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Former accountant claims vast amounts of money were funneled through Oral Roberts University

More trouble for scandal-plagued Oral Roberts University: A lawsuit by a former senior accountant claims he discovered that “unusually large” sums of money — as much as $1 billion a year — were being funneled through a university account each…

Minister’s lawyer calls Senate inquiry an ‘inquisition’

In an op-ed for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, James M. Hunter, the lawyer for Bishop Eddie L. Long’s New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, says an investigation by Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, into high-flying televangelists is a threat to all religious institutions….

Quote of the day

“Never in my 15 years at ‘Charisma’ have I known a time of such intense spiritual turbulence. …[R]ecent religious scandals have so tarnished our credibility that we have become a curious freak show. Many unbelievers now associate ministers with wife-swapping,…

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