Outdoor Ceiling Fans – Is Cheap Better?

Cheap outdoor ceiling fans are often associated with flimsy materials and substandard overall while the expensive ones are looked up as high-quality appliances. These are not always the case, though. And while price certainly signifies difference, that difference does not necessarily work in your favor.

How do they differ?

The brand name can be a indicator. Because some brands builds themselves on quality and not quantity, it can translate to reputation. Consumers can sometimes choose the more popular brand. Reputation is not earned overnight, and reputation is expensive. Some brands are priced double than the cheap ones: half is for tangible quality, the other half is for peace of mind and prestige, which are luxuries in this generation.

Blade size and rotation are also popular criteria when choosing ceiling fans. Larger blades blow stronger airflow while higher rotation, typically from 150 to 210 rpm, means a more powerful motor. These are true for outdoor fans too.

Natural airflow in the garage or patio makes the materials of the blades more important. You don’t want the blades to snap off or start sagging. Make sure the fan is securely fastened to the ceiling so no damage occurs.

The real difference between cheap and expensive outdoor ceiling fans lie not with the motors’ power, but with the weather protection of the motor. Most cheap outdoor ceiling fans often do not have sealed motors, which is necessary to keep the fan working perfect under extreme outdoor conditions that involve moisture, heat, cold and dust. Most expensive models have rubber gaskets to keep elements from damaging motors. This will make a difference in determining the lifespan of the fan.

Noise is another factor that separates cheap from expensive ones. Oftentimes, lower prices mean noise while higher prices mean silence. Should you pay more for less noise? Not necessarily, at least, when outdoor ceiling fans are in concern.

Buzzing sounds do not make much difference outdoors, unless you live in the middle of nowhere alone. Bedroom fans are preferred to have rubber flywheels that will keep the rotation quieter and more stable because bedrooms are sleeping areas. Outdoor ceiling fans do not need the extra cost because noise is not much of an issue outside.

Convenient, high-tech features also add up to price. Remote control capability can constitute 40% of the total price, but this is not advisable for outdoor fans. The only advisable added feature is the lighting fixture.

Cheap outdoor ceiling fans are fine

Not all expensive features end up necessary outdoors. Like in the case of noise reduction and motor power requirement, many cheap brands and models work just fine in the patio, garage or gazebo. Plastic materials for fan blades and casings are also preferred outdoors because wood blades, which are pricier, can warp and droop due to moisture. Plastic ceiling fans, of course, are sometimes half the price of luxurious wooden and pure stainless steel outdoor ceiling fans.

What designs are available?

Because many luxury features fall futile outdoors, simpler designs are preferred. Most cheap outdoor ceiling fans only have a single center bulb for extra lighting needs. And because plastic blades are also better, choosing the color is the most design-conscious decision you can make.

Should you still opt for wooden blades, carved blades or Mediterranean-style blades can work wonderfully as centerpieces for your home.

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