The built-in 24-Watt LED bulb creates an impressive 1800 lumens.

Using touch controls, the Kenley offers 5 brightness levels which offers versatility and comfortable lighting for your needs.  Kenley invests in their lighting solutions by designing a bulb that will last up to 20 years. So, while built-in LEDs are sometimes an issue, in this case they aren’t.

We love that they’ve kept this affordable. The Kenley Torchiere has a smooth matte black finish. It’s perfect for most décor and blends beautifully with leather or wood furniture.

The innovative lamp head can be tilted 350° making it possible to also use this Torchiere lamp as a task lamp. With all this in mind, it produces the brightest feeling light by using a max color temperature of 6000K. We love the sharp, bright white light.

Kaulsoue – Torchiere

Kaulsoue has produced a wonderful torchiere lamp with a gooseneck reading lamp. It produces a warm white and crisp white light temperature up to 5000K.

This powerful torchiere lamp creates 2400 lumens, while only using 20-Watts of energy. This makes the Kaulsoue a great choice due to its bright light and value pricing.

The additional reading lamp produces an additional 400 lumens of light, perfect for reading in the background. If you’re a late-night reader, you’ll appreciate this feature.

Kaulsoue’s Torchiere uses advanced LED Technology to create an incredible lifespan of up to 30 years.

Using a contemporary design, this Torchiere is stylish and space saving. With the design, you can expect this to work with your décor even if you change it.

Oh, one last thing. Using the built-in dimming options, you have full control over the lighting. This allows you to reduce eye fatigue and strain, especially when preforming task or staring at a monitor for too many hours.

TaoTronics – DL46

TaoTronics – DL46
  • 3 colors & 5 brightness modes: choose from 15 possible combinations to suit your…
  • Flexible gooseneck: conveniently direct the light where you most need it
  • Foolproof touch control: set Color, brightness, and a 1-hour timer in case you…

TaoTronics is a great producer of lighting solutions. They craft magnificent desk lamps and commercial lighting applications.

TaoTronics has created an efficient floor lamp. It’s great for completing tasks and lighting rooms.  With an adjustable gooseneck lamp head, it projects a directional light of 1815 lumens.

The DL46 uses 3 color temperatures and 5 brightness levels. TaoTronics sets itself apart from the competition by being partnered with Phillips for their LED Lighting Technology.

TaoTronics uses the leading LED bulbs to produce the brightest and longest lasting bulbs. The TaoTronics floor lamp is expected to last 30 years. Good to know you can count on them to last!

Using up-to-date touch control options, the DL46 is convenient to use. No worrying about cords you might trip over.

TaoTronics also makes the lamp adjustable in height. We like the versatility as it allows you to use it as a desk lamp or task lamp if you prefer. TaoTronics is producing an incredible sharp white light of 5000K with only 12-Watts of energy.

O’Bright – Torchiere

O’Bright – Torchiere
  • Super Bright LED / 3000 Lumens – The standing lamp is equipped with a 100% full…
  • 270 Degree Rotation Design – This floor lamp is not only designed for corner…
  • Dimmable / 3-Level Brightness – The LED floor lamp is built-in a touch dimmer…

O’Bright created an ultra-powerful Torchiere producing a marvelous 3000 lumens of light! With the wide range of illuminance, O’Bright definitely picked a proper name.

This isn’t just bright, it’s also versatile. You’ll have the ability to rotate the lamp head 270°.  Whether you lay the head horizontally or vertically to create directional light, you’ll be able to adjust it to your needs.

The slim design allows this lamp to be easily seated next to furniture. Using a luxurious silver finish this lamp is perfect for all home décor. Oh, keep in mind for the finish on this lamp, you’ll want to only wipe it with a dry cloth. Don’t use water or chemicals, or you can damage the finish.

The O’Bright is compatible with dimming switches, smart plugs, and smart home assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant. Having a fashionable design makes this lamp appropriate for the office as well.

You can rest easy knowing this lamp is designed to last 30 years under regular use. With it’s remarkable LED Technology, and only using 26-Watts of energy you can be sure this lamp will perform as well as 3 traditional lamps and use less energy.

Lastly, O’Bright offers a 1-Year warranty with their products. You can have faith, knowing this product is protected.

Trond – Halo X

Trond – Halo X
  • Natural daylight bright torchiere floor lamp. Upgraded 56 highly-efficient 3030…
  • Modern tall floor lamp. This floor lamp innovatively features 4 modular aluminum…
  • 5-level dimmable & memory function. This dimmable floor lamp features 5…

Trond is no entry-level contender for best Torchiere with the Halo X. It’s highly rated by the community, affordable, and produces a remarkable quality of light!

This places the Halo X above most competitors.

The brightness this Torchiere produces surpasses the competitors at 5000 lumens. Trond uses the most energy at 56-Watts of energy, but can use a very low 6-watts of energy on the lowest dimmer setting, projecting 600 lumens.

This upgraded model doesn’t have a transparent coating on the lamp head. Looking directly into the LED while safe, will leave color dots on the max brightness.

The lamp stands at 6 feet tall. This is to make sure at eye level it won’t irritate anyone’s eyes. Producing a remarkable 5500K Temperature light, you’ll find this allows you to accomplish any task, especially the hobbyist.

The simple assembly doesn’t require tools. Also, the dimming capability allows you to switch between 5 different brightness levels. We love that it’s compatible with dimming switches and smart homes. This makes the Halo X innovative and modern.

Adesso – Expo

Adesso – Expo
  • Decor Floor Lamp: The Devin Floor Lamp is the perfect way to soften an…
  • Modern Lamp: A simple rotary switch on the socket turns the lamp on, revealing…
  • Modern Design: Elevate your home décor with modern chic lighting fixtures from…

Adesso brings theirs remarkable Torchiere to you from their Expo series. This lamp has a beautiful contemporary design that surpasses the general styling of most modern lamps.

Expect this lamp to last generations. Using two 150-Watt replaceable bulbs this Expo generates up to 5,300 lumens. Included will be 3-Way bulbs which allow for adjustments in your light quality.

Adesso is a high-quality crafter of superb lighting solutions. This is no exception.  Standing at a statuesque 6-feet tall, there’s no irritation from exposed bulbs in your line of sight.

With a chrome finish, be sure not to use water or chemicals when cleaning it. Doing so will damage or tarnish the finish.

Adesso makes sure all their products pass 3rd party safety standards. You can see each product by Adesso is made with high-quality standards. With the maximum brightness of the Expo, this torchiere may be the brightest floor lamp.

LeonLite – Torchiere

LeonLite – Torchiere
  • Super-Efficient: Equivalent to 300W traditional incandescent lamps, this 30W LED…
  • Smoothly Dims: Controllable with either the light pole switch or remote control,…
  • Easily Install: It’s super easy to install this floor lamp without any extra…

This notable lamp from LeonLite stands up to their incredible line of lighting solutions. Producing a high-quality color temperature of 5000K makes this torchiere a perfect task lamp for the hobbyist.

The 30-Watt LED bulb produces a high lumen quality of 2400 lumens. This lamp is expected to last a total of 15 years.

One bonus is the included remote for convenient controls. This lamp is perfect for a living room or bedroom. We especially recommend this if you like to have a night light or reading light in the bedroom.

LeonLite has one of the more advance dimming features allowing for fine adjustments in the brightness in 5% increments. The lamp head is adjustable with a 350° range of motion. This allows it to be used as a task lamp as well.

LeonLite believes in their lamps and protects your investment with a 2-Year Warranty. With its simplistic generous design this lamp takes virtually no space and is highly integrable in any home.

With no tools required for assembly this lamp is perfect as a gift.

Which is the brightest and the best?

Adesso Expo
  • Decor Floor Lamp: The Devin Floor Lamp is the perfect way to soften an…
  • Modern Lamp: A simple rotary switch on the socket turns the lamp on, revealing…
  • Modern Design: Elevate your home décor with modern chic lighting fixtures from…

The brightest floor lamp will be the amazing Adesso Expo. It produces a far superior light than any of the competitors.

Style is still a category in this decision and the Adesso Expo is elegant and classy. It creates a professional atmosphere which makes it appropriate for office settings and waiting rooms.

With a well- balanced design and weighed base, it’s sturdy and strong. This lamp makes the best brightest lamp for any home or office.

Didn’t find what you were looking for?

There are so many styles and designs for lamps. With all the different bulb technology, it can be hard to find a light that supports your taste.

Hopefully you found these reviews to be a helpful guide. Did you decide which lamp is going to work best for you?

To make sure you don’t run into any problems, follow these tips for a satisfying product search.

  • While not all lamp manufacturers offer warranties, not all of them are junk. It’s a good rule of thumb to stay clear lamps that don’t have a warranty unless you can trust the designer or company producing it.
  • The saying goes “You get what you pay for.” This isn’t always true. I’ve experienced pricey products that where garbage, and cheap ones that virtually stole the marker. Make sure to look at reviews! If you can’t find any, it can be a gamble to know if you are being scammed. Know the brand so you don’t give away hard earn cash.
  • Always try to get a lamp that supports replacing bulbs. While LED last a long time, a lamp with no built-in bulb can last a lifetime. We highly recommend you look only at lamps that support the American Standard E26 Bulbs, as these will allow you to fit A15 up to A21 Size LED bulbs.


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