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What were those chowdahbreaths saying?

Getty Images Dedicated readers of this here blog will recall a bunch of New Englanders badmouthing the ’90s Cowboys, saying that Dallas’ last dynasty would have no chance against the perfect Patriots. Refresh your memories right here. I would…

The best in NFL history?

The fact that the Super Bowl is still hours away hasn’t stopped folks from debating whether these Patriots are the best team in NFL history. Hall of Fame scribe Rick “Goose” Gosselin weighed in, saying he’d rank the Pats third…

Should all cheaters be stripped of championships?

A lot of folks are fired up about this whole Spygate ordeal. Heck, a member of Congress even wants to chat about it in what couldn’t possibly be a shameless publicity stunt. It really is a shame that a proven…

Super Spygate

The Boston Herald cites a source that says the Patriots videotaped the Rams’ final walkthrough before Super Bowl XXXVI. Surprised? Maybe by the timing of the report, but not that the Patriots have cheated for a while. ESPN.com has a…

Are these Pats best in NFL history?

New England can stake its claim to that title by completing the first 19-0 season in NFL history with a Super Bowl win. But Foxsports.com John Czarnecki isn’t buying it. He ranks the ’07 Pats third, behind the 1984 49ers…

Make room on the bulletin board

This is a non-Cowboys post — but it really is too good to be true. The team that has always gone to absurd lengths to build motivational tools just watched as one was constructed for its opponent. And by the…

Who ya rootin’ for?

You can grunt and groan about Giants vs. Patriots, but all red-blooded American males are required to watch the Super Bowl. So you might as well go ahead and decide which team you want to win. OK, I know no…

Wade’s old team to help Cowboys out?

Going into tomorrow without a rooting interest? We’ll give you a team to pull for — the Chargers. And it has nothing to do with Wade Phillips’ connections to the San Diego lot, or any gratitude you might want to…

Live playoff blogging coming soon!!

Just in case there was any doubt, Albert “Einstein” Breer and I will be blogging away during today’s games. We’ll be going full blast during the Seahawks-Packers game and will probably focus more on the winner of that than the…

Cowboys can beat the big, bad Patriots

Noted Cowboy hater Troy Aikman even said so!!! “I’m amazed really when I hear people say that New England blew the Cowboys out,” Aikman said at Valley Ranch today. “I know what the final score was. I realize all that….

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