Why You Should Replace Your Ceiling Fan Blades

replace ceiling fan

Even though ceiling fan blades last many years, all it takes is one good hit while the fan is on high to damage them. Replacement Ceiling fan blades can be one of those items where you change so the overall décor of the room can be different. An existing ceiling fan can be given a face lift quite easily without spending much money. Cheap ceiling fans could be replaced as a whole without breaking the bank. But, an expensive fan might still be stylish and complement the room so why not just replace the fans’ blades instead.

Replacing the blades on a ceiling fan can be a fun project. Very Inspirational. The shapes and styles are endless. Ceiling Fan Blades for purchase.

Fact: The number of blades only make a difference in the look of a ceiling fan. Airflow is determined by how strong the motor is and the pitch or angle to the blade.

Fan Blade Types

Most cheap ceiling fans are made from MDF or particle board with a wallpaper finish. Quality ceiling fans have blades made from real furniture grade hardwood. Often the blade types are specific to each make of ceiling fans. Example, you can’t swap out a traditional blade style with a leaf blade; how they attach wont line up. Also, you will want to keep as close to the original blade size as possible. A longer (heavier) blade can wear out the motor if it’s not strong enough.

Common Styles

  • Transitional
  • Coastal/ Tropical
  • Traditional
  • Rustic/ Lodge
  • Modern/ Contemporary
  • Children’s
  • Colonial
  • Mission