February 2008
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Obama in Delaware

ABC gives Delaware to Obama, proving he can take a northern state. Also, NPR gives him Georgia, Alabama and Illinois….


I watched Teddy Kennedy’s speech on Obama’s behalf today, and Obama’s response. I just about howled when Obama said this: Ted Kennedy stands apart from the prevailing wisdom in Washington that has reduced politics to a game of tactics and…

Never too late

Andrew Sullivan’s a big Obama backer, and some of his readers, having observed the Clinton campaign’s attacks on Obama, are coming to understand why so many conservatives couldn’t stand the Clintons in the 1990s, and would crawl over glass to…

“Competitive Victimization”

Fred Siegel says the mutual destruction underway of the Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama campaigns over gender and race is what happens when a party gets in the habit of playing identity politics: The Hillary/Obama race vs. gender dustup has…

Behind Iowa’s Numbers (Topic of the Day)

The breakdown of Democratic and Republican voters underscores how stunning Obama’s and Huckabee’s victories were in various categories. Women, who constituted the majority of Democratic caucus-goers, appear to have backed Obama over Hillary. Whites (the vast, vast majority of Iowa’s…

Soo-wee!, or, Hillary goes barnyard

Into the pig slop with the former First Lady of Arkansas. First the Hillary Clinton campaign attacks Barack Obama over something he wrote in kindergarten (I’m not making this up!), and today it comes out that a Clinton operative in…