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Flagship phones from Barcelona

Samsung G810 -HSDPA -5-megapixel camera with face detection and image stabilization -2.6-inch screen -GPS -WiFi In Europe by March 2008 release for a rumored €580 ($840). see the rest below……

Prepare to see some cool cellphones

Nearly every big player in the world of mobile communications will be in Barcelona, Spain, this week for the industry’s largest trade show. Insiders are excited for the opportunity to strike multi-million-dollar deals. The rest of us should be excited…

TI chip prototype uses 90 percent less power

Last year, the folks at Texas Instruments began making a lot of noise about how computer chips could power revolutionary medical devices. Many of the devices they imagined simply used chips to improve existing stuff. An office-sized scanner, for example,…

Skyfire: a better mobile browser?

It sure looks like the folks at Skyfire have beaten all their competitors in the mobile browsing business with this program, now in private beta. It’s free. Neither the iPhone, nor the Opera browser that I’ve recommended before, can…

YouTube improves cellphone interface

Last year, YouTube launched a site optimized for Web-enabled cellphones. It worked pretty well, but only provided access to a very limited number of videos. Now the site has rolled out a vastly improved version of its mobile site,….

Fabulous cellphone design

This is the P-Per, a concept by the Chocolate Design Agency. The entire surface of the phone is a screen, presumably a touch screen. Great idea. Let me add my voice to the chorus: Me want. Via: Swongled and…

CES: Why so few new phones?

My story today notes the almost total absence of new cellphones at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. It may seem strange that the big handset makers would make so little news at the world’s biggest technology trade show, but there’s…

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