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Robbery suspect run over, killed

5:28 PM Thu, Apr 26, 2007 |
Michelle Homer

A robbery suspect was killed Thursday afternoon after holding up a a north Houston gameroom.

Police say the man robbed customers of cash, wallets and cell phones before taking off on foot.

A gameroom employee got in his SUV and followed the suspect.

Police say the suspect suddenly turned and pointed a gun at the employee who then ran over him.

The suspect died at the scene.

The case is being referred to a grand jury.


DoRight said:

That is one less criminal we haveto worryabout. If we started killing more it would be safer to walk the streets.

Naomi said:

The story is not straight that is not what had to have happened. The Robber was a Dear friend of mine. I know he did not do this on his own but who ever was with him will not testify. What he did was wrong but he never would have killed anyone. The gameroom owner had no damn reason to kill him he should have called the cops not take justice in to his own hands. What he did is MURDER. Nothing he says or does will ever bring him back. After hitting him one time with the van was enough he did have to keep doing it till he was dead. Besides whoever is DoRight you are full of crap. I dont know you but you obviously have no heart what so ever. If you dont have anything to say nice dont say anything at ALL..

R.P. said:

No, Naomi, you’re the one who’s full of CRAP. Your dear friend got exactly what he deserved.

Anonymous said:

R.P., did he kill anyone? NO, I don’t like that people are robbing others of hard earned money or sentimental pieces of jewelry. It’s frustrating and totally unfair. But running him over that many times? Totally uncalled for. “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”, means the same punishment for the crime. This employee should’ve not done that. If he hadn’t chased down this thief, he wouldn’t have pulled out a gun to protect himself from being hit. If you want to catch criminals, become a law officer; don’t take the law into your own hands.

R.P. said:

Cry me a river. So, the poor, poor robber was just protecting himself?!?! HE ALONE was the one who made the decision to steal from those people, HE ALONE was the one who decided to carry a gun, and HE ALONE was the one who decided to point the gun at the employee. Didn’t the game store employee have the right to protect his own life at that point? Or would Anonymous be happier if the robber had shot and killed the employee instead?

JF said:

I totally agree with you R.P. Maybe all of the patrons at the gameroom that he robbed should have beat him to death protecting themselves when he robbed them. Oh, how stupid of me, they should have waited for him to kill at least one of them before they would have been justified in killing him.

th said:

PROTECT HIMSELF???? Give me a break. Why did he need to protect himself? Hmmm….could it be because he just robbed many people that earned the money that they had? As a victim of a robbery, I have no sympathy for robbers. Though I certainly don’t agree with taking the law into your own hands, the owner did what he had to do. He was chasing the robber down to probably get back what was his (and his customers’) and the criminal pulled a gun on him. The owner probably did not have his own gun and didn’t want to be killed on top of being robbed so HE protected himself with the only weapon he had. As for Naomi, I am sorry for your loss, but it seems to me that you need to choose your “dear friends” a bit better.

Anonymous said:

As for the comments above, people need to really know what happen. Everything is spectualtions. Until the real truth comes out then comments need to be told. Yes indeed, the robber was a human being like me and you, and no one deserves to die, there are jails, prisons, and the law to take care of that. Then there is your sanity, can you acutally live with killing someone. Also, the guy who ran over the robber was just the boyfriend of the owner. The actual gameroom employee and her boyfriend were too chicken to stick around and she took off before the cops came. When the actual story comes out, then people can give a true comments. Before you enter the gameroom you have to be buzz in and the girl who was working knew the person because she let him in and why did she leave before the cops got there. Think about it.

R.P. said:

He robbed several people at gunpoint and then was killed when he pointed the gun at someone else. Those are the only facts that matter. He got what he deserved, and it was no one’s fault but his own. End of story.

anonymous said:

To R.P. You need to know the facts, the girl working at the gameroom was in on the robbery and she fled before the cops got there. The way it went down was not the way it was suppose to. The employee the girl took off with the money she was working with and no one has heard from her since the robbery. You need to get your facts straight and it is not end of story. One day you will read the truth.

R.P. said:

So, “anonymous”, your logic is that since the girl working at the gameroom was supposedly in on the robbery, the guy driving the vehicle should have just let the robber shoot him?!?!? The only fact that matters is that a dirtbag committed a robbery and got homself killed. The driver performed a public service by getting this piece of garbage off the streets.

Naomi said:

If u dont know shit, u need to shut the hell up. In the first place he did not have anyone (customers) at gun point cause he did not rob the customers. Besides if u know so much u should be a lawyer right since u think u know it all. Anything that u think is bull shit. One of these days u will lose someone dear and the day that happens u will remember me cause no matter if they did wrong or right noone should die. Thats why we have county jails u bastard. Besides he did it off his property. And I will guarntee u I will make sure theres justice. Before u keep writing and saying things u dont know WATCH IT cause I will find a way to find out who u are and SUE u.

R.P. said:

HAHAHAHAHA. So, you’re gonna sue me! That is such a stupid statement that I’m actually beginning to feel sorry for you – not because your thieving low-life friend got himself killed, but because you are so pitifully dim-witted and ignorant.

Naomi said:

You know what your such a bastard. Now I can tell you have no mother or shame of what your saying. If you keep making false statments I will sue you for SLANDER. Watch what you say. Its better if you just shut your mouth and stop writing false statments.

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