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T.O.: ‘I’m disappointed in the union’

T.O.’s not tripping too hard about having to owing the Eagles $769,120, but he’s not real happy with the job the players union did representing him in arbitration. “It is what it is,” Owens said, according to the Philadelphia Daily…

T.O. owes the Eagles

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Bob Brookover couldn’t resist taking a jab while breaking the news that an arbitator ruled that T.O. must return $769,120 to the Eagles. Terrell Owens had nearly 800,000 reasons to cry over the weekend. A league source…

They’re trying to get T.O. the ball

T.O. tells Calvin “Lucky” Watkins that he wants the ball. Stunning news, huh? Well, the Cowboys sure tried against the Eagles. They targeted him 12 times. He caught two of those passes, and the Eagles caught three. T.O. correctly pointed…

Thumb wasn’t Romo’s problem

Cross your fingers that Tony Romo’s right thumb, which was heavily wrapped after the game, doesn’t bother him the rest of the season. But don’t blame his poor performance in the loss to the Eagles on an injury. Romo said…

Another disastrous December?

The Cowboys went from Super Bowl contenders to sputtering into the playoffs by losing three of their last four regular-season games last year. This December is off to a pretty sorry start, too. The Cowboys led for all of 18…

Cowboys claim that sky isn’t falling

The Cowboys’ offensive performance was pathetic today, as evidenced by the 6 on the home side of the scoreboard. You won’t get any argument from the Cowboys’ offensive stars, nor will you get any excuses. Tony Romo (13 of 36…

McNabb’s still the man in Philly … for now

Coach Andy Reid has made it clear that the Eagles are committed to Donovan McNabb as the starting QB for the rest of the season, for better or for worse. Team president Joe Banner is on the record saying that…

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