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Skyline supporters looking for solutions

Parents, students and staffers at Skyline High School are determined to find a way to deal with overcrowding on their campus rather than move some magnet clusters to Conrad. Meetings are being held this week at 6:30 p.m. at the…

DISD spokesman responds to “rumor”

There’s been a lot said about the district’s plan to move some Skyline magnets to Conrad High School. Some folks attending a recent community meeting — and on this blog (5th entry from bottom) — say teachers have been threatened…

Skyline moves will be protested (and possibly picketed) on Thursday

Fewer people attended the meeting last night at Skyline (likely because many people didn’t know about it and some attended a Buckner Terrace neighborhood meeting), but folks were just as passionate about not wanting to move six Skyline magnets to…

Public meeting at Skyline next week

DISD trustee Ron Price asked me to get the word out about a town hall meeting he’s having at Skyline at 6:30 p.m., Tuesday. He wants everyone to bring some ideas to offer a “better” solution to crowding issues than…

DISD decides to move Skyline magnets

It’s late, but I thought I’d let everyone know to look for the story on Skyline High School tomorrow. It’s a short story (it’s a tight paper tomorrow), but in a nutshell, DISD chief administrative officer Donna Micheaux told several…

Want to be a DISD know-it-all?

The district is holding two parent academies this month. You know, the Saturday gatherings started back in 2002 to educate parents and students on topics ranging from preparing for college to getting into a magnet program. The academies, which have…

Another drug craze. Dallas parents beware.

A drug used to treat addictions to opiates, including “cheese” heroin, is apparently becoming a problem in Baltimore and some other communities. Buprenorphine (pronounced byoo-preh-NOR-feen) is a treatment drug that’s being sold on the streets — and people are getting…

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