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That’s one loose locker room

The highlight of the today’s media access period in the locker room was a wrasslin’ match between receivers Sam Hurd and Isaiah Stanback. It got pretty rowdy with the players and media forming a circle around the combatants, and OT…

T.O. almost ready to go

T.O. skipped his Wednesday chat with the media for the second consecutive week, but word is his ankle is healing as quickly as the Cowboys hoped. He put his left shoe on today for the first time since suffering the…

Young WRs get chance to shine

T.O. is out this week. Terry Glenn won’t get too many snaps in his season debut. So the Cowboys will have to rely on young receivers against the Redskins. With T.O. and Glenn getting up there in the years, receiver…

Question marks coming through

With injuries to Terry Glenn and Jason Ferguson, two of the Cowboys’ biggest early-season question marks were Sam Hurd and Jay Ratliff. Could the young bucks handle significantly increased roles? Both have exceeded expectations and made huge plays against the…

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