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Super Bowl XXVII: Blowing out the Bills

Super Bowl XXVII (game story/highlights) was competitive for most of the first half before it turned into a big, old party for the Cowboys. Nine turnovers fueled a 52-17 blowout of the Bills. Troy Aikman put on a precision passing…

Where do Cowboys QBs rank among all-time greats?

There’s a lot of discussion this week about the best quarterbacks in NFL history, because folks are trying to figure out where Tom Brady fits on the list. Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach, the Cowboys’ Hall of Famers, are also…

Are these Pats best in NFL history?

New England can stake its claim to that title by completing the first 19-0 season in NFL history with a Super Bowl win. But Foxsports.com John Czarnecki isn’t buying it. He ranks the ’07 Pats third, behind the 1984 49ers…

Bitter in Baltimore

I’m afraid to read what Baltimore Sun columnist Mike Preston will write now that Jason Garrett has turned down the Ravens’ head coaching job to remain the Cowboys’ offensive coordinator. Here’s a sample of what Preston wrote yesterday, while Garrett…

Troy Aikman on Jason Garrett, maybe you’ve heard

On Fox’s conference call to hype Sunday’s NFC Championship Game that will not include the Cowboys, Troy Aikman said this in passing: “Jerry [Jones] wanted to hire Jason as offensive coordinator my last season. He would have been offensive coordinator/backup…

Aikman would have advised Romo to skip trip

Troy Aikman made it clear during his Sporting News Radio show that he didn’t think the Simpson Family Bye Week Fiesta would have any effect on Tony Romo’s performance against the Giants. But Aikman didn’t think it was a wise…

Cowboys-Redskins Flashback: OT shootout

There have been many more meaningful games in the Cowboys-Redskins rivalry, but I challenge you to come up with one that was more entertaining than the 1999 season opener. The Cowboys erased a 21-point deficit to force overtime and won…

Cowboys-Panthers Flashback: Death of a dynasty

The playoff losing streak the Cowboys expect to end this season started in Carolina. The Cowboys’ 26-17 loss to the Panthers on Jan. 5, 1997 could be considered the official ending of the ’90s dynasty. It ended Dallas’ four-year streak…

Cowboys can beat the big, bad Patriots

Noted Cowboy hater Troy Aikman even said so!!! “I’m amazed really when I hear people say that New England blew the Cowboys out,” Aikman said at Valley Ranch today. “I know what the final score was. I realize all that….

Aikman raves about Romo

Tony Romo has already shattered the franchise record for touchdowns in a season, and he’s on pace to obliterate the yardage record, too. Those records were set by Danny White in 1983, but Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach set the…

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