The Best Ceiling Fan Brands

Top Brands

The ceiling fan has become an essential part of any household, saving you money especially during the present climate conditions. Ceiling fans are used to circulate the air inside a household so that the temperature would be consistent throughout each room. They are also used as substitutes for air conditioning systems because they use less electricity. Although they don’t actually lower the air temperature, the breeze they produce on your skin will make the room feel cooler.

best-ceiling-fan-brands-list-3862524When purchasing a ceiling fan, it is important to understand that quality is better than quantity and the key is to pick a fan with durable and efficient parts. To help you buy a long lasting and efficient fan, here are brands proven to create more durable ceiling fans. In part, determined by the brand name. The more popular brands have placed more research and technology in their ceiling fans to maximize their utility. But, also by demonstrating quality to homeowners by their long-life and with buyers testimonials.

Here are the best ceiling fan brands – top 5.

5. Fanimation

Fanimation is a company that is known for creating ceiling fans with exotic themes. They are also known for using the Olde Tyme belt drive system in their ceiling fans. Fanimation’s ceiling fans are commonly seen in fine dining establishments where ambience is at its best. Their ceiling fans can be found in different designs ranging from traditional ethnic designs to contemporary style designs. The only drawback to their ceiling fans is the price tag.

4. Minka Aire

Minka Aire is known as the ceiling fan brand for the masses. Their ceiling fans are very affordable yet do not compromise quality. Ceiling fans for home use, outdoor use, and industry use can be found in their wide list of ceiling fans. They also have ceiling fans that are fit for hotels and restaurants. Minka Aire is definitely a company that one should look out for when purchasing a ceiling fan.

3. Emerson

Emerson is a company that has been making ceiling fans since 1895. Their Emerson K55 motor is considered today as the standard to which high performance ceiling fans are compared. Their ceiling fans are also very durable with some models still functioning today. Since they have been making ceiling fans for over a century now, they have one of the biggest catalogues of designs and options for their ceiling fans. One is sure to find the design that brings out the personality of the owner within their catalogue.

2. Hunter

Hunter is the pioneer of pioneers in the ceiling fan industry. They are the company that invented the ceiling fan and, since then, has become a popular brand name. Their manufacturing process is considered top-notch resulting to ceiling fans that are still functional even after 80 years. Their manufacturing process hasn’t changed since then and is still used to create their modern ceiling fans. Their craftsmanship, style, and passion can be seen in all of their ceiling fans whether they be used in the home setting or in luxurious locations.

1. Casablanca Fan Company

Casablanca Fan Company is widely considered to manufacture the best ceiling fans in the world. All of their ceiling fans uphold fine quality, design, and engineering. They have stapled themselves to the top of the ceiling fan industry by constantly releasing innovative and intricate designs that are not present in other ceiling fan brands. Their engineering team made it possible to combine aesthetic looks with functionality by using only the highest quality materials to create the interior of the ceiling fan.