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May 04, 2007

Rocky Road…

By Robin Carter, 3TV

May 2, 2007

Here we are on day #3 already! If you watched the show you saw how many people we got out onto the docks at the end. Can you believe it? No one fell in! It was a beautiful day and what a great crowd that came to the London Bridge Resort to watch the production. The GMAZ talent and the crew really appreciate everyone for coming out.

On the road again, we head up river to Bullhead City. The directions to this destination caused us a small account of confusion and my navigator, Jim, and I headed down a wrong road, with Engineers Tom & Mike following behind us in the minivan. The road took us through some hayfields. The road turned into a dirt road after a few miles and instead of turning around and going back we decided to turn onto another dirt road that looked like it was headed in the right direction…….. and it was, much to our relief! My family would have referred to it as “one of mother’s roads”

We’re staying at Harrah’s in Laughlin, Nevada right across the river from Bullhead City. We all have rooms with a great view of the Colorado River right below our windows. The show is being produced from the Laughlin Ranch Golf Club that is truly spectacular. The 30 of us (or however many we are – it’s hard to keep track) ate at the club and I’ll tell you what. That food was really good. I had lobster tail and then Tara, Dan, Mike and I hi-tailed it back to the hotel. It was getting late – for us anyway. 6 PM. Tara drove (or was that flying?) us back and for once I was happy to have her pilot. I just wanted to get to bed!

Happy and alive in Bullhead City,

Robin Fancher
RV Captain

Posted by Robin Fancher at May 4, 2007 03:12 AM

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