These 5 Lamps Can Help You Sleep Better

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Are you getting enough sleep at night? Are you facing any difficulty while sleeping? If so, then you need a solution that relaxes your mind and lets you rest. Not getting enough sleep will make your day more sluggish and dull. You can prevent this by getting a night lamp. It gives a soothing effect to your mind and helps you relax to fall asleep quickly. Light has a direct impact on our sleeping habits. 

You can change different color lights and brightness in a night lamp according to your mood. It is easy to connect your mobile phone with it to listen to your favorite songs. When you hear the soft music in dim and romantic lights, you will surely fall asleep without any problems. These lamps give a soft and soothing light that relaxes your mind and soul. You can watch colorful lights revolving on your ceiling with soft music and fall asleep automatically. 

In the following article, we will discuss how light affects our sleep. You will also discover which type of lights are good or bad for your sleep. After that, check out our list of 5 lamps that can help you sleep better. Consider the features and choose the best one. Getting a night lamp is essential for people who are suffering from sleep disorders. Get enough sleep to make yourself healthy and energetic. 

How Does Light Affect Your Sleep?

Obviously, the amount of light determines whether it is daytime or night. Our body regulates automatically as it knows when to sleep and stay awake as per the light intensity. A night of good sleep helps your hormones and metabolism function quite well. 

During the night, the light must be soft and dim so that a person will get sleepy. There is a direct impact of light on our sleep. A slight change in the light intensity during the night can let you sleep comfortably and make your next day quite energetic. 

How Does Blue Light Affect Your Sleep?

The color temperature of blue light is quite high. Therefore, our body reacts more attentively in the daytime. We all know that smart phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices emit blue light. Whenever a person sticks uses their mobile phone at night, then they may not feel sleepy enough. 

That’s why it’s necessary to stop using electronic gadgets before going to bed. Blue light makes it difficult for you to adjust your body even when you are quite tired. It is advisable that you avoid using devices before going to bed and also just after waking up. 

How Does Red Light Make You Fall Asleep?

Red is a color of evening or darkness with low color temperature, which is less than sunlight. It gives a more cooling and relaxing atmosphere to your body and mind. If you find difficulty while sleeping, then you must get rid of the blue lights present in your bedroom. 

You need to use red or dim lights to ease your sleeping cycle naturally. It is clinically proven that red light therapy promotes sound sleep. People suffering from regular headaches or migraines also benefit from this therapy. Red light also reduces the levels of stress and minimizes sleeping disorders caused by stress and anxiety. It helps in improving sleep quality and your lifestyle. 

If you get enough sleep, then your hormones, organs, metabolism, and other body functions will also work efficiently. Red light helps in the production of natural melatonin, which helps in improving sleeping disorders. It will help in increasing the speed of falling asleep and preventing you from staying late at night. 

Top 5 Lamps that are Best For Sleep

Philips White Somneo Sleep Therapy Light Lamp 

Anyone suffering from sleep problems will prefer this lamp by Philips. The light automatically increases and decreases with time. It will help you in falling asleep and waking up on time naturally. If you get quality sleep, then you will feel refreshed and energetic. Many people find it the best way to sleep peacefully in the night and wake in the morning. Let us review some features of this lamp. 

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  • The lamp is designed to relax your body with soothing light and help you to fall asleep quickly. Our bodies often feels exhausted due to routine activities, and we need a calm sleep. The lamp is perfect for relaxing your mind and body. 
  • It has a Sunset simulation process that helps your body to sleep by automatically decreasing the intensity of light. 
  • You can set the alarm or choose your favorite music to play in the morning. You can add sounds of nature, FM radio, or ambient music. The lamp will play the music at your waking time and increase the volume after a few minutes. It will not wake you up suddenly but smoothly. 
  • You can use an AUX cord to connect your mobile to the lamp to convert it into a speaker.
  • Manage the level of brightness according to your mood. There are different and adjustable light settings that you can change anytime. 
  • It provides a suitable lux level for reading before sleeping without any eye strain. 
  • There is an auto shut-off feature that automatically switches off the light in a specific time frame. 

Ampulla Masdio Bedside Table Lamp 

This is a wireless bedside night lamp for music lovers by Ampulla. It is easy to connect the lamp with a mobile, tablet, or desktop with Bluetooth’s help. You can play your favorite music without connecting any AUX. This elegant lamp comes with a touch control, wireless phone charger, and sleep mode. Check out its features in detail.  

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  • This table lamp comes with a Bluetooth speaker and a wireless charger. You can play songs of your choice and make it a lamp with a speaker. You can also charge your mobile, tablet, and other devices. 
  • The speaker of the lamp is impressive as it delivers crystal clear sound. You can enjoy any type of song in this lamp. 
  • The charger charges your mobile phone quickly. It is compatible with many devices like iPhone, Android, and other wireless devices. 
  • The company offers this lamp with a warranty of 12 months. If you find any problem while operating it, then you can contact its 24/7 customer support. 
  • It is easy to change the dimming levels, switch on and off, and enable the night mode. You need to hold the panel of dimmer touch for at least 5 seconds, and then, it will get dimmed. After 30 minutes, it will automatically switch off. 

Shinestar RGB Night Touch Lamp

This night lamp by Shinestar protects your eyes and relaxes your mind. You can touch the panel to control the brightness of the lamp. It is easy to switch on and off the light automatically in just 2 seconds. It has a unique feature of adjusting colors and brightness. There is no adverse effect of light on your eyes at night. It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery of 1200mAh. Check out its other features in detail.

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  • This is one of the best lamps that you can install in your bedroom for better sleep. It emits less harmful light to your eyes and provides a relaxing and perfect environment for reading and sleeping. 
  • There are three levels of brightness and seven adjustable colors. You can set the dimmable level according to your preference and mood. You can also change colors in a single click. 
  • It comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery that works for at least 12 hours after full-charging. 
  • The lamp can be installed in bedrooms, bathrooms, classrooms, etc. The eye-friendly lights relax your mind and give you a peaceful sleep.
  • The lamp’s body is made up of toy-grade PC and ABS, which is entirely safe for you. 
  • The company offers a warranty of 1 year. It is easy to replace the lamp if you find any problem with it. 
  • The package contains a one-touch panel bedside lamp and one USB cable for charging without an adapter and one instruction manual. 

Mind-glowing Moon 3D Night Lamp 

This is a stunning moon-shape 3D lamp that is ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, and other places. Everyone will appreciate the beauty and attractiveness of the lamp. There are 16 colors with auto dimmable features. It can be switched on and off with the help of a timer. It comes with a remote and touch control to handle the brightness and changing of color. You will also get a rechargeable battery that can run up to 15 hours after charging. Read its other features.  

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  • The moon lamp is perfectly designed to give an original appearance to your room. The structure of the lamp is prepared with a unique 3D printing process. 
  • You can change different colors among 16 options with five working modes. There are five levels of brightness, which you can vary according to your mood and preference. 
  • The product comes with a lifetime warranty. You can contact the customer support of the company whenever you get any problem while operating it. 

Soaiy Black LED Aurora Projection Night Lamp 

This is another fantastic light lamp, with aurora projection in black by Soaiy. You can play your favorite playlist by connecting your phone with this projector lamp if you are in a bad mood or feeling tired. The lights will change automatically with the music, and your mind will feel relaxed while listening to the soft and soothing lullaby sounds. If you live in a large area, then it projects the light in different directions and gives a fantastic panoramic effect. Let’s go through its other features in detail.  

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  • The lamp comes in a Galaxy Aurora Projector design that projects impressive lights on the wall or ceiling. You can create a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere while going to bed. 
  • The product comes with a year warranty, and if you find any problem while operating it, then you can also contact customer support. 
  • There are eight projection modes, which consist of blue, green, red, and multiple colors. You can tilt to 45 degrees and project in a specific direction. 
  • It is easy to adjust the volume of the songs. You can also plug in your iPhone, iPod, and other devices. You can sleep while watching the patterns on the ceiling. 
  • The lamp gets switched off in an hour automatically. Therefore, there is no waste of electricity. 
  • The package contains one projection night lamp, one USB cable, one audio cable, and one AC adapter.

The Bottom Line

Good sleep is essential to rejuvenate and refresh your mind and body. Many people have insomnia and other sleep disorders because they do not get enough rest. It is crucial to create a relaxing atmosphere so that one can easily fall asleep. A night lamp is one solution for people who are suffering from sleep issues. These dim lights soothe your mind and make you fall asleep slowly and steadily. 

Nowadays, you can also connect your mobile to listen to your favorite songs. Many people prefer these lamps to get relaxed sleep. You can use our list of five fantastic night lamps to help you sleep better. Get one and get enough sleep to make your next day more energetic and refreshing. 


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