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Playstation 3 add-on for Tivo and Slingbox functions

Victor told me this isn’t actually a new product, but the BBC reports that Sony will soon begin selling an interesting add-on to its PlayStation 3. Dubbed PlayTV, the small black box will connect to your PlayStation via a USB…

Should you spend the extra cash on a 120Hz LCD versus a 60Hz?

Leafing through the weekly Fry’s circular today, I was struck by the price difference between 120Hz LCD televisions and their 60Hz ancestors. For example, Samsung is selling a 46-inch 1080p LCD with a 120Hz refresh rate for $2300 after rebate,…

Sony music at Amazon’s digital music store

Sony BMG will join the other three major record labels later this month on Amazon’s digital music store. Sony’s demands for copy protection had kept it off Amazon, which only sells unprotected MP3 tracks. Although it launched just four months…

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