Salt Lamps: Everything You Need to Know

Lamps are the essential and decorative items of our home. Different designs will suit the design of your home, including tiny models that make night lights perfect. It also doesn’t harm the rise of these lamps in home decor space at present. What if we use the lamp that is made by salt? Yes, you’re right. Nowadays there are salt lamps and everything that you need to know about the salt lamps are here. 

What is a Salt Lamp?

Salt lamps are basically made by the salt chunks and maximum salt rocks of the worlds are from India and Pakistan and they are near the Himalayan mountains. These Himalayan salt lamps are made of solid, food-grade, Himalayan salt crystals and can even be powdered as salt in recipes if necessary. This unique salt is made of 98% table salt (or sodium chloride) and 2% other materials, one of which is oxidized iron (fancy word for rust), which makes it the really pleasant pink color. These stunning lamps have recently gained huge popularity and many advantages are due to them. 

Benefits of the Salt Lamps

Some of the world’s happiest and healthiest people are Himalayans. Here are some of the significant advantages about using Himalayas salt lamps.

Enables Everyone to Sleep Easier

Many studies indicate that by increasing the serotonin in the brain, negative ions boost mood and energy levels. The Himalayan salt lamps can therefore benefit people with seasonal depression and other forms of mental illness. Articles published in the consumer psychology journal reports that the light intensity is directly linked to a person’s degree of emotional reaction. This means, this type of light reduces the intensity of high-stress emotions leading to a feeling of relaxation and calm when your salt lamp provides a warm soft glow.  Also, when there is over-exposure to positive ions in the atmosphere, this decreases blood and oxygen supply in the brain, which may result in irregular sleep patterns. The negative ions from Himalayan salt lamps reverses this effect, making them a common sleep-aid.  Another benefit, this soothing light can also help people suffering from insomnia and also help soothe those undergoing chromotherapy.

Electromagnetic Radiation is Neutralized

In life, positivity is good for us, however, when it comes to ions, then it is reversed.  Negative ions are good for us. Everyday devices like tv screens, mobile phones, laptops, and tablets continuously release positive ions in the air. These and other common electronics can cause an overflow of electromagnetic radiation which is believed to cause serious long-term effects, although it’s invisible. Constant exposure to electromagnetic radiation is primarily known to cause tiredness, heighten stress and affect the immune system. The Himalayan salt lamps emit negative ions and cancel those that are positive. Hence, they help with rising artificial frequencies and also avoid static retention by neutralizing electromagnetic-radiation.

Disinfect, sanitize, and air purify

Himalayan pink salt lamps help purify air through an activity called Hygroscopy that attracts and absorbs polluted water molecules from the immediate atmosphere and locks them into the salt crystal. The concept is that the action of incorporating water molecules into them with contaminants would purify the air. The method has the amazing ability to eliminate tobacco smoke, dust and other airborne pollutants. When it comes to purchasing pink Himalayan salt lamps, the size of the crystal decides the coverage. Smaller lamps are good for the average bedroom, while larger lamps are better for living spaces. On average, 1 lb of Himalayan Pink Salt crystal can purify the air in a region of about 4′x4′.

Increases Energy Levels

Our body energy is depleted with positive ions, and it is said that Himalayan salt lamps can do the opposite. They help replenish our vitality and mood.  These negative ions increase energy levels, resulting in a refreshing effect similar to the feeling of rejuvenation gained from time spent in nature.

Boosting Blood Circulation

Different studies have indicated that negative ions, such as those emitted by Himalayan salt lamps, can speed up blood flow. This boost helps to strengthen many vascular system diseases and can prevent lung damage. 

Improve Mood

Many studies indicate that by increasing serotonin levels in the brain, negative ions boost mood and energy levels. These sea salt lamps can therefore benefit people with seasonal affective disorder and other forms of depression.

For Allergies and Asthma patients

The suggestion that negative ions could improve breathing has led to a couple of studies on the subject. The negative ions in most of them did relieve symptoms of breathing or asthma. But, they have failed to show minimized use of inhalers in children and adults with chronic asthma. This means that it may help soothe, but is not reliable in relieving symptoms for these conditions. 

Distinguishing Real and Fake Salt Lamps

The popularity of Himalayan salt lamps are increasing day by day, some companies are starting to get really creative trying to keep the cost down and selling the lamps in large quantities but there are also some manufacturers who are producing fake salt lamps. So, check this out to understand whether the salt lamp you bought is real or not. 

It’s very wide and heavy but it offers a lot of light 

So, first thing first when a genuine salt lamp in the Himalayas crosses about fifteen to twenty pounds, it can no longer emit light in a uniform pattern. That’s just the nature of genuine Himalayan salt. It’s a good sign that it’s made of something other than real salt if you have a large lamp that looks like it is able to light up the entire bedroom.

Your lamp handles well with humidity 

If you have a genuine salt lamp, it absorbs all the moisture around, starts sweating and shrinks overtime. Himalayan salt lamps are to be stored in dry areas. You can check it by rubbing wet cloth on the lamp. The lamp should begin to weep and look smooth again.

It costs near nothing, and looks very white-salt-trans 

The Himalayan Mountains have a small supply of salt, in particular deep red and pure white varieties, and these countries’ governing the salt exports increase the taxes on mining companies on an annual basis. A tiny white or red Himalayan salt lamp would normally cost more than the pink variety.  So, before buying, it will be helpful to consider the color.

Nature of the Himalayan Salt

If you dropped your lamp damaged when shipping to you but the lamp looks fine after damaged, it may not be genuine. Authentic Salt Lamps in the Himalayas are weak and break easily.

Nothing beneficial changes

Now, a Himalayan Salt Lamp won’t fix your health problems, but after a couple of weeks of having it on you should notice some changes such as: reduced symptoms of allergy and asthma, raising of your energy level, less depression and less worry, better ways to sleep, and lower tension. If you are looking for a significant change in your life, the salt lamp will not provide.  What it does do is a gentle soothing of the atmosphere.  

Are Salt Lamps Dangerous?

Before buying anything, it is an obvious question that comes to our mind, is can it be dangerous? This is an open secret now that salt lamps provide a great many valuable health benefits-particularly for those with sleep and breathing problems. But are the salt lamps dangerous is the question and the answer is no, but yes at the same time. Interesting, right? Let’s explain.

Though it’s not dangerous for the humans but it can be hazardous for the animals. Specifically, salt lamps are dangerous to cats, because they can cause salt poisoning. Cats are curious little animals and could have the salt licked off. So, if the cats are controlled by you and the lamps are not near by them then it will not be dangerous for the cats. This is also applicable for children, who are more unlikely to lick salt lamps, but this is a good thing to keep in mind if you have children who may be liable to do this. 

The risks of using salt lamps can also include electrical hazards and the possibility of fire. It may overheat. So, you might wonder, how could it catch fire? Naturally, the electrical hazards of fire are related and causal, same as almost all our electrical appliances. This only occurs when salt lamps have substandard lamp holders, i.e. the lamp holders are loosely installed at the base of the salt crystal. In a humid environment, the salt may melt on an exposed lamp holder, this can not only cause cord and lamp holder damage, but may also cause it to spark, causing a risk of fire. Also, when you are concerned about your lamp, it is recommended to not put it on carpet. Even though the risk is quite low, there is still a chance.  

Salt lamp hazards can be avoided by actively avoiding products that have flaws in construction and design. So, if a lamp costs considerably less than other models, be a little cautious and scrutinize it thoroughly before you purchase it. After that, simply using common sense and being cautious with your lamp after that simple precaution will help you stay clear of any hazards.

Taking Care of Salt Lamps

Salt lamps are extremely beautiful when it is dark in the room and it gives a really warm glow to a place. Though it can cause problems if the salt lamps are not cared properly. It melts when really watery and wet. This might destroy the burnishness of the lamp. Salt lamps absorb the toxic elements and make the air pure. So, on the surface of the lamp you might see black dark spots. If you are not turning your lamp everyday it will turn wet. Humid surroundings or if you have some very wet weather, your salt lamp will sweat more because it will remove the extra moisture from your house. It is good to examine whether your lamp is fake or not. If you notice that your salt lamp is not sweating, then it could either mean you are in a very dry atmosphere or it is possible you have bought a fake one. Also, do not place your lamp in high humidity areas such as a bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room for long periods of time.

There are some steps to clean a salt lamp 

To clean a Himalayan lamp or salt lamp at first remove the power supply and then use a soft dry and clean cloth to wipe the salt globe.

Sometimes it is needed to clean the lamp with a slightly moist cloth but you have to remove the globe from the power station. You must squeeze out as much as the water before using it. A scourer may be used for more ground in soil that won’t damage the lamp. Or, in sunlight, dry the lamp or put the lamp back together again and switch on. When changing a bulb make sure to remove the mains plug from the wall socket before you start the next procedure and then change the bulb carefully.

Indeed, it is important to keep in mind that the reported health benefits of Himalayan salt lamps in terms of air quality have not been confirmed by any major studies, but one study has indicated that negative ions can help alleviate depression. That said, we still assume that this popular decoration can make a great addition to your home. The lamp gives off a pinkish hue which makes the atmosphere warm and relaxing. Various designs will suit the aesthetics of your home, even miniature models, which make night lights perfect and it does not hurt the trend these lamps are in the home decor room at the moment. This is a good reason to have a salt lamp in your home. 


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