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Apple TV 2 reviews

I don’t own an Apple TV, so I can’t review the massive software upgrade that Apple just released. I can, however, point you to some bloggers who have already posted reviews. Jason Chen at Gizmodo loves the reinvented Apple…

Review: Logitech Harmony One universal remote

Here’s my review of the Logitech Harmony One universal remote that ran in the paper today. It’s a cool piece of technology — particularly the touch screen — but the lack of Bluetooth compatibility is a bummer for PS3…

Smart phone battery life

Pantech/Samsung/Motorola A couple readers have chided me for not comparing the battery life of the three phones I reviewed in Friday’s paper, so I will do it now. The Pantec Duo claims 3 hours of talk time and 240…

My Toshiba HD-DVD review from Friday’s paper

Here’s my review that ran in the paper today of Toshiba’s new HD-A30 model HD-DVD player. As I mentioned in the review, I had some technical hiccups with the player. Toshiba is actually sending me another HD-A30 to play…

Monday Morning Mini-Review: deskUNPDF Professional PDF file converter

Yeah, okay, it’s more like the Monday Afternoon Mini-Review, but we’re trying to build a franchise here, so let’s all just pretend it’s still, say, 9:30, m’kay? Anyway, today we’re looking at a nifty software tool from Plano-based Docudesk…

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