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Friday afternoon leftovers

The trustee meeting from last night was long and, at times, raucous. There were a couple of interesting tidbits worth sharing. Anyone want to meet the future Dallas City Council member from District 7? Her name is Aileen Mokuri, a…

NYC does Dallas — the CEI’s at least.

Yesterday’s NY Times had a story about the city school’s new (and secret) experiment to evaluate teachers based on student test score gains. Hmmm. Where have we heard that before? Anyway, it sounds like NYC wants to do pretty much…

Dallas ISD Daily Dish

What the media, blogs and others are saying about DISD. ** Village Fair loses another administrator for bad behavior. Previously, two administrators resigned/quit for questionable use of their credit cards. ** We’ve already covered the district’s desire to keep teacher…

Things we’re not allowed to know: Is your kid’s teacher any good?

Back in October we asked the Dallas ISD to provide us copies of every teacher’s “Classroom Effectiveness Index” score. You may recall that these are the numbers that the district uses to measure how much learning educators impart on…

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