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Toshiba’s HD-DVD Super Bowl ad

I would have thought Toshiba would come up with something a little more creative and eye-catching with the future of their format on the line….

Toshiba buying HD-DVD ad during Super Bowl

Well, there’s $2.7 million down the drain….

Financial Times reports Paramount going back to Blu-ray

Well, it’s all over now except the crying. (And this time, I really mean it!) The Financial Times says that Paramount is preparing to exercise a clause in its HD-DVD exclusivity contract that would let the studio tear up…

UPDATE: Toshiba HD-DVD review

In my review of Toshiba’s HD-A30 HD-DVD player a couple weeks ago, I mentioned that the unit I was testing kept freezing up on various discs and spitting out incomprehensible error messages. So Toshiba sent me another HD-A30 to…

My Toshiba HD-DVD review from Friday’s paper

Here’s my review that ran in the paper today of Toshiba’s new HD-A30 model HD-DVD player. As I mentioned in the review, I had some technical hiccups with the player. Toshiba is actually sending me another HD-A30 to play…

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