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Sketch of Aldine Westfield murder suspect released

9:04 AM Thu, Jul 12, 2007 |

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office has released the sketch of the man they believe is responsible for a the July 6 murder in the 13100 block of Aldine Westfield.

Tomas Guadalupe Carrillo was shot after a fight with the suspect, according to witnesses.
They described the suspect to be in his mid-20s, 5 feet 6 inches tall with black hair in a ponytail.
Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (713) 221-TIPS.


Craig said:

My comment is not for this case but rather for the Metro Sex Attack case. I have lived in Katy for three years now, but prior to moving here I lived near Lake Charles, Louisisna for 41 years. I have to admit it struck a nerve when they described the attacker as having a thick “Louisiana” accent. Let me clue you in on a little something…go to Lake Charles, Lafayette, New Orleans, Alexandria, and Shreveport and you will find 5 different accents, just as you will find many different accents across the state of Texas. I take offense to being lumped in to a group that seems to be making the news quite often due to crimes committed. I left Louisiana because my job transferred me here, not because of a hurricane as people here often assume. Too often people that came to Houston and the surrounding area because of Katrina are in the news because of criminal activity, but please do lump all people from Louisiana into the same category by insinuating we all have the same “Louisiana” accent or assuming we are all criminals.

Anonymous said:

Get a life Craig, and don’t think everyone is out to get you because someone has a Cajun accent. They are just stating a fack that they remember about the incident

JR said:


Sandi said:

I live in a nice area that was safe and clean. UNTIL katrina and since then my house has been broken into 2 times, my kids bikes have been stolen, my car has been broken into and the cops are always being called out for something. It makes me sick! We were all very hospitalbe and gave so much to these people only to have it slapped right back in our faces! Im not going to lump then entire state of LA and say that yall are all bad, thats just stupid on the other hand the numbers show that crime has spiked in all areas since Katrina and worse in the areas that were taking housing vouchers! We know that not all of the folk from LA are criminals, just most of yall!!!! Dont feel so targeted, just understand that numbers dont lie. We had enough criminals here, now we have double! Even the kids are hardcore lil punks! Its sad really, everyone opened their hearts and pockets to the “katrina victims” and now we are the “katrina victims” I wish you would all just go home and steal, rape and murder each other over there, you have officially wore out your welcome. GO HOME!

Anonymous said:

What Sandi said is right on

Carolyn said:

I don’t think I would be offended if the attacker was described as having a “Southern Drawl”, which I also happen to have. Sounds like Craig just wants something to bitch do so many other people.

Dee said:

I want to ask a question, only I want to ask it with tact and dignity. Why don’t our local law enforcement officials have the leverage to enforce immigration laws? The first word that comes to mind when asking this question is “profiling”. Yet…When an American Citizen or legalized immigrant is required to live by specific standards, why aren’t those that are here without permission, proper legal documents and or permits, required to live by the same standards? As I see it, the American Citizens and Legalized Immigrants are truly the victims of profiling because we pay the tickets, court costs, insurance etc. The illegal immigrants drive without drivers license, registration, insurance, valid id, and most don’t know their own addresses and don’t speak a word of English (or so they claim)the officers are instructed not to apprehend or arrest or compound the vehicles, therefore they don’t pay for the tickets, never make it to court, the warrants are wasted money and effort and the list goes on. Ask any local HC officer what the policy on a typical traffic stop is, in Harris County is if you doubt this comment. Why is it such an injustice to ask for legal status papers just as they do for insurance, registration, and drivers licenses? That’s proof of responsibility, am I right? Well, legal status is all the same and should be considered the same. It is our responsibility to obtain insurance for financial protection, a valid drivers license to prove we are capable of driving responsibly, registration to prove ownership and that we pay taxes on our vehicles. Legal status is not an invasion of privacy it is a provision of responsibility to be in the country with the intent to live,work and abide under the laws of our land unconditionally. If someone is unlawfully driving a car without a license, without insurance, without regisration papers, and without a simple valid id, something is clearly wrong here. They broke the law crossing the border, without proper permits and documents and three other charges for illegal use of a motor vehical and they drive away, even after an accident. I swear this happend to a dear friend of mind, not long ago. Add up the charges on those alone not counting who may have caused the accident. So, I ask again, why can’t our local law enforement officers be granted the leverage to help enforce the immigration laws here? How could it hurt this out of control issue? Could it be that it too doable and probable? Are your votes more important than the measures needed to grasp control of the immigration? I am not against the Mexicans, Hondurans, Bohemians, Asians, etc coming to our country for a better life. I simply feel if they want to come here, it’s for the taking, but follow the procedures and take the oathe to do it the American way, and live by our laws, not theirs. Allow me to add, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to give them a few guidelines that should be adapted in there new way of life, such as garbage disposal, indoor bathrooms, deed restrictions, taxes they must pay, single dwelling homes (limited numbers of people in one home) respect of property other than there own. If you round up those that refuse to fight the system, they need to be deported immediately. For those that want to achieve citizenship, allow them the time to work it out. Set time frames and reasonable cost but also…don’t forget criminal background checks…priors and current. Just a little food for thought. I still say give our local officers the leverage they need to weed out the bad ones and it will make a tremendous impact on our country. Bar none.

Brandi said:

Okay Craig, since you have NO common sense, when you are trying to state facts about someone in order to find them for a crime, you have to give every detail, as to accent, clothes, descripition. I am from Louisiana, and you know what it don’t offend me one bit. So my final words to you are….deal with it.

Anonymous said:

Saying Louisiana accent is no different than saying “Texas Drawl” or “Yankee” accent, or “California” accent. I think
Craig is a “Katrina” misfit and does not
know how to deal with it. My reasoning
for the Katrina thing is that most of them don’t want to be associated with the evacuee label anymore. There are always good and bad people, no matter where you are from and it is probably unfortunate that some good people got labeled as bad just because they in fact did come from New Orleans.

sparkus said:

people, i pray you never have to go through what these folks from new orleans had to go through and suffer with. just sit back in your gated community and count your blessings.

Craig said:

Apparently, there are way more ignorant people in Texas than I thought. I said I was offended that they said a Louisiana accent. I understand thay have to be descriptive in give facts (Brandi) but I have enough common sense to realize there are many accents in descripitive and say a New Orleans accent, a creole accent or a cajun accent. Or maybe the dumb ass Texan didn’t know there was a difference. Sandi, if you lived in a really nice area, the Katrina victims couldn’t afford to live there. I think most of them are still in FEMA trailers…do you live in a nice trailer park?As for JR..It’s loser…dumb ass..NOT LOOSER. Carolyn..maybe you just “don’t think” enough. As far as Anonymous…I’m not a Katrina misfit as I indicated I was from South West Louisiana, not South East Louisaina where Katrina hit…learn you directions you Dumb Ass!’re right, until you have been through a tough time like those have you shouldn’t judge.

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