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Bidding war for Pacman?

Tennesseean columnist David Climer wants the commish to hurry up and make a decision about whether Pacman Jones will be reinstated. If Pacman’s allowed to play, Climer expects at least a few teams to be interested in his services. No…

Sheriff Goodell to put Pacman on hold

AP Pacman Jones has voiced a request to join the Valley Ranch circus, but he’ll have to convince tough-on-crime commissioner Roger Goodell to reinstate him first. And ESPN reports that it won’t be easy, citing sources that say Sheriff…

Pacman wants to be a Cowboy

The Cowboys could use a shutdown cornerback and big-play return man, right? Well, Pacman Jones fits the description. Great news: Pacman wants to play for the Cowboys!! He says so on this video that ProFootballTalk.com found. “Hopefully I can get…

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