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Townview jobs attract less experienced applicants, trustee says

About a month ago, DISD restored “principal” titles at Townview. The positions had been downgraded to “dean” and came with a lesser salary. Parents complained. The district listened and made the change, which mostly impacted two new employees that had…

Send a shoutout to your DISD trustee

January is Board Recognition Month (let me guess, you had no idea), and what better time than to send a few lines on your school trustee — that person who represents your area for free. How well is he/she doing…

DISD Supe gets the word out

Superintendent Michael Hinojosa thought to mention our new blog in a memo to trustees. (Can’t tell if he’s warning them about it or what, but he thought it important enough to include in a memo.) Here’s what he had to…

DISD sausage-making. Live on your laptop

Folks say that policy (or legislation) is like sausage: although you might eat it, you really don’t want to see it made. But now, thanks to the power of the Internet, you can. Live on your computer. Dallas ISD recently…

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