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What was missing from the Iowa victory speeches: Any godtalk

Mulling over the interesting results from the Iowa caucuses. I’ll leave the pure political analysis for them who who gets paid for it. (Though I’ll note that only two kinds of journalists don’t suffer for being wrong: political pundits and…

Texas moment of silence wins court challenge

The Texas public school “moment of silence” was challenged by parents in Carrollton, The moment won the first round. Here’s the key passage from the judge’s decision: “The Legislature amended the statute to provide a period of time for the…

Thoughts about ‘The God of Americanism’

A careful blogreader found this at the bottom of today’s post of the Sightings e-newsletter: This month’s Religion and Culture Web Forum features James K. A. Smith of Calvin College on “The Gospel of Freedom, or Another Gospel? Augustinian Reflections…

SBC’s Pressler endorses Fred Thompson

In a GOP presidential primary season where many of the candidates are frantically trying to establish conservative Christian bona fides, Fred Thompson got a bit of support today. Former Texas Court of Appeals Judge Paul Pressler weighs in for the…

Not everyone follows faith ‘n politics

On a day when Mitt Romney’s speech about religion fills the faithnews space, the goold folks at the Pew Research Center for People and the Press release a poll that shows many people aren’t nearly as focused on this stuff…

More ‘Golden Compass’ analysis

Sorry, Bruce. But the wave of Golden Compass rumination is far from over. I saw the movie Tuesday night and did an analysis of the flim — and a bit about the books — for dallasnews.com and the dead-tree paper….

My instant review of ‘Golden Compass’

How much religion is there in the new movie of The Golden Compass? The recent Beowulf movie had more explicit reference to religion and Christianity. I think if you have not read the book, the metaphysics (such as they are)…

Fred Thompson: ‘I’m OK with the Lord…’

Am I the only one who is astonished at what politicians feel they need to say about their faith these days? From CNN: “As far as faith is concerned, I have not made any secret as to where I am….

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