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Former head of Church of England disagrees with the current one about sharia

George Carey, the former archbishop of Canterbury, takes issue with Rowan Williams, the current archbishop, who, in Jeff’s phrase, kicked a cultural anthill by saying last week that recognition of some form of sharia, or Muslim holy law, in Great…

The Archbishop of Canterbury tries to explain his ‘sharia’ comments

So a week or so ago, the Archbishop of Canterbury kicked through a cultural anthill by suggesting that some elements of sharia law are “unavoidable” in Great Britain. That suggestion did not go over well, even with some members of…

Apparently the fractures in the Anglican Communion didn’t fill the plate of the Archbishop of Canterbury: Sharia law in England

Apparently the shattering of his own communion isn’t keeping the Archbishop of Canterbury busy enough. He’s suggesting that some elements of sharia law — marriage and financial stuff, mostly — are “inevitable” in Great Britain. Here’s a nugget from a…

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