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Pastor: UFOs or no UFOs, contact me

Pastor K.W. Pledger has jumped into the Stephenville UFO fray a little late, but here’s his message for Bold Typers: I will say this one time only. You can choose to except it or reject it. These encounters have a…

What’s the bigger hoax? UFOs or Marty Cortland?

At last count, 33 Bold Typers had commented on the UFO “sighting” in Stephenville. Over on D’s Frontburner, 41 readers had commented on the posting: “Steve Blow Ain’t Wild About Marty Cortland.” In a column last week, Blow questioned the…

UFOs bring out the believers

You know they’re out there, and that scares me. I’m not talking about UFOs, but the people who buy into them. I’ve never seen a posting on this blog get so many comments — 23 and counting — as…

Would UFOs be considered illegal immigrants?

Heaven forbid that this UFO sighting has any merit. We can’t secure our borders on the ground. Last thing we need is aliens dropping in from above, unless they can quickly assimilate and point us to a cheaper fuel source….

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